Skinny BBL


Skinny BBL in Turkey is a great option if you lack necessary fat around your waistline but still want to add shape and contour to your buttocks, and the country offers great deals, such as all-in-one packages and an unforgettable cultural experience. The skinny BBL in Turkey will be carefully performed, and you’ll be satisfied.

What is Skinny BBL? 

Even if there isn’t much fat, the greatest quantity of fat that can be acquired is determined, particularly in locations like the internal thigh and arm. Even if the patient is slim, a sportier and more appealing butt picture can be achieved in line with the anatomy by producing folds to form the waistline and hip proportion.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Skinny BBL? 

Have you ever been advised that you’re too underweight for a typical Brazilian butt lift? You may believe that the only way to raise and firm your behind is to get implants, but there is now a process designed specifically for you! The skinny Brazilian butt lift is for individuals who want to add more contour and muscle to their hips without putting on a lot of weight. A body mass index of lower than 25 is the optimum applicant for this surgery. If your BMI is between 25 and 30, you may benefit more from a classic BBL. Also, there should be no tobacco history among the candidates.

What is the difference between a classic BBL and a skinny BBL? 

A classical BBL is for people who have excess skin around their body, particularly, the waist area. The presence of fat to move is crucial to an effective BBL surgery, as the treatment entails liposuction to remove excess fat from the source area and then infusions of the prepared fat transplants into the buttock zone.

A Skinny BBL is performed on a person who is thin or has a poor initial weight. It is more challenging to collect enough fat when you’re underweight to get a noticeable outcome. The majority of patients with Skinny BBL have a BMI of 21 or less.

As can be understood, a classical BBL requires those who have fat across their bodies; however, a skinny BBL is for those who do not have enough fat. In skinny BBL, the fat is not taken only from belly and the back, but also from legs, arms, and so on.

Skinny BBL procedure:

Back and front body liposuction locations are identified so far as skin condition makes it possible to do aggressive liposuction in plan.

Then, using the Safest BBL principles, the locations of the butt that will require both lifting and filling are identified, and the patient’s needs are discussed. With the patient’s permission, the locations where fat will be eliminated can be expanded. Since people who need a skinny BBL procedure lack enough fat in the waistline, the necessary fat can be taken from legs, arms, or other parts of the body.

This procedure, which is carried out under general anesthesia, takes about 3-4 hours. Before the surgery, you will be given medications so that you will not feel anything. In case you wake up or start to show that you are not comfortable, health professionals will give you more medications to assure your convenience. Be sure that you will not experience any kind of pain during the procedure.

Holes for liposuction and injections, both less than 1 cm long, are created. It is accurate to describe this procedure as nearly painless. After the oils have gone through a series of filtration steps, injection is used. The formerly taken and purified fat is injected to your buttocks and they are made more curved, elevated, and thicker, particularly with tiny proportions.

After Skinny BBL, a customized full body corset is used to keep the patient in the proper position. Remember that the durability of transferred fat varies among individuals.

Risks and Side Effects

It is important to be aware of the potential risks and side effects of a cosmetic procedure that you would like to undergo. The risks of a Skinny Brazilian Butt Lift are the same as any other surgery, such as hemorrhage, infections, scars, and typical imbalances. With proper after treatment, oral medications, pressure clothing, and post – operative massaging, most of these minor problems can be managed in the clinic.

Sadly, Brazilian Butt Lift procedures, whether skinny or traditional, have been linked to significant and even fatal side effects such as clotting and fat embolisms. However, those cases are very uncommon. 

Skinny BBL Recovery Timeline

The recovery time for a Skinny Brazilian Butt Lift is comparable to that of a conventional Brazilian Butt Lift. The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia and takes roughly 1 to 2 hours. After operation, patients spend around an hour in a separate care unit with their own caregiver before returning home the very same day. In most cases, drainage is necessary in regions where liposuction was done; this drainage will be normally taken in the clinic after 7-10 days.

After a Skinny Brazilian Butt Lift, doctors suggest that women spend 7-10 days off workplace or schools for maximum security and convenience. Within the first few days after operation, most people need some level of support. 

Finally, surgeons advise minimal sitting for the first two to four weeks following a Skinny BBL, as well as no vigorous workout for six weeks. This resting time enables the body to mend and recuperate in the safest and most comfortable way. 

Why Should One Choose the Clinics in Turkey? 

In contrast to Europe and the United States, Turkey provides better-quality skinny Brazilian Butt Lift operation at a lower cost. Furthermore, Turkish cosmetic surgery hospitals and clinics have extensive experience working with international patients. Many of them can supply translators in your mother languages because of their international workforce. Patients can also select from a selection of surgery choices relevant and personalized. Finally, hospitals in Turkey are extremely clean, thus you have a very slight possibility of becoming infected while there. As you can see, Turkey is your greatest bet for a skinny BBL, and you will never regret it!

Why Is Skinny BBL Cheap in Turkey? 

You’re undoubtedly asking why skinny BBL operations in Turkey are less expensive than in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other European countries. Turkey’s lower costs are due mostly to the country’s lower lifestyle and labor costs, which make operation more affordable than in many other European countries. The affordability of skinny BBL in Turkey can be related to a multitude of things. Taxes, exchange rates, and government backing are the primary factors that influence these rates, allowing Turkish facilities to deliver consistent quality at inexpensive prices. Please remember, though, that facilities that request significantly higher or lower rates must be disregarded!

Is having a Skinny Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey safe?

Yes, having a skinny BBL in Turkey is perfectly safe. Doctors in Turkey employ the most cutting-edge and cutting-edge equipment, are highly skilled, have practiced both domestically and abroad, and understand precisely what their patients require. You will be appropriately instructed if your system requires a skinny BBL. In addition, your safety and well-being will be closely monitored following surgery to ensure that side effects and dangers are minimized. In addition, it is certain that clinics in Turkey are cleansed on a regular basis and are quite sanitary. Your overall health and appearance will be kept safe and sound.

How Much Does a Skinny BBL cost in Istanbul, Turkey? 

It is crucial to remember that prices for cosmetic procedures, like as a skinny BBL, vary among individuals, clinics, and, countries. In Istanbul, Turkey, however, the average cost of a skinny BBL surgery is $4000. You may be offered several all-in-one packages that covers accommodation, transfer, and so on. As previously said, the price may be slightly cheaper or costlier depending on your health and wellness. It is critical to schedule a face-to-face visit with your physician to obtain accurate cost information.