How to Shower After Liposuction Surgery

How to Shower After Liposuction Surgery

Patients usually wonder when they can and how they can have a shower after a liposuction operation, as it helps them relax and feel better.

The next day after liposuction, patients are able to bathe, but only under strict conditions. There will be acute alterations in blood flow when you remove the compression garment, which can produce considerable dizziness or collapsing. Ensure you’ve had a light yet filling meal and drank lots of water beforehand. When laying down on the bed, removing the zipper and latches enables the flow to commence if your head is around the same position as your core flow. Over many periods, gradually get into a seated and then an upright posture, watching to ensure you’re not dizzy. Have somebody with you the initial day or till you finish your bathing.

However, in some cases, surgeons recommend that patients should not remove their garment until the end of the first week, which means that you cannot have shower during that period. So, ensure that you discuss when you can take a shower with your surgeon.

When showering, remember to maintain the cleanliness of the wounds. Once or twice a day, you can take a bath. Rinse your hands firstly, then carefully wash the wounds with soap and water; last, softly wipe the cuts dry with sterile towels. Then, replace the absorbent pads with new ones. It is not anymore necessary to conceal a cut with pads when it has stopped leaking for more than one day.

In brief, you can simply use soap and water on the affected regions in the shower without scratching. Using a clean towel, gently dry the affected areas. Following the surgery, stay away from motionless, that is, still, water for 14 days. This covers bathtubs, spas, hot tubs, lakes, and seas, among other things.

When Can You Take Shower After Liposuction?

Once you get the operation done, you will desire the post effects of it or the elements that you should do or avoid from doing. And, of course one of them is shower issue. You may shower 48 hours after surgery, but please do not remove your garment when standing up for the first few days. If at all possible, try to have someone nearby in case of fainting. Keep in mind, however, that you should not shower in water that is excessively hot or cold, as this may annoy you and jeopardize the operation’s general success. Maintain a Luke warm temperature. As your body adjusts, keep your shower time to a bare minimum.

When can I use regular soap after liposuction?

You should use antibacterial soap to shower the day or night before the surgery. However, it is considered too dry to be used as a part of after surgery routine. As you know, your incisions take about 48 hours to permanently close, wait until then to shower after lipo surgery. Because showering too soon could re-open your wounds, which may get you infections or clearer scars. When you shower after lipo, you can use regular soap, mild water, not too hot nor too cold water. It is better to have someone present in the shower to help you in case of possible fainting.