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Liposuction is used to remove fat from under the skin through extremely small (1 – 2 mm) incisions that heal with a virtually imperceptible scar. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure and should not be considered as such. However, removing fat from these problem areas can dramatically improve a person’s shape and appearance.

On the other hand, Male Liposuction, with its other name Men’s liposuction, often focuses on different areas than women’s. The most common locations for men are the neck, chest, abdomen, and flanks or love handles. Furthermore, guys have a different form of fat than women. Male fat is embedded in fibrous tissue, making removal more difficult. On the plus side, male skin is significantly thicker and contours far better.

The average cost of Male Liposuction in Turkey is around 3.200 USD (3065€) which is the cheapest price compared to the other countries. Here you can find out and discover getting Male Liposuction in Istanbul, Turkey, male liposuction costs, our clinic’s patients reviews, before & after photos from the best doctors in Turkey plus all-inclusive packages for a Male Liposuction in Turkey.

Liposuction methods, including male liposuction, have dramatically improved in recent years, thanks to the introduction of the tumescent technique, in which a numbing solution containing adrenaline is injected before liposuction, limiting pain and bruising. Males considering liposuction should not be concerned.

Furthermore, fat can be “melted” with ultrasound or laser to make removal easier. Ultrasound assisted liposuction is often used in males to help breakdown fat and make it easier to remove in a smooth manner.

In conclusion, it is a risk-free operation for men who think about having a nice look.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Male Liposuction?

If you are considering getting a male liposuction, following elements may be beneficial for you to read.

To be regarded an ideal candidate for liposuction;

  • Non-smoker male individuals
  • The male individuals who do not have alcohol issues
  • A man should be in good overall health, at or near his desired weight
  • Male individuals who have good skin tone and elasticity to be regarded an ideal candidate for liposuction.
  • Men who have pockets of fat that have proven resistant to a healthy diet and frequent exercise.

If you have any more questions about your candidacy for liposuction or would like to learn more, it will be better for you to consult on a surgeon.


Male liposuction is a cosmetic surgery for men with and aim to remove fat from troublesome regions. Many people turn to this type of therapy if they are unable to remove fat from their bodies through exercise and a balanced diet. This cosmetic surgery can be used instead of stomach tucks, facelifts, and breast reductions. Nevertheless, you should not take this operation to account as a way to lose fat. As it is aforementioned, it is only for the parts which you cannot get rid of even you have a strict exercise routine.

You may be a good candidate for male liposuction surgery;

  • If you do not have any health issues that may hinder the overall success,
  • If you are not a smoker
  • If you do not use excessive alcohol
  • If there is no infection issues and bleeding disorders

So, you may get a male liposuction surgery;

  • If you have reasonable expectations about the outcomes of the operation
  • If you have a concrete routine of exercise and health body which can assist you in the course of recovery period.

Furthermore, liposuction for males and liposuction for women are not the same thing. The main reason of this is that the areas treated are the primary distinction between the cosmetic procedures for each gender.

The love handles, lower belly, and upper arms are the most typically treated areas in male liposuction surgery. Men, on the other hand, frequently target the neck, thighs, chest, and chin. To look more attractive.

To sum up, the procedure for liposuction surgery does not differ depending on your gender. During the operation, the individual’s anatomy will be the sole thing considered. Lastly, the recuperation timeframes and process are the same.

Risks and Side Effects

Male liposuction surgery may have certain side effects such as;

  • Inconsistent contours. Because of irregular fat clearance, poor skin elasticity, and odd healing, your skin may appear bumpy, wavy, or withered.
  • Male liposuction may leave the skin permanently spotted.
  • Under the skin, temporary pockets of fluid can occur.
  • In the affected area, you may have temporary or permanent numbness.
  • It is also possible to experience temporary nerve discomfort.
  • A cannula that penetrates too deeply may occasionally puncture an internal organ. This may necessitate emergent surgical intervention.
  • Pieces of released fat may become caught in a blood artery, accumulating in the lungs or traveling to the brain.

So, you have to be careful.

Why Should One Choose The Clinics In Turkey?

Plastic Surgery in Istanbul

Plastic Surgery in Istanbul

Turkish clinics are the best choice for you because of their low prices, friendly and well-trained medical staff and surgeons. If you are thinking about undergoing cosmetic surgery, including a male liposuction, you should at least look at clinics in Turkey, and then you will agree with us about the choice there.

Furthermore, compared to Europe and the United States, Turkey provides higher quality care at a lower cost as it is aforementioned

The main reason for the lower expenses in Turkey is the lower cost of living and labor, which allows treatment prices to be more affordable than in other European countries. However, very low prices should be avoided at all costs. You may have come across very low prices where inexperienced and untrained professionals perform the procedure, which can have fatal consequences.

Dr. Bayer Clinics works with the best doctor and top clinics for each plastic surgery operation for you to have best result and experience in Turkey.

Male Liposuction Reviews in Turkey

Before and After Photo

You can visit our Instagram page or contact us via Whatsapp to see male liposuction results,  before and after photos in Istanbul, Turkey.

How much does male liposuction cost?

Examining the costs of various treatments is a difficult task; however, when it comes to male liposuction, things may be a little trickier. That is to say, you should conduct extensive study to obtain the most competitive and dependable pricing for the operation. At that point, we gathered the most credible price data and presented it to you.

Here are the prices;

USA: If you want to get male liposuction surgery to remove excess fat, you should have at least $3000 in your bank account. However, be aware that prices vary; in some facilities, the maximum cost of the surgery might approach $7000.

UK: Similarly, the cost of the operation may differ in the United Kingdom. The average cost of male liposuction is $4500, on the other hand, you may find cheaper prices.

Spain: Spain may be a good choice but you should at least know the prices of the surgery, you should at least have $2900 in your bank account and it would not be wrong to say that the average cost is $3800.

Germany: The average cost of male liposuction in Germany is $4600.

The Netherlands: Despite the country’s modest land area, clinics in the country want at least $3600 for male liposuction operation.

France: The average cost of male liposuction operation is $3700.

How Much Does a Male Liposuction Cost in Turkey?

The minimal cost of a male liposuction in Turkey is $1670, with a maximum cost of $4800. As a result, men who want to get a male liposuction surgery should have $3200 in their bank account.

On the other hand, the cost of a male liposuction in Turkey is determined by a number of factors and varies depending on the doctor’s experience and the technique used. When these prices are compared to clinics and other countries offering this surgery, it is easy to see the difference Turkey provides with its international experience and medical services, as well as surgery packages that include a variety of other services in addition to the procedure such as airport transfer, translation, and more.

If you wondering why there operations are so cheap in Turkey, you should know that everything is connected and related with the economy but not with quality. There are several reasons to explain this situation such as;

  • Low living and tax costs
  • Use of domestic medical instruments
  • Clinic competition
  • Currency exchange rate

So, as one may see, Turkey is a leader county in terms of offering the best solution and outcomes at low cost.


Does Health Insurance Cover Male Liposuction?

Every year, a large number of guys have male liposuction surgery. Nonetheless, there is one question that everyone wants to know the answer to. Who is responsible of paying the bills? Am I getting to disburse of my very own pocket?

Because the response is yes, this question has a conclusive solution. Male liposuction surgery is not covered by the majority of medical insurance carriers because it is not health threatening obscure that you cannot get rid of by yourselves.

Is liposuction good for men?

There is no distinction between men and women in the medical field. As a result, liposuction is equally beneficial to males. Nonetheless, because men and women have different bodies and structures, some fat may collect in various places. As a result, male liposuction is a worthwhile surgery for guys to remove the fat that collects in these places.

Does liposuction really work for men?

In fact, liposuction for men is typically very effective since men’s skin holds its elasticity longer than women’s skin and the areas of fat beneath their skin are firmer. Many men are opting to liposuction to get the firmer, slimmer, more athletic-looking body shape they’ve always wanted.

How much weight can a man lose with liposuction?

Typically, the largest quantity of fat suctioned out is the equivalent of 5-8 pounds. It is not suggested that more than 4-5L of liposuction be performed in a single surgical session, as the risk of complication increases with the amount of liposuction performed.



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