Can You Get Finance for Plastic Surgery in Turkey?

Can You Get Finance for Plastic Surgery in Turkey?

When considering a surgery for your body, particularly for the looks or the functioning of it, you may think about whether a cosmetic or a plastic operation. The first one, a cosmetic surgery, is a specialty of healthcare that focuses on improving one’s look using surgical and medicinal procedures. All parts of the face, neck, and body can be treated with cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is optional since these treated parts operate properly but lack attractive appearance. On the other hand, the second one, that is, a plastic surgery is a medical discipline that focuses on the repair of face and body deformities caused by deformities, injuries, burn, or diseases. Plastic surgery is corrective in origin and is meant to address malfunctioning aspects of the body.

People may want to have a cosmetic surgery to enhance how they look, or repair a problematic and dysfunctional with plastic surgery. Regardless of the procedure they desire to have, there are things to consider, such as what to do before surgery, the surgery itself, healing process, expectations, how the final outcome will be, and the costs. Among these, all of them are equally important; however, first thing that comes to patients’ minds is about the economic aspect. Along with how much they are likely to pay, they are also interested in how they can pay, in other words, what are the possible ways to pay for the surgery.

In Turkey, it is true that the costs for both cosmetic and plastic surgeries are low compared to other countries. There are various reasons for that, such as taxation, currency exchange, government funding, and cheap cost of living. Patients may ask whether the quality of the service and the process will be pleasant as the prices are cheap. Healthcare personnel, of course, are welcome, pleasant, caring and supportive towards their patients. In addition, our facility in Turkey clinic is clean and sanitary, so it is appropriate to say that undergoing a cosmetic or plastic operation in Turkey is safe. Our patients always have a smile on their faces when they leave our clinic, and they all suggest us. So, without any worry or hesitation, you can visit us.

When comes to the possible ways to pay for the operation you undergo in Turkey, you may be concerned about how you will pay. Sadly, given the diversity of hospital bills, applying for financing to help pay for a plastic or cosmetic surgery in Turkey is not an option. So, the answer to the question of whether you can get a finance in Turkey for surgeries is “no”. That’s because we would like to give you an accurate estimate following a detailed evaluation of your body and the treatment that has to be done. You will be able to arrange your cosmetic or plastic surgery after the visit. To recap, if you want to get a surgery in Turkey, whether plastic or cosmetic, you must have adequate cash in your pocket or money in your bank account to cover the whole of your expenses in one go.

If you choose Turkey, you are likely to find cheap flights from various airlines no matter where you live. All in all, Turkey is a cheap country for both cosmetic and plastic surgeries. For this reason, paying the cost of the surgery at once will not be a problem for you. You will be able to get your surgery done under safe conditions and you will enjoy the beautiful country with its delicious foods, historical and modern sites, and stunning culture.

Is It Cheaper To Go To Turkey For Plastic Surgery?

Yes, it is definitely much cheaper to go to Turkey for any kind of plastic surgery! The main reason for that is the constant change in the currency rates. Turkish lira, as you may know, is losing its power in terms of monetary aspect, so, if you have $1000 in your pocket, it will be 15 times stronger when you go to Turkey. On the other hand, the life and general economy is much cheaper and affordable for the people who come from Europe. To conclude, you can be sure that you will save at least 40 to 50 % of your budget.

How much does it cost to do plastic surgery in Turkey?

Today, you can relax while simultaneously benefiting from modern European-quality clinics by traveling to Antalya, Bodrum, or any other city on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, as well as Istanbul.

The most common tourism plastic surgeries are eyelid lifts, breast implantations, hair transplants, liposuction, and abdominoplasty.

It should also be noted that the cost of cosmetic procedures in Turkey is far lower than that of the rest of Europe. Furthermore, cosmetic surgery will cost an average of $6000, with a minimum price of $3,000 and a maximum price of $100,000 or so.

To summarize, you will require one of the three currencies compared to your native country in order to get cosmetic surgery in Turkey.