How long should I wear headband after otoplasty?

How long should I wear headband after otoplasty?

After otoplasty surgery, a headband covering the entire ear, which does not tighten too much, is worn and this band is used continuously for about 3 weeks. In fact, after otoplasty surgery, the routine application is the application of a bandage on the dressing, and usually, this bandage does not open for 7-10 days. I never apply bandages because I think this condition is medically unnecessary and socially uncomfortable. After surgery, the application of a headband that is routinely used and worn for seven days may be considered long by some surgeons, and this period may be limited to three days. Of course, this period is a short process that breaks you out of social life, but women are more fortunate in this regard because they use the headband as an accessory. It’s incomprehensible if they don’t tell themselves they’re having surgery. Your personal approach is to apply a continuous band for two, three days in some patients, and seven days in others. In fact, this condition is determined by the operation performed and the difficulty of the person’s ear deformity.

Otoplasty surgery is performed in the form of general anesthesia. It can also be done under local anesthesia. During otoplasty surgery, the removal of the skin behind the auricle is performed. At the same time, the fold is formed, the sutures are marked, and the cartilage is rasped. Sometimes, using a special technique, the tissue behind the earlobe can also be removed. Those who have surgery in the form of local anesthesia can go home on the same day. It is recommended to use a headband after otoplasty surgery. 3 days after ear aesthetics surgery, it is recommended to take a bath with warm water. In addition, patients with ear aesthetics surgery can return to work with the registration of using a hairband after a day’s rest. In addition, heavy workers are recommended to rest for 3 days.

Why do I have to wear a headband after otoplasty?

Right after the surgery, you will have a head dressing on your help to protect your ears from the outer world and once the surgeon removes it, you should continue to protect yourself by using a headband.

The main reason why you use it is to keep the ears from being accidentally pulled, especially at night when sleeping. Your ears require specific protection while they heal from the otoplasty operation.

In addition, the headband will aid in the healing process. It accomplishes this by squeezing the ears, which relieves swelling and relieves tension on the sutures placed in the ear cartilage. It will also retain the ears in their new position.

So, you should use it!

What happens if you do not wear a headband after otoplasty?

After the otoplasty treatment, surgical bandages and headbands are used to hold your newly positioned ears in their new position. Avoiding or repositioning them might delay your recuperation, put you at risk of infections, or cause significant damage to your ears. Remember to follow your otoplasty surgeon’s instructions and treat them right, be careful with your hygiene, and avoid making them wet and warm under all circumstances.

So, if you don’t wear a headband after an otoplasty, you may experience infections, a longer healing period, and ears that have an unpleasant look.


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