Can You Go Bald Again After a Hair Transplant?

Can You Go Bald Again After a Hair Transplant?

Individuals who have had hair transplants have concerns about the procedure’s outcomes. Various questions occur in people’s minds, such as whether it will persist for a long time or not.

Yes, you will lose all of your transplanted hair within two to three weeks after the treatment if you wish to know short-term hair loss. This is, nevertheless, entirely normal. It allows for more hair to develop. In the eight to twelve months after the operation, many patients notice a significant quantity of fresh hair growth. However, there are certain things to keep in mind if you asked for general hair loss following a hair transplant operation.

First of all, the hair transferred into your bald areas are healthy and they are the hairs that will not fall even when you age. Those hairs are already immune to thinning; and they will be placed in another area. So, their immunity will not change, and no, you will not go bald again. However, although those hairs are healthy; if you don’t take care of them or choose an experienced surgeon, you may go bald again. Remember that you should eat healthily, avoid sun rays and risky chemicals, and so on. Not only your hair, but also your surgeon and you are responsible for your hairs’ permanency. 

All in all, for a variety of causes, such as an improper diet, severe sun damage, and needless warmth and toxins, you can be hairless again following a hair transplantation. Not only that, but if the hair transplant isn’t done correctly, it can lead to balding. However, there is no need to be concerned because a variety of products and drugs have assisted the majority of people to regain their lost hair growth. Aside from that, if they don’t succeed, you’ll have no choice but to undergo an additional hair transplant procedure.

Does hair still recede after transplant?

Hair transplant are excellent treatments for restoring hair that has been shed, but they do not prevent the decline from continuing. Even after the procedure, some people may notice that their hair continues to decrease around the implanted spots.

However, in most cases, your hair transplantation will last for many years. Hair follicles may diminish as you get older, but they will almost certainly continue to generate hair for the remaining time. Also, it is probable that the hairline will not decline according to your previous style of normal hair loss if your hair receding persists.

How to prevent hair loss after hair transplant

To prevent hair loss after a hair transplant, you should be able to minimize products with heavy ingredients or smell. Also, wet hair is significantly more delicate than dry hair, so be patient with it. Use an old t-shirt to dry your hair rather than a rough cotton towel. Brush and untangle your hair before washing it, then use a broad comb while your hair is still wet with moisturizer. Make sure to include proteins, minerals, and other healthy nutrients in your meal since a balanced diet can help maintain your hair healthy following a hair transplant process.