How Much Does A Canthoplasty Surgery Cost in UK?

Canthoplasty Surgery Cost 2022

Depending on where you live, you may have the choice to pay a lot or a lot less for canthoplasty surgery. You will want to consider the cost and the benefits of undergoing surgery to determine whether it is right for you.

How Much Does A Canthoplasty Surgery Cost on Average in 2023?

Considering how many people undergo Canthoplasty each year, the average cost of the procedure is a small price to pay for a whole new set of eyes. As you might imagine, it is best to choose a surgeon with proven track record. A reputable plastic surgeon will take into consideration your medical history and the results of prior cosmetic procedures. This is especially true if you have a preexisting skin condition. 

This procedure will cost you around 8000$ to 12.000$.

Does Health Insurance Cover Canthoplasty Surgery?

Canthoplasty surgery is not usually covered by insurance. Patients need to obtain insurance before traveling to a foreign country. It is possible for insurance companies to cover a portion of the cost, but it’s important to make sure you have sufficient coverage.

Which Country Is The Cheapest For Canthoplasty Surgery?

Surgery Cost

Those considering canthoplasty surgery may be wondering where to find the best price. While traveling to Turkey for surgery may have its advantages, it’s also important to be aware of the potential hidden costs.

Canthoplasty surgery in Turkey is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, so the patient can return home the same day. The recovery period depends on the type of canthoplasty surgery performed. Some patients report minor bruising after the procedure. Bruising and swelling may disappear in a few weeks.

In Turkey this procedure will cost you around 4.000 $ to 7000$ that will depend on the surgeon you are going to pick and of course the clinic as well.

Which Country Is The Best For Canthoplasty Surgery?

Canthoplasty Cost
Germany7,000€ to 8,700€
Greece6,500$ to 10,000$
Holland8,500$ to 14,000$
Turkey3,000$ to 6,000$
Spain6,000$ to 16,000$
France2,500€ to 3,200€
Australia$9,100 to $12,000

Having canthoplasty done in Turkey is a great way to boost your looks and improve your eyeball health. The surgical process involves moving the canthus downward and repositioning the canthal ligament to balance the shape of your eye.

While you are recovering, you may also experience bruising and swelling in the eye area. However, these side effects will subside as the healing process begins. Turkish doctors will follow your healing progress and give you advices how to take care of your new operation.

Canthoplasty Surgery Cost in UK

Several factors determine the cost of canthoplasty surgery in UK. The surgeon and type of anaesthetic, the extent of work required, the time of the procedure, and the consumables used in the surgery are all factors that will influence the cost. You will expect to pay around 6000 GBP to 8000 GBP.

Canthoplasty Surgery cost in USA

In USA, the cost of canthoplasty varies, but the average cost is around $9,200. This includes the cost of anesthesia, operating room facilities, and the board certified plastic surgeon’s fee.

Canthoplasty Surgery cost in Germany

Depending on the procedure and the patient’s goals, the cost of canthoplasty surgery in Germany is likely to vary around 7000EUR to 8.700 EUR. The surgery can last from one to two hours, and recovery takes a few weeks.

Canthoplasty Surgery cost in Greece

The cost of canthoplasty surgery in greece is around 6500 $ to 10.000$ depends on several factors. First, your surgeon may charge according to his or her qualifications. Second, the location of the surgery will also affect the price. Some surgeons offer financing options. Also, if you need to travel for the surgery, you’ll have to account for the costs of accommodations.

Canthoplasty Surgery cost in Holland

Depending on your specific needs, canthoplasty surgery cost in Holland can range from $8,500 to $14,000. It is important to note that canthoplasty is not covered by insurance. Nevertheless, some insurance companies will cover a portion of the cost.

Canthoplasty Surgery cost in Turkey

Depending on the procedure, the cost of canthoplasty surgery in Turkey can vary. For example, the price of a lower Canthoplasty can range from $3,000 to $6,000. For a double Canthoplasty, the cost may be over $9,000 depending on the surgeon and the facility.

Canthoplasty Surgery cost in Spain

The cost of canthoplasty surgery in Spain depends on the surgeon, the amount of work to be done and the geographic area where it will be performed. The cost may also be affected by other cosmetic surgeries that you have undergone one eye will cost you around 6000 $ two will be around 16.000 $.

Canthoplasty Surgery cost in France

The cost of canthoplasty surgery in France will depend on your location, the surgeon you choose, and the procedure you have done. For a basic canthoplasty, you may have to pay around $1,700 for a board certified plastic surgeon. You will also have to pay for the anesthesiologist, facility fees, and any other related costs.

Canthoplasty Surgery cost in Canada

Several factors will determine the cost of canthoplasty in Canada. It depends on your location, the type of procedure you have, and the surgeon you choose. However, the average cost for a cosmetic eyelid surgery is $8,200. The cost may go up to $15,000 for double eyelid surgery.

Canthoplasty Surgery cost in Australia

Depending on the type of canthoplasty surgery in Australia, the cost can range from $9,100 to $12,000. The cost of canthoplasty surgery is also affected by the location where the procedure is performed. The costs for surgery in high-rent areas are higher than those in more moderate locations. Moreover, the more complex the procedure, the more the costs will be.