The clinics in Turkey are doing a fantastic job with body lift surgery, which is an operation that improves the contour and tone of the underlying tissue that supports skin and fat. During the operation, excess sagging skin and fat are removed to improve a dimpled, uneven skin surface. Furthermore, the costs are so low that you could save up to 70%. 

What Is Body Lift?

A body lift is a surgical procedure that shapes and tightens sagging skin in various areas of the body. As the name implies, a full body lift entails modifying the entire body, with special emphasis on areas such as the buttocks, belly, thighs, arms, and breasts.

On the other hand, if you have excess fat and slender tissue, you may require a full body lift, which can take up to four or five hours to accomplish and requires the patient to be sedated. The operation begins with an incision on or near the treatment area, followed by a number of methods for removing extra skin and resistant fat deposits.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Body Lift? 

You may be wondering if you are a good candidate for the body lift surgery or not. 

Here are the good candidates for the surgery;

    • Nonsmokers.
    • Individuals who are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle through good eating and exercise.
    • Individuals who have considerable soft tissue looseness in one or more parts of the body.
    • Individuals who are healthy and do not have any medical issues that interfere with healing or increase the risk of surgery.

Individuals who have a positive attitude and fair expectations about what body lift surgery can accomplish.

Types Of Body Lift 

Once you learn about the procedure itself, you will desire to know more about it. If you are wondering about the types of body lift surgery, there are 3 main sub-techniques, nevertheless, we may acknowledge 4. 


The modifications in the upper half of the body are referred to as an upper lift. It can specifically target the upper arms, breasts, and fat rolls along the back. It is entirely up to the patient and surgeon to determine if a full upper-body surgery is necessary or if only specific areas should be targeted.


A mid-body lift will remove excess skin and fat from the belly and lower back. To eliminate loose skin, the abdominal wall is tightened during this procedure.


A lower-body lift, also known as a circumferential lift, targets the thighs, hips, and buttocks. It is a well-liked option among patients. Regrettably, it is also the most expensive of the three options. The advantage of this procedure is that it not only removes skin but also elevates the buttocks.

Combination of these three

In addition to the three most prevalent forms, people can have a total body lift to address concerns all over their body. The vast scope of the surgery necessitates a substantially longer recuperation period. The primary benefit of a combined or total body lift, also known as a full-body lift, is that it produces a more natural appearance.

Body Lift Procedure

It is very natural for you to desire to know more and more. Because, it will change your life for a long term or permanently, you may even feel anxious. Nevertheless, the knowledge out grades any kind of fear. So, here are the main disciplines about how the body lift procedure is done;

  • You will be given drugs to help you relax during the surgical procedure. General anesthesia is frequently used, so you will be sleeping throughout the treatment. A body lift, on the other hand, can be accomplished with a combination of local anesthetic and intravenous sedative. Your surgeon will give the best advice for you to follow.
  • Then, incisions will be made. 
  • These incision designs for body lifts vary based on the amount and location of extra skin and fat. You and your physician will decide which incision approach is ideal for your needs ahead of time. In general, a body lift incision will encircle your body, similar to a low-slung belt.
  • After that, excess skin will be excised and replaced. The remaining skin is then dragged to its new location. Tightening of the underlying abdominal muscles, as in a tummy tuck, is also possible. Furthermore, the belly button may have to be relocated.
  • Finally, sutures are used to close incisions, which are frequently reinforced with surgical tape and skin adhesive. Dressings or bandages are put to the incisions, and tiny tubes may be temporarily implanted under the skin to remove any extra blood or fluid.

Body Lift Surgery In Turkey

Risks And Side Effects Of Body Lift 

Body lifts, like any invasive or surgical surgery, involve risks and potential problems, which include:

  • Scarring and/or skin discoloration that is unfavorable.
  • Hematoma or excessive bleeding
  • Skin or fat necrosis, often known as tissue death.
  • Inadequate wound healing or wound separation
  • Clots form in the blood.
  • The dangers of anesthesia
  • Deep vein thrombosis is a type of thrombosis that occurs in the veins
  • Complications of the heart and lungs.
  • Edema (swelling) or fluid accumulation that persists.
  • Pain that does not go away.
  • Changes in or lack of cutaneous sensation that might be temporary or permanent.
  • Unsatisfactory aesthetic outcomes necessitate more surgery.
  • Skin sagging or looseness that occurs on a regular basis.

Body Lift Recovery Timeline 

Here are the list of what to expect during the recovery period after the body lift procedure;

  • You will be brought to a recovery room after surgery and will be watched by surgical professionals. 
  • Although body lifts can be performed as an outpatient procedure in some situations, they often necessitate an overnight hospital stay. 
  • You will be expected to have someone stay with you for the first 24 hours at the very least.
  • Although the amount of time it takes to recover depends on the operation, according to some authorities, you should wait four to six weeks before returning to normal activities and six to eight weeks before exercising. 

As a result, there are some characteristics to which you should pay attention. However, take in mind that there may be discrepancies between your healing duration and those of others. Simply said, make sure to clarify with your surgeon how long you will need to restrict your activity in order to return to your normal routine before the surgery.

Why Should One Choose The Clinics In Turkey? 

There are several reasons for you to choose Turkey as a destination and the clinics in Turkey as a place to get your cosmetic operation done. 

Firstly, the surgeons are so qualified that you cannot find any surgeon that can compete with them in terms of the skills they have while they are operating. The reason behind this success and skill is the experience that they have.

Secondly, the prices are so reasonable that you can even save money.

Then, the country has a lot of cultural and touristic sides that you can visit before the surgery. 

So, with these reasons, you should definitely choose Turkey as the destination for your surgery. 

Why Is Body Lift Surgery Cheap In Turkey? 

You may have heard about the low prices offered by clinics in Turkey for cosmetic procedures. Look no further if you’re wondering how and why;

  • The first reason for Turkey’s low prices for any type of cosmetic surgery is economic rather than quality. If you come from a nation where the currency is the dollar or the euro, the general cost of living in Turkey will be relatively affordable for you due to exchange rates. 
  • On the other hand, the use of domestic medical devices reduces costs, allowing surgeons to provide you low-cost services. 
  • Finally, the general cost of living in Turkey is lower than in Europe.

As a result, the professional services of qualified plastic surgeons are more affordable. So, if you’re thinking about getting a body lift surgery soon, Turkey should be on your list of potential destinations.

Is It Safe To Have A Body Lift In Turkey? 

Yes, in the clinics of Turkey, you will have definite safety because Turkey is a popular destination for patients from all over the world. The reason for this is that Turkey, as a country, provides a strong healthcare system with highly experienced medical healthcare specialists in the cleanest operating rooms.

However, this does not imply that all surgical treatment providers in Turkey are the same, so proceed with caution. On the other hand, you can select a clinic that you can rely on and that charges reasonable fees for your treatment. As a result, if you consider getting body lift surgery, or other kinds of cosmetic procedures, Turkey would be the safest and best option for you. 

Is Turkey a good place to get Body Lift Surgery?

Getting a body lift in Turkey is a popular choice for many cosmetic surgery seekers. This procedure involves tightening sagging skin and restoring the contour of underlying tissue. The result is a firmer, younger-looking body.

Before undergoing this procedure, it is important to choose a qualified plastic surgeon who can deliver the desired results. Turkish medical providers can charge up to 70% less than surgeons in the United States.

Body Lift Surgery in Istanbul Antalya or Izmir

Thousands of medical tourists travel to Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya, Turkey each year for Body Lift Surgery. The country is known for affordable healthcare, easy access, and cultural sites.

The number of clinics doing body lift in Istanbul is very high, which means that you can meet with many experienced surgeons, you need to find out whether the clinics where the surgeons are located have accreditation, if they do, this procedure is completely safe.

In terms of price, you can get an all-inclusive service at a more affordable price than Antalya and Izmir, because Izmir and Antalya are called holiday regions, so the target of medical tourism is usually Istanbul.

Although this procedure is not very common in Antalya and Izmir, it remains above Istanbul in terms of cost, hotel costs are high, and the number of clinics with accreditation where you can undergo the operation is also in the minority.

The cost of a Body Lift in Istanbul Turkey can vary, depending on the clinic, the surgeon’s experience, and the extent of the procedure. The average cost is between EUR 1950 and EUR 2500.

How Much Does A Body Lift Cost In Istanbul, Turkey?

Surgery Cost

As you might expect, the cost of any surgical operation varies substantially depending on a variety of criteria such as your surgeon’s level of experience and reputation, the city in which the surgeon practices medicine, and the complexity of the surgery. As a result, candidates seeking body lift surgery could expect to pay between $3,000 and $5,000 for the procedure in Istanbul, Turkey. On the other hand, if your procedure needs complex methods or additional preparations, you should anticipate paying more.