The task field of vaginoplasty is plastic surgery, which is also called vagina tightening surgery. Vaginoplasty is one of the vaginal cosmetic procedures, which can permanently repair vaginal width problems. The factors that lead to the deterioration of the general physiological structure of the vagina include: normal birth, chronic constipation, rapid and severe weight loss, tobacco use, increasing age, hormone disorders, genetic factors, and congenital weakness of new muscle tissue.

Due to these symptoms, the following problems may occur:

  • Sexual pleasure: the vagina makes strange sounds when sexual activity is reduced.
  • Frequent orgasms cannot be achieved.
  • Other sexual problems.

Due to these factors, the vagina will dilate, and various psychological problems may occur, such as loss of self-confidence. Although Vaginoplasty in Turkey, or surgery to tighten the vagina, is the favorite of married women, it is often requested by single women. Through vaginoplasty, the problem of vagina width can be obviously eliminated, and the maximum degree of stenosis can be achieved at different speeds between different patients, and it will not cause problems in your sex life.

The average cost of Vaginoplasty in Turkey is 2.600 USD (2490€) which is the best price compared to the USA and Europe. Here you can find out and discover getting a Vaginoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey, vaginoplasty costs, our clinic’s patients reviews, before & after photos from the best doctors in Turkey plus all-inclusive packages for a Vaginoplasty in Turkey.

Quick Facts

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What is Vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Sexual intercourse should not occur for at least 30 days after surgery. The recommended time is 40 days. With Vaginoplasty surgery, the problems of constipation and urinary incontinence can also disappear. In addition to general anesthesia, sedative drugs are also injected into the Vaginoplasty surgery area, the biggest contribution of which is sexual pleasure and sexual activity.

Vaginal mucus and connective tissue plate; excess proportions and loose tissue are removed from the body. Muscle tissue that loses its elasticity, that is, becomes loose, is sutured by a plastic surgeon. Use new muscle tissue to achieve the required stiffness-tension-stiffness. There is no need to remove the sutures used in the sewing process, reduce mucus and new tissue, so as to achieve maximum tightness, so that the patient will not exert force during sexual intercourse. Over time, it will melt through the body.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Vaginoplasty?

Although vaginoplasty procedures have helped numerous ladies, not everybody is a perfect match for surgery. Good candidates are:

  • Women with distorted or lengthened vaginas due to giving birth or growing older
  • Women who encounter pain and swelling or discomfort throughout sexual contact or other forms of exercise such as bicycling or horse riding
  • Women who have lessened pleasure throughout sexual activity due to numerous vaginal births are the perfect ones for vaginoplasty

Bulging vaginal tissues, abnormalities, a loss of vaginal firmness, an uncomfortable open look of the vagina, and ugly tissue projection will all benefit from this treatment.


Vaginoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey 1

Vaginoplasty Before and After

Vaginoplasty is the terminology for a vaginal tightening procedure. Women may experience vaginal laxity after pregnancy as a consequence of tissues expanding and muscles parting, perhaps to the extent that a tampon comes out, and this loss of tightness can lead to sexual problems. Heated layers using radiofrequency waves or a laser might induce nonsurgical vaginal tightness.

Ladies with significant laxity may not benefit from these operations and may be excellent choices for vaginoplasty, a surgical technique that restructures the vaginal canal. Below are the steps that are followed during a vaginoplasty surgery:

  • While a vaginoplasty can indeed be performed under local anesthetic, most people choose general anesthetic; anesthesia is given to the patient after the doctor’s and the patient’s discussion and decision.
  • A slice is created to distinguish the excess tissue to be taken from the inside of the vagina when the quantity of tightening to be performed is established.
  • Strong stitches are used to tighten the layers deep within the skin.
  • The mucosal skin is sutured together after the vaginal canal has been narrowed.
  • If there is any overhanging skin on the outside, it can be decreased as well for a more pleasing appearance.

Patients might expect to be out of action for one to 2 weeks. Over the first few days, women may experience a severe soreness, and they must refrain from using tampons or having sexual intercourse for two months. Some individuals may well be advised to utilize dilators, based on the types of tightening done.

Types of Vaginoplasty

Patients with high-level vaginal width can be corrected to 7-8 cm. As part of this procedure, the depth of the vagina will not be disturbed. Only the vaginal entrance tube narrows. Insert your fingers into the vagina to understand the width of the vagina. If 1 or 2 fingers can be inserted, vaginal narrow means normal level. If 3-4 fingers can enter, it means that the vagina has a width and moderate expansion. If 4 or more fingers, including 4 fingers, can enter the vagina, vaginal dilation means a high level.

The narrowing that the vaginoplasty will achieve allows you to reach a position where 1 or 2 fingers can enter. If 4 fingers can be adapted and the resulting 1-2 are vaginal stenosis, this means a proportionally 75% stenosis. This Vaginoplasty surgery can also provide the most suitable joints for sexual pleasure for women and men.

  • We can basically examine Vaginoplasty surgery in two groups. Patients applying for first-group operations are usually young and have vaginal deformations due to the failure of episiotomy incisions to heal properly. Often sexual and aesthetic problems are at the forefront. In the second group, there are patients who are admitted at a later age with functional disorders such as urinary incontinence, sagging of the uterus and intestines, rather than aesthetic concerns. These patients often ignore their problems and delay seeing a doctor because they are ashamed to share their condition. Most of them have sexual problems with their partner and themselves. The vaginal area is narrowed, and sagging of the bladder and bowel is also corrected.
  • In this type of operation, local anesthesia is usually preferred. General anesthesia can also be applied according to the patient’s preference. First, laser application is performed throughout the entire structure of the vagina with a laser. “Skatris” tissue around the episiotomy site, which includes color and shape disorders due to poor healing, is also corrected. In general, the operation is planned at the end of the period and information about personal hygiene is given after the operation. After surgery, it is recommended that patients do not have sex for an average of 3-4 weeks.

Vaginoplasty in Turkey

Risks and Side Effects

Vaginoplasty procedures, like any other surgical treatment, entail risk such as: bleeding

  • Infection
  • Sedative errors
  • Severe scars may develop, making future corrective procedures impossible and leaving the individual self-conscious about the appearance of the vaginal wall and vulva.
  • Deep vein thrombosis occurs when blood particles develop in the blood vessels after operation.
  • Stenosis
  • Fistula

It is advised for women planning vaginal operation that:

  • Discuss your thoughts and worries concerning your sexual organs with your surgeon, and also your aspirations for operation and any non-surgical choices.
  • Several physical exercises and activities can tone weak, sagging vaginal skin and increase sexual pleasure, while therapy can help with internal self and courage.

Recovery Time for Vaginoplasty

  • It is known as the healing process for 1 week or 2 weeks after vagina narrowing surgery. Patients generally prefer not to go to work for 1 Week. This condition is also recommended by many experts.
  • Although the swelling does not go down immediately, the pain effect begins to gradually decrease. But here’s a warning for you. Some people think of doing cold practice all day. Cold application should not be done without a deceleration. If you do 20 minutes and rest for 20 minutes, you will soon reach a solution. The pain problem is reduced by the effects of drugs given to the patient during and after the operation. But this condition may not apply to every patient.

Why Get Vaginoplasty in Turkey?

Plastic Surgery in Istanbul

Plastic Surgery in Istanbul

  • It is very confidential and private because of both the sexual dimension of your complaints that you experience on your genitals and because you have difficulty sharing them even with your nearest one. It is very important that you trust your doctor to share this topic.
  • You should also know about your vaginoplasty doctor’s scientific identity, surgical experience on this issue, clinical experience in important centers abroad, if any, and his work in national and international fields.
  • Vaginoplasty surgery is a specific operation that requires special experience and knowledge. If these operations are performed by doctors who do not have sufficient equipment, patients ‘ unhappiness about the issue can deepen and frustrations can be experienced.
  • We recommend that you see photos of your doctor’s patients before and after surgery. In addition to choosing the appropriate doctor, you should also consider that the clinic must comply with sterilization and hygienic rules and have surgical technical equipment.
  • If you have been having problems with your genitals for a while and are afraid to share it, you can easily contact us and get more detailed information. Our patients, who come with sexual problems and aesthetic concerns at a young age, have to resort to functional disorders such as sagging uterus, sagging bladder, sagging bowel, inability to hold urine, or even completely exiting the uterus at an old age.
  • Dr. Yetkin Bayer Clinics works with the best doctors and top clinics for each plastic surgery operation for you to have the best result and experience in Turkey.
  • Turkey is one of the cheapest countries for vaginoplasty operations in Europe. If you consider having a vaginoplasty operation abroad, Turkey should be your first preference. 

Is it safe to have Vaginoplasty in Turkey?

Whether you are a female who has been suffering from urinary incontinence or a woman who wants to improve her sexual life, you may wonder if it is safe to have Vaginoplasty in Turkey. Although it is important to note that all surgeries come with risks, you should know that this procedure can be performed safely and without complications.

Is Turkey a good place to get Vaginoplasty?

Choosing a plastic surgeon can be a tough task, especially in Istanbul. The best plastic surgeons in Turkey are experienced and updated on recent developments in their field of specialization. They offer world-class treatment to international patients.

How much does Vaginoplasty cost in Turkey?

Thousands of medical tourists fly to Turkey each year for Vaginoplasty surgery. The reason is that the cost of cosmetic procedures in Turkey is very affordable. You can save over 50% on the cost of your treatment.

One of the biggest reasons why it is cheap is the importance the country attaches to health tourism. 

Most private clinics are not taxed because the country is at the forefront of health tourism.

The quality of surgery you will receive will be no different from the UK because the surgeons in Turkey are experienced and regularly attend professional development courses.

The factors affecting the price are the type of surgery and the patient’s condition. For clear price information, the patient should contact the clinic.

Vaginoplasty is a plastic surgery which aims at repairing the sagging of the vaginal tissues. It can also be used to improve the shape of the vagina after childbirth.

The operation involves the removal of excess skin and muscle tissue from the vagina. This can interfere with the comfort of a woman’s body. The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia.

Before the surgery, the doctor will conduct a physical examination to ensure that the patient is physically fit. The surgeon will then determine the kind of treatment necessary and the length of the procedure.

The average cost of vaginoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey is between $600 and $2000. The cost depends on the clinic that you choose.

Vaginoplasty in Istanbul, Antalya or Izmir

Thousands of medical tourists come to Turkey for a variety of surgeries, including vaginoplasty. The country’s modern facilities and high quality care are among the reasons why it is a popular choice for many medical tourists.

If you are considering an operation in Izmir, you should be prepared for the prices. Izmir, which is seen as a holiday region, is more expensive than Istanbul, one of the main reasons for this is that it does not have as many clinics as Istanbul and its touristic infrastructure is richer than Istanbul.

Antalya, on the other hand, is much more expensive than Izmir. If you are planning an operation in Turkey, you have definitely heard of Antalya, which is known as a holiday destination, and is expensive for the same reasons as Izmir.

Istanbul is rich enough in terms of clinics, but in this city where competition is intense, you can make the operation more affordable and at the same time you can visit the touristic areas.

Cost of Vaginoplasty in Turkey vs UK and USA

TurkeyUnited Kingdom
United States of America
$ 2600£ 8000$ 6500

How Much Does a Vaginoplasty Surgery Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Surgery Cost

The average cost of vaginoplasty surgery in Istanbul, Turkey is 2600 USD, the minimum cost is 700 USD and the maximum cost is 4500 USD. Prices may differ  for different cities such as Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir.

All Inclusive Vaginoplasty Surgery Package Prices in Turkey

Average all-inclusive package price for a vaginoplasty surgery is 3100 USD or 2250 Pound in Istanbul, Turkey. You can contact us to get prices and learn what’s included in the all-inclusive package prices in our clinic.

Vaginoplasty Reviews in Turkey


How long does Labiaplasty swelling last?

After the interventions, the pain and swelling that occur over time will disappear. After Labioplasty, the healing process is four to six weeks and the patient can return to use tampon and  have sex life at the end of this period. Most of the pain and swelling that occurs passes within six weeks.

Does Health Insurance Cover Labiaplasty  ?

It is highly predictable that you have a lot of questions about vaginoplasty. People considering vaginoplasty are generally concerned about the costs and whether or not their insurance can help them afford the surgery.

Sadly, insurance policies do not fund Vaginoplasty since it is regarded an aesthetic treatment, meaning it is done more for appearances and pleasure than for a healthcare requirement. As a result, insurers hardly finance these procedures.

How long does vaginoplasty take in Turkey?

Vaginoplasty operation generally takes 1 to 2 hours, and the recovery process may last 3 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the person. You must stay in Turkey for at least three days after the operation to conduct initial examinations and evaluate the results.