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For some women, having large breasts is a source of frustration. Large breasts can cause neck and upper back pain. They also make some women feel uneasy. Breasts that are too large can draw unwanted attention. They make it challenging to exercise comfortably. They also make it difficult to find bras, shirts, and outfits that are the right size or fit properly. 

Breast reduction surgery, on the other hand, has been a savior to many women. The mastopexy procedure was fully developed in late 1930. If you think about it, a breast reduction procedure today,  with all of the medical developments and a large number of highly experienced surgeons, is why many celebrities have chosen it as a solution. Also, It’s attractive and can help ladies improve their self-esteem!

And we’ll discuss this in more detail shortly. Continue reading to find out which celebrities had breast reduction surgery.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery, And How is it Done?

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure that eliminates extra fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts. If you have big breasts that are out of balance with the rest of your body and are causing neck pain, back pain, or other problems, you may want to consider breast reduction surgery as a solution.  

The results of breast reduction treatment are pretty successful and helpful for both women and men in some cases of gynecomastia. 

How is a Breast Reduction Surgery Done?

A Breast reduction surgery will take between two to five hours and may take longer in some cases. 

There are several methods for reducing breast size. However, the surgeon will choose the ideal one for you based on the size and form of your breasts and how much excessive tissues and fat they need to reduce. 

  • Liposuction: Your surgeon makes tiny incisions in your skin, inserts a thin tube that suctions fat and fluids from your breast, and is connected to a vacuum.
  • The term “lollipop”: refers to something vertical. This procedure is used for modest breast reduction and sagging. Your surgeon will make incisions under your breast, around your areola, and down to the crease, removing excess tissue and fat, reshaping, and raising the breast.
  • Inverted-T:  Your surgeon will make cuts along the areola’s edge, from the areola to the breast crease and beneath the breast around the crease, for considerable weight loss and anyone with a lot of sagging or unevenness.

Celebrities Who had a Breast Reduction Surgery 

Ariel Winter 

She is the youngest star actress on the popular American comedy “Modern Family,” which she has been a part of since its first season when she was 11 years old. Ariel Winter decided to have breast reduction surgery at the age of 17 since she entered puberty in front of millions of people. Being at her age with the whole social media thing didn’t help either, as she was routinely bullied and garnered odd looks.

After a breast reduction, Ariel winter went from size F to D cup. It took her a while to talk about her experience, But in the end, she is happier now and did it for health reasons, and feels better emotionally, claiming it can help a lot of young girls.

Drew Barrymore 

After years of suffering from back pain, the adored actress Drew Barrymore decided to have surgery in 1992. She also chose surgery because she was self-conscious about her large breast size and constantly stared at by guys. She underwent breast reduction surgery to reduce her D-cup to 34C.

Drew Barrymore, on the other hand, waited six years before revealing her true emotions about her breast reduction surgery, admitting on daily news that “she actually loves her physique right now.”

Amber Rose 

Amber ross is another very famous model, entertainer, And social media personality who had to have a breast reduction treatment for cosmetic reasons. Amber Rose underwent the operation in late 2018.

She had always wanted to have surgery and had waited a long time for it, telling People magazine that it was a dream come true and that she had missed this feeling of relief her entire life!

Amber has gone from a size H to a size D cup. And she couldn’t believe just go out the door in a pretty short shirt without having to think about what bra to wear or how to coordinate it with her outfits.

Queen Latifah 

Shortly after her rap music career started, Latifah’s spectacular ascent to stardom, the stunning rapper began acting in many great comedy and drama films.

Latifah contemplated breast reduction surgery for a year before deciding to go ahead with it.

Queen Latifah had shoulder and back trouble for a long time. She avoided surgery as much as possible before 2013, finally succumbing to the last permanent solution and went from size F to double D cup.

Stassi Schroeder 

Another well-known celebrity on our list is Stassi Schroeder, best known for her appearances on the Vanderpump Rules television series, fashion blogger, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills persona. The operation was performed in late 2015. Changing  her breast size from a Triple D to a DD cup

And she never shied away from it, bringing the solution and the scars she had after breast reduction surgery to light in a photoshoot, requesting them not to edit the photograph, and vowing never to wear a bra again.

Patricia Heaton 

The actress Heaton is a prime illustration of how a woman’s body feels after having children.

The actress shared her concerns and admitted to having surgery for cosmetic self-esteem reasons, adding that she was unhappy with her saggy breast and wished to change it.

She also underwent a breast lift, which is something familiar for many women who undergo surgery.

Soleil moon 

Soleil Moon had to deal with something that many young girls face: having a large breast size at a young age. The actress had to deal with this since she was 15 years old.

And she was being bullied and even had a nickname because of her large breasts.

Fortunately, Soleil didn’t have to suffer for long; shortly after turning 16, she received a breast reduction and was finally able to feel like a teenage girl again.

Janeane Garofalo 

There really can’t be more explanation for what huge breasts bring to women of all ages, and how many women with larger breasts suffer from back discomfort and neck pain, on top of the odd looks from men and even women, just a whole emotional stress journey.

The famous comedian Janeane case was no different, the same as many. 

However, only in her case, she was 5″1 with D-cup size boobs, which was too much, so much she said she had tried to hide them all her life before finally going to Size B cup after a breast reduction surgery. 

Rachel bloom

The crazy ex-girlfriend star is the latest celebrity to get breast reduction surgery. Rachel bloom took it to her Instagram page with a caption saying, I did it! 

Although she also provides some context for why she had to undergo the treatment after her pregnancy, acknowledging that she did not experience any physical discomfort or dissatisfaction with her body. Before the pregnancy, 

However, everything changed instantly, and her breast size simply became a source of stress in her daily life.

She appears to be comfortable, And that is all that matters.

Marie Osmond 

Marie Osmond, 61, is an actress, singer, and talk show host who admitted she had a breast reduction in a 2013 interview with the Talk in which she didn’t hold back any comments.

Stating she had the surgery while she was in her twenties and how her big boobs were the center of attention after releasing the Sound of Music album, but also claiming she didn’t get the surgery due to back pain and was never a fan of the “big boobs” idea.

Amelia grey Hamlin 

One of the rarer cases is model Amelia, daughter of Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna. 

Amelia had to get a breast reduction. After going through a terrible whole experience of stripe infection, which she assumed came after getting a nipple piercing. 

Amelia said she was 12 hours swag from having sepsis and had to undergo surgery on her left breast. 

Kandi Burruss 

The final woman on our list is Kandi Burruss, the star of Real Housewives of Atlanta, who spoke candidly on her new YouTube show, Body Work.

When asked if they could tell the change, she stated that she had lost weight but that this was not what caused her breast size to reduce.

She has been experimenting with various diets for quite some time and has even attempted intermittent fasting before ultimately seeking the assistance of a surgeon. 

How can we help? 

There have undoubtedly been more celebrities who have undergone breast reduction surgery over time, and there will be more, for a variety of reasons, as medical developments continue.

However, we’d want to return it to you right now. Maybe you’re thinking about getting a breast reduction like Ariel Winter starting early, or like Kandi Burruss after trying all kinds of diets, or simply to feel a Better version of You? 

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We are here to help you if you are considering an abroad option!