If you are considering to get a hair transplant operation to have a brand new appearance, Canada, as a country, may be a good opportunity for you.

The surgeons there are very experienced ones and the operating rooms are sanitized so that serve you as a clean and bright in quality. On the other hand, as it is valid for everything, there will be a cost of this luxury.

In general, a small area of hair transplantation will cost around $4,750, and a large session of FUE can cost up to $22,500. To calculate the fees for each individual patient, a personal consultation and examination are required. But, you can get better hair transplan in Turkey with a lower price than Canada.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Canada?

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Patients who have lost a lot of hair will need extra time to collect, process, and insert thousands of single follicles. The quantity of grafts employed, as well as the position of the grafts, are deciding factors. In Canada, a tiny region of hair transplant surgery costs around $5,200, and a larger FUE procedure can cost up to $25,500. The total price will be determined by planning the results in terms of where the line will be or how thick the crown may be stuffed in, as well as the extraction procedure.  To calculate the fees for each particular person, a thorough discussion and inspection is required.

Hair Transplant in Turkey vs Canada: Which is Better ?

If you wish to have a hair transplant, Turkey and Canada are two of the primary places that come to mind. In general, Turkey is a better alternative for a variety of reasons. To begin with, Turkey offers all-inclusive packages that include lodging, transportation, and other services in addition to the procedure. If you choose Canada, though, you will be charged individually for each stage of the procedure. Moreover, while you will have the exact or close results whether you have your transplant in Turkey or Canada, you will spend very little in Turkey. Overall, Turkey is a good deal for your budget.

Price Comparison Turkey and Canada

In recent years, the process of a hair transplant has become highly popular since it allows people to become happier by enhancing their look. With this surgery, patients look younger, fresher and they start to be more self confident. On the other hand, people considering this type of surgery may be worried about the prices. With regard to this, the cost of a hair transplantation in Canada can be anywhere between CA$6200 and CA$310000, while Turkey is considerably lower, spanning around CA$2,600 and CA$3,600. The cost may change according to your needs, clinic, and doctor’s expertise.

Why is Turkey the Best Place to Get Hair Transplant if You Are from Canada?

If you’re from Canada, you’re probably sick of seeing heavy gray clouds in the sky. Furthermore, if you have hair difficulties that make you feel insecure, you may be seeking for both a vacation and a medical trip.

At that time, Turkey, with its low pricing and lovely beaches, is the finest location for you to travel to for your hair transplant procedure. In terms of weather, about 300 days of the year are sunny and clear. As a result, you might find contentment there.

On the other hand, practically all of the clinics there are licensed and have an expert staff to operate on your scalp.