If you are experiencing hair loss, you may probably want to stop it or reverse it. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible to reverse the hair loss. The hair transplant surgery will be your saver. On the other hand, it may be very hard to select a country or clinic beforehand the surgical procedure.

All you need to have is a deep research. The more you know the better outcomes you will have. But, do you know where to start? Price? Health?

Of course, health. The very first element you should pay attention is your health and then your appearance and lastly the monetary issues.

So, you should try to find the best and the most suitable country or clinic in the possible range. If you have roughly €5700, you may have a chance to get a hair transplant surgery in Germany.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Germany?

Language German
Capital Berlin
Medical Tourism Centers Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin
Popular Regions Berlin, Münich, Cologne
Currency Euro

Germany is one of the most popular hair transplant locations. Having a hair transplantation in Germany is both secure and efficient, if you have patches of diminishing hair or perhaps more serious hair loss. Patients generally wonder how much would it cost them to have a hair transplant surgery in this country. In Germany, the estimated price of a hair transplantation is €9500, with a lowest possible cost of €6000 and a maximal cost of €14300. Most health insurers will not cover hair transplant procedures because they are considered cosmetic treatments, or procedures performed for aesthetic reasons rather than health reasons.

Hair Transplant in Turkey vs Germany: Which is Better ?

The hair transplantation experts in Turkey, and also health professionals in Germany, employ the identical techniques. The disparity is in the price of each operation, with Turkey outbidding Germany. FUE is normally less expensive than FUT, although in Turkey, the difference is minimal. The expenses of FUE and FUT operations in Germany are greater than in Turkey due to the reduced number of professionals. The pricing of a hair transplant is not just determined by the expense of the surgery; people should also include the costs of transportation and hotel, which are significantly more expensive in Germany than in Turkey.

Price Comparison Turkey and Germany

When it comes to hair transplants, people are often cautious about charges, since they are one of the most essential aspects to consider before selecting a health center.  It’s vital to find a center that offers a decent and convenient process. A hair transplant in Germany is predicted to cost €9500, with a minimum cost of €6000 and a maximum cost of €14300. However, in Turkey, the prices are much lower, and you will get the same high-quality service.If you want to have a hair transplant surgery in Turkey, you are likely to pay between €1760 and €2460.

Why is Turkey the Best Place to Get Hair Transplant if You Are from Germany?

If you’ve been thinking about getting plastic surgery, for instance hair transplantation, but have been put off by health-care risks or the high expense of operations, a vacation to Turkey could be the right solution.

Turkey is a popular destination for medical tourism, ranking first in Europe. When the prices are compared to those offered by German clinics, you can see that if you choose Turkey as a destination, approximately half of your money will remain in your pocket.

To summarize, Turkey is a dream come true for you, with its inexpensive expenses, clean operating rooms, beautiful seashores, and excellent success rates.