Is a tummy tuck always necessary?

Is a tummy tuck always necessary?

It is one of the cosmetic surgical procedures to give a better shape and appearance to the sagging abdomen. This surgery, which is called “Tummy Tuck”, is classified as one of the major surgeries, and takes a period of between one and five hours, depending on the condition of the patient’s abdominal wall and the factors that caused the sagging and asymmetric abdomen.

During this process, a tightening is performed to cover the abdominal area, which includes removing the excess and flabby skin, removing the accumulated fat layers in the folds and parts of the cover of the skin layer of the abdomen and below, and tightening the connective tissues and muscles in the abdominal cover. After which the abdomen is re-wrapped with the skin layer using a stylish way to make the belly shape more attractive and graceful.  That is a surgical procedure that flattens the appearance and shape of the abdomen when a person is standing.

 A tummy tuck should not be confused with liposuction, which is a plastic surgery used to remove lumps of fat deposits from the outer abdominal wall.  This is while remembering that the surgeon may add to the steps of the tummy tuck surgery another procedure, which is liposuction, as an additional part of the tummy tuck process.

Flabby Abdomen is a condition that results not only from an increase in the accumulation of fat in the layers of the abdominal covering wall but in addition to this, there is a weakness in the elasticity of the skin of the abdominal cover. There is also an increase in the area of the skin of the abdominal cover and the expansion of the connective tissue bundles.  The inner abdomen, which is medically called the abdominal fascia, as well as low strength and cohesion of the mass and tendons of the “abdominal muscles” that extend from the ribs of the chest to the pubic bone in the pelvis.

 The cohesion of the abdominal fascia and the abdominal muscles is what constitutes an internal belt for the abdominal wall, belt fixes the internal organs in the abdominal cavity in their natural place, and it is the belt responsible for achieving abdominal tightening to preserve its elegant and graceful appearance while standing.  Therefore, the odds of abdominal protrusion increase after the occurrence of the stretching of the abdominal fascia during pregnancy or after increasing body weight and the weakness of the muscle mass of the abdominal cover.

Hence, the benefit of the tummy tuck operation in its surgical work appears to achieve both: removing loose and sagging skin appendages, removing accumulated fat as separate lumps, especially around or under the belly button area, and tightening the abdominal fascia and weak muscles.  This is in addition to the surgeon’s skill in removing pregnancy stretch marks and removing excess skin in the lower part of the abdominal wall below the navel.  If a woman has previously had a C-section, a plastic surgeon may be able to weld the C-section scar into the tummy tuck scar.

Since it is major surgery and elective cosmetic surgery, it is important for the person who wants to undergo it to know its details and its suitability for his general health condition and the shape of his abdominal cover. It is also important to analyze the extent of his need and feasibility for him and to take the time he needs to reach a decision definitive about making it to him.

A tummy tuck should be a last resort for people who have exhausted all other measures, and this surgical procedure should not be used as a substitute for a lack of effort to reduce body weight and reduce the size of the abdomen,” says Cleveland Clinic plastic surgeons.  It is also worth noting that this process requires the surgeon to make several surgical incisions in the skin of the abdominal wall, which often leaves varying degrees of surgical scars, which the woman has to think about the extent to which she accepts its presence on the skin of her stomach.

People who have stable weight and have good health in general can have tummy tuck surgery. Being non-smoker is better but you can have tummy tuck surgery  if you are a smoker. On the other hand, you need to quit smoking two or three weeks before the surgery and not smoke until at least three week after the surgery. 

Women who have had stretching and sagging in the muscles and skin of the abdominal wall, after repeated pregnancies and childbirths, may find that the tummy tuck procedure is beneficial for them.  If the woman is still planning to have more children, it is worth postponing the tummy tuck procedure until the completion of having children.  The reason is that during this surgery, the vertical abdominal muscles are tightened, and in the next pregnancy in the future, separation of these muscles may occur as a result of the increase in the size of the abdomen during pregnancy. This may cause a hernia in it and the abdominal wall, which may return the problem of asymmetry in the shape of the abdomen, which may require submission another surgery to repair that new hernia.

Regarding the scars of tummy tuck surgery and their effect on the shape of the surface of the abdomen, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that tummy tuck scars may take several months to a year to settle in their final shape, and despite the good results expected from this operation, it is not that there is no guarantee.  In some cases, it may not be possible to achieve optimal results with a single surgical procedure, and another surgery may be necessary.  Following your doctor’s instructions is essential to the success of the surgery.  The incisions mustn’t be subjected to excessive force, swelling, abrasion, or excessive movement during the postoperative recovery time.  The doctor will give his patient-specific instructions on how to take care of himself during that time.”

Do I need a tummy tuck or just lose weight?

The best person for tummy tuck operation is one who is at or near their target body weight, is healthy and strong, and is bothered by the look of a bulging belly or drooping, excess skin on their abdomen.

During the surgery, liposuction procedures may be used to gently eliminate persistent zones of fat that have proved unresponsive to diet and exercise, improving the shapes and tone of your abdomen.

Although your abdomen will be flat following your tummy tuck, the mark on the scales will not be much reduced. If you can’t get rid of your belly with exercise, you could consider a tummy tuck. If exercises work for you, you will not need a tummy tuck.