How long do you wear a compression bra after breast augmentation?

How long do you wear a compression bra after breast augmentation?

You should wear the compression bra immediately after breast augmentation surgery and during the next few weeks. Doctors advise wearing the compression bra all the time for the first one to three weeks after surgery, of course, deciding the required time to wear it depends on the procedure type and your healing journey.

It is fine to take the compression bra off to wash it, or when taking a shower. However, keep in mind that the more time you wear this bra in the first week of surgery, the shorter and more effective the healing process will get.

In addition to that, doctors suggest that wearing the compression bra during the night improves your healing and protects your scars when you are asleep; this is true, especially in the first few weeks after breast augmentation surgery.

We can think of many reasons that make wearing a compression bra important after breast surgery, such as: 

  • It minimizes the swelling and the pain in your breasts since it put the breasts under constant pressure, which prevents excessive fluid from building up, and helps your body to absorb the accumulated fluid.
  • It will give you many results in a short time; you will have less swelling with the compression bra, so, you will not need much time to heal. While the recovery time without compression will take much longer than necessary.
  • It makes you look better after all. Wearing a compression bra will help your skin to adjust to its new contours preventing the appearance of any wrinkles in the breasts after augmentation surgery.

A compression bra should not feel so tight, it should be comfortable to breathe; be sure to choose the optimal compression yet comfortable bra. You may feel that it is becoming too loose over time, this is because the swelling is fading. In this case, you should consider wearing a smaller size than usual.

Why do you have to wear a compression bra after breast augmentation?

Compression bras are essential to prevent a number of health issues, including an increased risk of infection. Wearing compression underwear is crucial for reducing the spread of infections such as breast cancer, breast ulcers, and other complications during breast surgery.

Compression bras, on the other hand, aid in keeping your implants in place and ensuring that surgery incisions heal properly. Although neither appealing nor attractive, these bras give the support, safety, and compression your breasts require following surgery. 

So, your cosmetic surgeon will suggest you get a post-bra, which is a postoperative compression bra, if you are undergoing breast augmentation surgery and it will be better for you to follow this advice for the reasons aforementioned.

What happens if you don’t wear a compression bra after breast augmentation?

There is a considerable danger of your implantation dislocating if you do not use a compression bra after breast implant insertion or quit using it before they settle into their final form and structure.

Additionally, the healing process and edema decrease will take more time, leading to pain or discomfort. Because the ultimate outcomes of the surgery cannot be seen until all edema has subsided, your desired outcomes will be delayed.

Extra skin may be left over after breast augmentation procedures if compression garments are not used as directed. This might result in drooping of the skin surrounding your boobs.