How long does breast surgery take?

How long will the results of a breast lift last?

If you are about to do breast surgery, then you should arrange your schedule based on the breast surgery period. While it is important to know that every patient’s surgery is unique, we can say that breast augmentation surgery usually takes between one and two hours. Breast surgeries can be described as relatively simple, and that is the reason behind the quietly short procedure.

Of course, not all breast surgeries are simple and short; some surgeries take a longer time to do based on anesthesia type, incision location, and type of the selected implant. That is why you should consult your surgeon for a better estimate on the period of your breast augmentation surgery.

Anyway, many factors should be considered when estimating the surgery timeline, since it the steps of making the surgery in the first place:

  • Checking in.
  • Preparing for surgery.
  • Administration of general anesthesia.
  • The surgical procedure.
  • Recovery time.
  • Discharge.

All breast augmentation surgeries do these steps; in addition to seeing the surgeon on procedure day, you should plan to see him before and after the surgery.

As we said, breast augmentation surgery does not take more than one or two hours to perform. However, when mixing this surgery with other procedures such as breast lifting or Brazilian butt lift (BBL) to get better results, the surgical procedure then will take longer of course. Remember that the good plastic surgeon will take as long as needed to ensure you get the best possible results you desire.

In general, you should clear your schedule for at least a week to do breast surgery. We know that breast augmentation could be performed in a short time but you should consider that its results would typically last for several years leaving you with the right breast size you always dream to have.

How long does breast surgery last?

Breast surgeries are usually short surgeries. The procedures will last one to two hours, and you will most likely be under general anesthesia. Although most breast operations are performed as outpatient procedures, some patients may want to remain overnight. The doctor will create incisions beneath the chest, underneath the arms, or across the nipples throughout the breast surgery processes. Stitches will be used to seal the incision once the operation is fully done. All in all, these will all take up to two hours to be completed.

How Long Do you Stay in Hospital After Breast Surgery

In fact, your doctor will tell you how long do you stay in hospital after breast surgery, because sometimes there may be a problem with your surgery.  You may be doing admit to a hospital waiting room following surgery. If you had no lymph nodes removed, only efferent lymphatic nodes forced to remove, no reconstruction, or immediate restoration with a tissue extractor or breast implant, you may be you can return home the same day as your surgery. Otherwise, you can expect to spend no more than three days in the hospital. Because your surgical team would need to observe the blood flow toward the flap if you had immediate reconstruction with cellular flaps, you could plan to remain an average of 2 to 5 days.

Drains and Tubes

  • If you have wound sewage pipes, keep them in place until the fluid stops draining. This usually happens 2 to 5 days upon your surgery.
  • You are free to return home with a downspout still in place. Your nurse will provide you with clear procedures on how to handle it. A nurse will visit your home to conduct an inspection. Alternatively, you may need to return to the maternity ward every few days.