Why Does Itching Occur After Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is men’s favorite aesthetics operation. Although the result is quite satisfactory after the procedure, striving for a while and doing care rituals are necessary in order to reach the desired result. Otherwise, hair transplantation does not result in the expected way. The most common finding of the hair transplantation is itching. Newly transplanted hair roots are the biggest cause of itching. In addition, crusts formed on the hair roots are also another cause of itching. If you also suffer from itching after hair transplantation, you should read this content.

What Is Itching After Hair Transplantation?

Itching is the most common symptom after hair transplantation. It is absolutely harmless. There is nothing you should worry about. Itching usually shows up in the first week after hair transplantation. Itching in the area, which is mostly caused by crusting, can also occur due to infected hair follicles or wrong product usage in some cases. Itching after hair transplantation disappears by itself within two weeks.

What Causes Itching After Hair Transplantation?

Itching, which is frequently seen after hair transplantation, results from some specific reasons. This finding, which is seen more clearly after hair transplantation performed by using the FUE technique, is at a discomforting level in some cases.

The problem of itching after hair transplantation usually goes on for 20 days. The holes opened in the scalp are quite small, but these holes are expressed as wounds in medical terminology. Itching after hair transplantation actually indicates the healing process of the holes opened in the hair roots.

If there is itching, it means that healing process is occurring. After the holes that are opened in the scalp, crusting occurs. Crusting forms a thin and hard layer on the scalp. Crusting slows down the process of the scalp’s getting air and being moisturized. Itching, which is mostly seen in the donor area can also occur in the bald areas where transplanting process is performed.

Itching after hair transplantation can be divided into several different reasons within itself. These can be listed as; crusting, growth, infection and allergy.

  • Crusting

Crusting is the most common cause of itching after hair transplantation. The tiny holes opened in the hair roots begin to close some time after the operation. This closing process occurs by crusting. Crusting becomes visible on the second day after the operation. The raw materials of crusts are dried blood and body fluids.

Crusting caused by the healing process results in itching in time. This is not something to worry about. The only important thing is never scratching the itchy area. If you scratch the area, you may cause unavoidable infections and deterioration of transplantation applied to the scalp. Therefore, you should never scratch the area that is itchy because of crusting or any other reason and wait for it to pass. This itching decreases and then passes over time.


  • Growth


Another cause of itching after hair transplantation is growth. When transplanted hair starts to grow, it may result in a serious itching. New transplanted hair begins to grow out of the scalp 1 to 2 months after the operation. That’s why, you may face itching caused by growth when you think that the itching caused by crusting is over.

The growth occurs in the donor area and itching is also located there. Itching is not very frequent there. That is to say, it is more likely to experience occasional itching rather than a constant one. Growth in the area where the hair roots are abundant takes a long period of time. Therefore, itching will also occur at regular intervals.


  • Infection


Itching arising from infection is not very common. Itching which suddenly starts and is very intense foreshadows infection. If you face with such a situation, you should immediately see your doctor. The main reasons of infection include not using the medication needed after the operation, being present in dirty and dusty environments and etc. By paying attention to such situations, you can minimize the risk of getting an infection.


  • Allergy


Allergies are frequently seen in patients who use shampoo and cosmetic hair care products without consulting a doctor. It usually occurs in people who switch to shampoo fast in hair washing. You should wait for hair follicles to heal before using cosmetic products such as shampoo and spray.

How to Wash Your Hair After Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplant is the most demanded aesthetic intervention by men. Hair transplantation, which has become very popular in Turkey, needs a few rituals after the procedure in order to give an effective result. If the client follows these caring routines, the hair will grow incredibly fast and strong. If you want to know more about hair transplantation, you can take a look at how washing is done after hair transplantation.

What Is The Washing Process After Hair Transplantation?

Washing after hair transplantation is a very important step. It is very sensitive and demanding issue. The hair must be washed in accordance with the rules, otherwise the hair washing process is not considered as a care routine. A normal washing process is carried out on average 3 to 4 days after hair transplantation. This washing process is continued until the scabs on the scalp are shed.

A special lotion given by the doctor is used and is carried out without rubbing. It will be better to get help so that you can easily wash all the hair. It will be more logical for the first washing to be performed in the hospital by doctors and nurses. Hair should be washed at least once a day for 15 days. The first washing process after hair transplantation takes an average of 30 minutes.

Why is Washing After Hair Transplantation Important?

There are some care routines for hair to grow better after the hair transplant operation. The most important of these care routines is washing after hair transplantation. Washing after hair transplantation is of great importance. If you do not wash your hair regularly and as recommended by the doctor, this can lead to serious consequences.

The first wash after hair transplantation is crucial. Hair follicles created by the operation begin to crusts. Washing will eliminate this crusting and will allow hair follicles to breathe.

If the hair washing process is not done by considering the doctor’s advice, the transplanted hair can be damaged. The first wash should be done by the doctor and should be thoroughly learned.

With regular washes after the first wash, hair follicles are strengthened, nourished and they attune to their places.

How Is Washing Process Done After Hair Transplant?

After the hair transplantation, some preparations must be made for washing. Apart from these preparations, you should learn the washing process thoroughly from your doctor.

Supplies Required for Washing After Hair Transplantation

  • Softening Lotion

The lotion should be used only after the first wash. It significantly reduces crusting on the scalp.

  • Warm Water

When washing after hair transplantation, the water temperature should be neither too hot nor too cold. Warm water is the most ideal.

  • Shampoo

After the first wash, you can switch from lotion to shampoo. It is better to use the shampoo recommended by your doctor.

  • A Soft Towel

Soft towels are necessary to dry your hair after washing. The towel should really be soft.

  • Washing Your Hair

In the washing process of the hair, hair roots are lotioned and you let the lotion sit. In the meantime, the hair roots soften. While applying the lotion, you shouldn’t rub but apply gently. Then follow the steps below.

  • Adjust water temperature to be warm.
  • Make sure the water is not pressurized.
  • Run the water over your lotioned hair roots.
  • After excess lotion is gone, pour shampoo to your hands and start applying with gentle movements.
  • Foam the shampoo in your hand and then apply it. Use gentle finger movements and make the foam reach your hair roots.
  • Then rinse the hair.
  • Repeat this process again.
  • Drying Your Hair

Drying process is started after hair washing. Hair drying can be done in two different ways. One of them is drying with a soft towel and the other is blow-drying.

  • Drying with a Soft Towel

When you are drying your hair with a soft towel, you shouldn’t rub your hair and hair roots. The towel is left on the head and gently pulled away. Then the towel is opened and lightly pressed on the head until the hair roots are dried. You can repeat these steps until excess water is gone.

  • Blow-drying

Hair dryer is very practical for drying, but there are some issues you should pay attention to. First of all, the dryer should work at the lowest level. In addition to this, the dryer should be kept at a distance of 30 cm from the hair roots. By following these steps, your scalp dries without getting damaged.

Saç Ekimi Sonrası Kaşıntı Nasıl Geçer?

Itching After Hair Transplantation

After hair transplantation, itching is one of the most disturbing thing for the person who had the operation. Unfortunately, each individual who has had this operation faces this situation. Itching after hair transplantation may have various reasons. In addition, the most common cause of itching is shedding in hair roots. The type of itching that result from shedding after hair transplantation usually ends by itself in 20 days. If the cause involves allergies, growths or infections, you can get the most accurate information about the course of itching from your doctor.

Causes of Itching After Hair Transplantation

Itching after hair transplantation can be caused by many different reasons. On the other hand, the main cause of itching is caused by shedding which happens due to the healing process of the scalp. Other reasons include the usage of shampoo, spray or such products too early, which results in allergic reaction, the hair’s growing out under the skin or the tiny holes’ in the scalp getting infected.

Itching after hair transplantation usually occurs in rare times and it is usually at a tolerable level. If you are constantly itchy after hair transplantation, this is probably because of an infection. In this case, you should never neglect to consult your doctor.

In case of itching after hair transplantation, hair roots should never be scratched. If you do so, you can face worse situations like infection, at the same time the hair root will not completely heal and hair will not grow as desired. In case of excessive itching, see your doctor as soon as possible!

How Does The Itching Stop?

Itching sensation after hair transplantation decreasingly disappears in 2 weeks on its own. If itching does not disappear, you can try to reduce itching by using some methods or you can see your doctor directly. Since itching is very common after hair transplantation, you can understand that it is a serious condition in case of excessive itching. There is no need to worry if there is an itch that can be tolerated.

There are several methods to prevent itching after hair transplantation. These methods are listed as follows:

You should never scratch your scalp. This is very important and should not be underestimated. If you cannot stand the itching and scratch the treated area, you can damage the hair follicles, which invites infection. Therefore, you should listen to the doctor’s recommendations. Although the itching that occurs after hair transplantation is usually in a size that can be tolerated, it can sometimes become excessive. If this excessive itching persists for a long time, you should not intervene until you consult with your doctor and never scratch your scalp.

In order not to face the itching after hair transplantation, you should wash your hair at the intervals recommended by your doctor. Hair washing as a mandatory care routine after hair transplantation destroys crust, which is the biggest cause of itching. For this reason, you should never disrupt your hair washing process.

You should only use shampoo and care products recommended by your doctor. Otherwise, you may have an allergic reaction to these products. Itching sensation will be minimized with the relaxing shampoos and conditioners recommended by your doctor.

If the itching sensation persists for a long time after hair transplantation, you can use creams and solutions that reduce the itching sensation. Of course, you should use these creams in consultation with your doctor. You should never buy solutions without asking your doctor.

If the itching after hair transplantation does not end with remedies like solutions, this time you can use the pills to relieve the sensation. You should not use the anti-itch pills randomly but based on your doctor’s advice. Otherwise, you may experience serious side effects.

In addition to these recommendations, there are some warnings and precautions for itching after hair transplantation. You can have a comfortable experience when you adhere to these warnings.

Warnings and precautions for itching after hair transplantation are listed as follows:

  • Never scratch the transplanted area.
  • Do not touch the itchy area. Otherwise, you will risk infection.
  • Relieve itching with washing.
  • If you accidentally remove your hair follicle with your nail, see your doctor immediately.
  • Do not apply unfamiliar shampoo and conditioner on your head.
  • Avoid heat changes as much as possible.
Saç ekiminde oluşan kabuklar ne zaman dökülür?

When Do The Scabs Fall Off After Hair Transplantation?

After hair transplantation, the shedding process is completed in 9 or 10 days. After this process, one can return to his/her daily life. Redness and pinkness, like the shedding process, heal in one week at the latest. Post-operation process is much more important than the operation process. After the procedure, strong sunrays should not get in contact with your scalp and you should avoid traumatizing events. Hair spray and jelly should not be used for at least fifteen days, especially in affected areas. Acting contrarily, will do nothing but extend the healing process of shedding and redness.

Not consuming alcohol, cigarettes, nicotine or coffee etc. within the first ten days after the operation is among the precautions. Challenging sports and body movements should not be carried out and it is also necessary to stay away from the sea, Turkish bath and sauna for two months. Heavy works, stress, sexual intercourse, sports and alcohol are prohibited in the first days after the procedure. The hygiene of the places your scalp is in contact with such as your pillowcase and regular bandage change, are factors that will benefit you in the healing process of shedding.

Natural look is the most important element in hair transplantation. As well as the technique used in hair transplantation, hair design is also an important factor that needs care and affects the post-operation process. The hair design that suits the person’s face, the direction of the hair growth and the person’s age the best should be analyzed and done accordingly.

It should be noted that the hair is designed as in the natural hair which gradually increases from the front hairline to the peak and that the hair is at the proper density according to the person’s age. Since it is a very difficult procedure to correct afterwards, it is important that the hair transplantation is done in a very correct and cautious way. Because the wrongly transplanted hair can cause a lot more trouble than the bald look and upset the person every time s/he looks at the mirror. Since nobody would like this kind of a problem, the examinations should be followed and the necessary precautions should be taken in post-operation process.

One should be very careful when shedding and redness problems last long so that these problems would not leave marks.

If the person does not have a sensitive skin, the same problem is not repeated after the process is over. When the problem of shedding and redness disappears and when your hair starts to grow, such problems do not reoccur. So, it is not a recurring problem. Therefore, the best decision is to eliminate the problem of shedding and redness by being cautious and avoiding situation that will cause marks in the post-operational process. It is a process of a week or two in total in which you should be patient for. In order to enjoy it longer afterwards, you should be conscious for just ten days. It sounds pretty short, isn’t it? You can now enjoy your hair.

Saç ekimi hangi mevsimde yapılmalı?

Which Season Is The Best For Hair Transplantation?

One of the questions that everyone who thinks about having a hair transplantation has, is “when it should be done”. Obviously, there is no special month or season as a clear answer. Twelve months of year are all suitable for hair transplant operation. Only in some months and seasonal transitions, increase or decrease in hair loss can be seen for some people. This is a situation that changes according to the hair structure of each person, so determining this before hair transplantation and deciding accordingly helps to get much healthier results.

Paying attention to the time of the operation and choosing the right time is one of the important issues. If there are people who love swimming, sunbathing and showering frequently, especially among those who think about having the operation in summer, it is better for them to change their minds. Because it is not possible to engage in activities such as swimming and sunbathing for ten days after the operation. For those who choose winter months, on the other hand, it is among suggestions to use cotton hats and caps in order to protect the transacted channels from the cold. People can be closer to the idea of having the operation in summer because of the advantage that hair grows faster in that season.

The regeneration rate of the skin also increases in summer months. However, it is generally preferred to be performed in colder seasons in our country. Hair starts to grow in three months after the operation. People can prefer winter or autumn in order to eliminate the problems that sunlight will cause, reduce the risk of redness and welcome summer with their new hair.

Cold weather seems to be more ideal for those who do not have seasonal skin problems. Hair transplantation is not a surgical procedure. It is a cosmetic and aesthetic operation. Of course, people have the right to get it done whenever they want. It is necessary to start this process by putting your anxiety away and don’t think like “It will hurt.” or “I will have a lot of pain afterwards.”

This procedure’s being performed in hospitals and by specialist doctors should not make you think that it is surgical operation. After you feel the first needle, you will feel much calmer. After eight hours from the moment the procedure starts, you become a completely different person. Hair transplantation is the operation that responds the fastest and changes your appearance most among aesthetic procedures. This is one of the facts that increases people’s motivation who thinks about having the operation and makes redness and crusting seem tolerable. The list of what to do in the first three days after the operation, includes being careful and protecting the area from the sun and water.


Saç ekimi sonrası ilk yıkama işlemi ne zaman yapılabilir?

Hair Wash After Hair Transplant

The donor parts that are bandaged for the first three days, and the newly planted hair roots that are not touched by water yet become ready for washing after the 3rd day after the procedure. It is recommended that the first washing process to be carried out by experts. You can then wash your brand new hair by yourself.

For the first washing process, special creams and shampoos are used. The processes such as foaming, rubbing and scratching in routine hair washing are among the mistakes that should be avoided for the first wash. In general, it is preferred to use nonfoaming special lotions that are specially produced for hair transplantation operations. It is recommended to be made by experts because disposing of the lotion residue is important for the cleaning the scalp and avoiding the risk of germ formation and harm to the area.

After the following washes, your hair should not be blow dried but it should dry on its own. It should be dried with a towel touching softly without rubbing or using any force especially. You should wash your hair first to get rid of the dirt collected in your hair and then your body. Thus, while washing the body, the hair we have washed before softens and washed for the second time. Softening tissues can be cleaned more easily this way.

Clots occur in the head after planting. In fact, these clots serve protective function. Washing the hair later is beneficial as it minimizes the possibility of dislocating or removing the roots. The only problem here is that microbes occurring under the clots can cause inflammation and damage the roots. When you wash your hair after planting, it is important to choose products developed for hair transplantation. The only purpose of ordinary skin moisturizers is to make the skin moisturized, as the name suggests. Moisturizing your roots requires special hair follicle moisturizer. Regular shampoo can damage the roots so you should take product suggestions from your surgeon who will wash your hair three days after hair transplantation and continue to use suggested products until the crusts and rashes are gone, that is, until the healing process is completed.


Saç ekiminden ne kadar sonra saç boyanabilir?

When Should You Dye Your Hair After Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation, which is not a surgical operation and rather a cosmetic and aesthetic process, is known for its short response time. Although the healing process varies from one to another, it takes about 3 or 4 weeks. That is, you can dye your hair to whichever color you want after getting over a period of approximately 20-25 days.

There is no need for a new or different process to be able to dye your hair. However, dying your hair is not recommended in the first weeks of hair transplantation for the hair’s growth and strengthening of the roots.

It has been determined that most of the people who has been through hair transplantation process, have been dying their hair regularly before the operation. Experts state that those who dye their hair at regular intervals should do it at least a few days before hair transplantation. This is because hair dye colors and contacts with the scalp along with the hair. As the scalp also gets color and it becomes hard to determine where to make the cut, precautions are taken. They need to be more careful during the procedure.

If you have had hair transplantation done or if you think about having this procedure done, waiting for an average of 3 months, which is seen as the healthiest time, to dye your hair after the procedure is recommended in order to prevent any problems. As the hair starts to grow form the 6th month onwards, you will notice that your new transplanted hair will grow faster than the previous months. Also, keep in mind that the good effects of hair transplantation may decrease for people who dye their hair regularly. Nonetheless, the newly transferred hair is stronger than others and they are less affected by the dying process. Hair color differences may occur when the hair is dyed until six months after the operation. For this reason, it will be more appropriate to wait at least 3 months before dying your hair after hair transplantation.

This is related to whether new roots will thrive or not and how much time it will take for the hair follicles to grow. Although it is said that it can be done in 2 weeks in terms of health, there is no need to rush in order for the operation to be beneficial and for the reason that it will affect the improvement of the roots.

First of all, since the hair roots transferred after hair transplantation are quite sensitive, the hair’s exposure to chemical products such as detanglers or dyes can be harmful. This is a process in which your patience is really important. You are recommended to wait for at least 4 weeks before applying any chemicals to your hair. Because chemicals and dyes can damage hair roots. It will be better to be a little patient so that you can use your beautiful hair with whichever beautiful color you want.

Turkey for Hair Transplant

Nowadays, many people has problem with baldness and also many people are looking for the medical solution of baldness. Hair transplant method is rising all over the world but it’s hard to find cheap and high quality hair transplant clinic. It seems like basic surgery operation but in any case well-qualified operator doctors should perform its medical surgery. If clinic doctors are not good at their job it can be dangerous and operation can be unsuccessful. Every surgeon needs to get sterilized certificate from Turkish government. Turkey for hair transplant is logical choice because of good clinic conditions and cheaper prices.

Turkey giving big opportunity to men to find good hair transplant clinic. If we compare with European or American hair transplant surgery cost with Turkey surgery is approximately %50 cheaper. Also, majority of those clinics certified by international medical associations and İnternational Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). Approximately, 37 million tourists visit Turkey; about 270,000 of them come for surgical procedures, this data shows how reliable Turkey for hair transplant. Every year Turkey entertain a hundred of thousands guest who choose Turkey for hair transplantation operations. Also, there are many options to find right clinic in metropolises of Turkey.


Surgeon Quality

Many well-educated doctor has their own clinic, which put into service on the purpose of help people who has problem with baldness. It is a big sector in Turkey when people purchased this services. Many clinic pockets do not contain only operation, taking care of visa process and include welcome service in airport also transportation to their hotel and sightseeing tour can be included. Turkey has become first choice for patients who seeking hair transplant surgeries. Abundance of clinics and experienced surgeons of Turkey for hair transplant provides people to flexibility in order to choose right clinic. In recent years amount of Turkish medical equipment manufacturing has risen, this allows the clinics to have access to the newest equipment. Those important factors are give rise to increase amount of people who came Turkey for hair transplant surgery.

Initially, we should understand why people are choosing Turkey for hair transplant. Loosing hair can lead lack of self-confidence for men. Men can feel ugly or deficient because of baldness problem. It can affect psychologically his whole life. Due to those problems, men doesn’t want suffer from baldness anymore and best way to get rid of it having hair transplant operation. One of the other reasons why people choose Turkey for hair transplant is economical. People can find more affordable prices in Turkey than any other European countries. Because of amount of certificated clinics, people are doesn’t have to wait for months. There are plenty of high-quality and JCI-accredited clinics. Clinics are reliable and well equipped for this operation. Surgeons are expert on Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE) method which has minimal pain during the operation. People can also check from the catalogue previous practices final situation. After operation, recovery process takes a time but resting in clinic is not need. Because of that, this time can be named as a vacation during the recovery process. People has a change to discover all of those beautiful cities and historical places. All those reasons make Turkey better option for hair transplant.


General Conditions in the World

According to a 2014 statistic by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery approximately 35 million men in the United States suffer from hair loss and also approximately 21 million women are affected by hair loss. This statistic shows just in United States 56 million people suffering from loosing hair problems. Loosing hair one of the most common health problem in the world. Modern hair transplants began in 1939, with a process developed by a Japanese dermatologist, Doctor Okuda. The world spends $ 3.5 billion every year in order to fight with baldness. Turkey has one of the largest hair transplant industry (1 billion dollars per year). There are more than 600 certified ISHRS (International Society of hair Restoration Surgeons) physician member clinics just in Istanbul. This statistic shows how much important Turkey for hair transplant industry. Every year 270.000 patient from all over the world visits Turkey for hair transplant. There is two main reason for this amount of people visit Turkey. One of them is cheaper cost of surgery. If we compare with United States or United Kingdom hair transplant surgery in Turkey is approximately %50 cheaper. Many people choosing Turkey for hair transplant surgery. One of the other main reason is surgeons because of the amount of surgeons had more change to increased their experience. Also, amount of Turkish medical equipment manufacturing has risen while hair transplant industry is increasing. This correlation give change for surgeon to use newest medical equipment. This increased the confidence of patients who coming Turkey for hair transplant surgery.

Price of Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is one of the most common surgical and cosmetic operations nowadays. Especially for men, but also women suffer from baldness or partly hair loss consider this operation as a kind of miracle in order to have their original appearance. The hair transplantation is demanded so much. There are founding so many special clinics all around the world that make this operation constantly. People are curious about hair transplantation. One of the most wondered questions is related with the price of hair transplant. It is because there are so many variables then there is no easy answer to this question.


Factors Based on Price of Hair Transplant

The whole process of price of a hair transplant consist of some variables. There is no exact price that we can underline because of those factors. However, rough estimates show that it is in between 4,000 dollars and 15,000 dollars. One of the first factors is the skill and expertness of the surgeon. Hair transplantation is held by special clinics and the surgeons. If the surgeon is so good and well known then the prices go higher and on the other hand if the surgeon is a callow then the prices go lesser.

Surgery and Travel

Generally people take this operation as a kind of travel opportunity simultaneously because of many reasons. People tend to spend their recovery time, which is necessary after surgery, by travelling especially away from their home. Because the appearance of the patient after surgery is not looking good and people do want to be seen by his friends and relatives that is why hair transplantation is also a form of tourism. The price of a hair transplant covers also the travel expenses as well. It is because travel expenses can be so changeable according to the life standards of the patient that is why the price of the whole process is a wide range of money.

As we told, there are so many variables for price of a hair transplant but it is important to remember that this is a surgical operation at the end of the day. Lower price expectations can be turned out badly. There are several examples of falling apart of removal hair because wrong operations held by inexperienced surgeons. Both the technical and the technological adequacy of the equipment are important factors to have the expected good results .



Is Hair Transplant Safe?

As getting as hair transplant more common, there are so many questions rising regarding this surgery and one of the most asked question is that is hair transplant safe. We can clearly say that it is a safe surgical operation if a professional surgeon conducts it properly. It is because it is getting more and more popular every day. Then the number of clinics that give hair transplantation services increasing. As a natural conclusion of this situation, there are some unproper places which makes this operation not safe but dangerous. That is why it is important to take these services from a right place.


Finding a Right Place

If someone thinks to undergo a hair transplant operation. The patient has concerns about is hair transplant safe. The best way to decide is that first making a good research on the topic and secondly finding a secure clinic in order to arrange everything for the patient. Generally, hair transplant operation is considered as a form of health tourism. It is conducted away from the patient’s home because of many reasons. Primarily, an economical advantage of some countries such as Turkey makes it a good choice for hair transplantation. Secondly, it is because the recovery period takes sometimes to get rest people generally tend to spend this time by traveling.


Professionalism Is The Key

As it is told above, if a person who suffers from hair loss thinks to undergo a hair transplantation surgery. The patient has concerns about is hair transplant safe. You should search a good clinic in order to find a professional surgeon. The number of unprofessional inexperienced surgeons are fabulously high and the patient number who cannot get the expected results is dramatically increasing.

Whenever a patient hesitates about is hair transplant safe at that clinic the best choice is to delay until finding a good place. Actually a proper clinic and a good surgeon gives confidence at the moment to the patient but hesitation should not be ignored and patient should wait for the true place. Hair transplantation is a complicated medical process which is conducted just one time. If the expected results cannot be gain then it is going to be really hard to make it second time so people who think to do it should be very careful.


Is Hair Transplant Haram?

Hair transplant turns to be a common method for bald people, especially for men, recently. Bald appearance makes feel people so bad and a kind of deficient. Especially at the beginning of the hair loss, people have started to think that they are getting old and feel miserable against other people especially against women. However, it is not that much a big deal anymore thanks to common surgical operation of hair transplant. On the other hand, especially Muslim people consider its religious aspect too. Is hair transplant haram that is one of the most wondered questions about transplantation?


Fatwa on the topic

According to religious authorities, there are several different opinions about the question of is hair transplant haram? According to one mufti, namely Sheikh Ahmad Kutty who is a senior lecturer and Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, if the operation held by patient’s own natural hair then it is permissible but it is haram if hair is removed from another people. In this way people damage their natural look that is given by Allah and that is why it is actually haram. However, people’s own hair is permissible because it is just an operation of changing place.


Different Opinions

General religious opinions about the question that is hair transplant haram that takes their ground from the hadith of prophet which claims “Allah curses women who patch up (their natural) hair with another patch of hair or women who receive such work!’’ This hadith makes the topic clear for many of believers but historically speaking there are alternative attitudes as well. Accordingly to the religious sect that the believer get his daily life in order haram and halal can be changeable sometimes.

Summarily, Is hair transplant haram? A general answer is no if it is people’s own hair but it is haram if the hair is taken from another people. However, according to some sects of Islam, it is totally haram. That is why if someone considers the religious aspect of this operation the best way to decide is to search Quran and tries to understand how it can be haram and why it is haram. If they can succeed to understand the real aspect then they can decide based on their own belief but if they are still hesitant then they can ask to their own religious authority.

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost

The most of the people who thinks to get hair transplant do not know enough how the process works and how much does hair transplant cost. First of all, we should be clear that hair transplant process has a complex time period in which it consists of many factors. For example, surgically there are two types of hair transplant operation which are follicular unit transplantation ( FUT) and follicular unit extraction ( FUE). Each of them have different costs and in order to decide which type of operation you are going to undertake should be determined by your doctor. That is why it is not easy to say a certain price for how much does hair transplant cost. However, approximately the prices are in between 4.000 dollars and 15,000 dollars. These prices are generally for all out of pocket. Also, clinics can arrange the whole process of hair transplant process and cost changes according to the pocket.


A Healthy Vacation

Most of the time people prefer to have this operation in vacation because they generally want to disappear for a while and then show up with their new hair and style. That is why the treatment costs generally includes travel costs as well. It is because people’s expectations differ accordingly to their travel standards how much does hair transplant cost depends on travel costs strongly.

Beyond operation type and travel costs, it is also important how much hair follicle you need to transplant. The prices of operation itself are mostly related with the number of hair follicle you are going to transplant. Even though you can decide the number you want to transplant if your bald spot is big, the prices go higher. If you want to make it less invisible, you can choose less number of follicles and therefore prices go lower.


Call now

Another important factor that determines how much does hair transplant cost is the skill level of the surgeon. It is because this operation is mostly done at special clinics surgeons themselves decide their own prices. If the surgeon who you want to make the operation is so experienced and qualified then the price will be higher than the others. To sum up, cost of hair transplantation depends on many factors and according to your clinic which is going to arrange you a full pocket of services the costs will be wide-ranging.


Hair Transplant

Hair loss is one of the most common health problems worldwide. Millions of people around the world face hair loss problems. There are many causes that can lead to baldness apart from genetic transmission: Hormone levels, various health problems, moisture, sunlight, nutritional habits, and above all, stress are the major causes of hair loss. This health problem may cause the person to lose self-confidence and see themselves as incomplete. However, hair transplant treatments that have been used for a long time help people to face with the problem and solve it. People are suffering with baldness for a long time. The first proven plantation in 1822 was carried out by a German medical student and his teacher. The first method used was not hair transplantation, but only by replacing the hair follicles in the scalp. This method was painful and inadequate because medical technology was not yet developed enough. So, it was not a very common and frequently used method until the early 1900s. The Japanese dermatologist doctor Okuda developed modern hair transplantation in 1939.


Hair Transplant as a form of Holiday

Modern hair transplant methods are almost painless. These methods can be applied in a short time and people can continue their daily life without having to stay in clinics after the operation. Today, baldness is not an important problem for human life thanks to hair transplantation methods. In many countries of the world there are clinics specially opened for hair transplantation. The cost of this surgical procedure depends on the free market economy; the demand varies according to the number of clinics, the quality of medical equipment and the expertise of the physician. Pricing in states such as the United States and the United Kingdom ranges from $ 7000 to $ 25000 dollars but the price that hair transplant surgery become more intense and more clinical in countries such as Turkey, which ranges from $ 1500 to $ 7000. It changes as cheaper and high quality hair transplantation surgery made Turkey center of attraction. People from other countries who suffering with loosing hair see hair transplantation not only as a health tourism but also as a holiday opportunity. Some companies sell hair transplantation as a package. This package includes flight tickets, hotel reservations, airport pick-up, and city transport and city tours. In hair transplantation process, while having a new outlook, it also gives the opportunity to meet new cultures and taste the feeling of being a part of cultural tourism.


Post-Operational Process

People who have had hair transplantation operations become more confident and more self-conscious in social areas. Hair transplantation gives people the appearance they want, making them happier. These operations are painless and the recovery process is shorter because of more and more people use hair transplantation treatment in order to do not suffer from baldness anymore. In previous years, many people did not know the treatment process because of that they were afraid to try this way, but with each passing day hair transplantation is becoming widespread. Baldness is no longer a health problem with rising number of hair transplantation. Clinics reduces the prices of this operation and hair transplantation becomes affordable to people of all of economic levels. The fact that some health insurance companies pay for the hair transplantation operation.

Great Economical Opportunities

In substance baldness, which we think does not have a solution many years ago, is now a problem that can be solved for many people with developing medical technology. Today, many doctors are specialized in hair transplantation and have the opportunity to use high-tech medical equipment for healthier and safer hair transplantation. The hair transplant operation, which also serves as a psychological treatment for people who feel unhappy and ill due to their appearance, helps us to create a happier and more social society in many ways. With affordable prices and developing technology, hair transplantation has become accessible to everyone. At the same time, thanks to package campaigns offered by clinics. Hair transplantation is no longer a boring health tourism its big part of culture tourism. It has become a great economic opportunity for countries, which develop themselves in hair transplantation. This opportunity is not only limited to the acceptance of patients coming from abroad, but also it is a great economic opportunity to export high-tech healthcare equipment. Finally, although hair transplantation seems to be a simple medical operation, we should be very careful when choosing clinics and do a good research. Non-specialist doctors may make this operation unsuccessful or cause greater health problems.

Hair Transplant without Shaving

As surgical operation becoming most common day by day, the number of people who think to undergo hair transplant is increasing and obviously the number of questions regarding this operation is increasing as well. One of the most common questions is whether it is possible to undergo hair transplant without shaving or not. The concern related with shaving the head is mostly related with the patient’s refrain from people’s attitude towards hair transplantation because of sense of shame. That is why people always asking that is it possible not to shave the head for hair transplantation.


Unshaved Transplantation

It can be said that hair transplant without shaving is possible transparently. However, it is not that much an easy operation. It requires some special skills and technical adequacy that every clinic do not have it. That is why a patient who thinks to undergo to a hair transplant operation should be careful while choosing the right clinic and surgeon. There are so many bad examples of patient who are told that they are not going to be shaved for the operation but after then, the surgeon persuade the patient in some way or another to shave the whole head because the surgeon does not able to make unshaved operation.


Techniques That Do Not Require A Full Shave

As it is told above hair transplant without shaving is possible. A partial shaving is the most common way in this technique that does not require a full shave. There are two sides of an ordinary hair transplantation. The donor site which surgeon takes healthy hair follicle and recipient site where the baldness occurs and the hair follicles will be transplanted. Generally, the donor site is shaved for the operation but by means of this special unshaved operation, the donor site can be not fully shaved or shaved just a little bit.

It is important to remember when a patient plans to undergo a hair transplant without shaving: he/she should be examined by a good physician. After the examination it should be determined whether the patient is proper for an unshaved operation or not. The classical method requires a full shaved head and not every surgeon is capable to do unshaved operations even they claim they can do.

Hair Transplant Stages

Hair transplant is one of the most common surgical operations for several years. According to the numbers of world health organizations, the number of people who undergo hair transplant operation is around 400,000 in 2014. This number is increasing every year. Especially men, but also women, who suffer from baldness, consider this operation as a way out for their bad feelings because of their bald spot on their head. Specifically, looking good and feeling confident are the most direct reasons of people who take this operation. There are several hair transplant stages throughout the process. In this article, we are going to examine the stages roughly.


Previous Period in Hair Transplant Stages

People who are planning to undergo hair transplant operation have so many questions. The deciding period is the most complicated one. Especially if the person is unclear about to undergo to this operation. Both economical and health sides make this decision hard to take. If the patient truly suffers from the baldness and it is too late to recover bald spot with medical ways, then the best choice is to undergo this operation. However, patient should be informed about the whole process in which it totally takes several months and may be a year.

Operational process is the most painful part of the hair transplant stages. The necessary number of hair follicles is removed from the donor site and transplant into recipient site by a proper surgeon with the suitable technique that changes according to the special state of the patient. Most of the operations concluded well but sometimes it can be went wrong and transplanted hairs would be falling apart in the worst scenario. If everything went good and operational stage conducted well then the recovery stage ,which is hard as operational stage as, starts and patient should give it time for full recovery.


Recovery Period

The longest part of hair transplant stages is the recovery period. There may be some infections and so many swelling. Generally, it takes some weeks and people generally spend this time away from their home not to be seen by any relatives and friends. After this stages, swelling and infections get lost. However, the total regrowth of the new hair requires several month more.


Hair Transplant İstanbul

Baldness is no more a problem by Hair Transplant İstanbul. Hair transplant was always been a problem both physically and psychologically especially for men who have hair loss. Many men experience so many handicaps because of baldness. That makes men feel like old and ugly. Having something and then losing it is a traumatic process. However, it is no more a real problem thanks to Hair Transplant.


Simple Operation Perfect Vacation

This simple surgical operation allows people to have hair again and feel themselves recovered. That is why hair transplant İstanbul is a very good option for people who suffer from hair loss and their bald spot. There are many places on earth where you can take this surgical operation but especially hair transplant Istanbul is one of the best choices because of many reasons.


İstanbul Awaits You

First of all, there are so many very well qualified operator doctors in İstanbul whom educations are proper and technical experiences are quite satisfied. Moreover, most of them have their own clinic where they can arrange their own schedule freely. That is why hair transplant services are so accessible in this great city. Secondly, economical expectations are quite reasonable in contrast with European countries and America.

Even though the quality of services are equal, hair transplant Istanbul is much more affordable which makes it is a good option. Because of this surgical trend is so common, there are so many doctors who give this service. So, free market makes the quality of services better and the prices lower. Another reason which makes Istanbul is a good choose is the city. It is needed to have some recovery time after operation. The most of the people see this process as a kind of vacation and hair transplant is a sort of health tourism issue.


Why you have to come?

Istanbul is one of the most popular destinations for many tourists. In order to see this great city and discover its real beauty, people should spent some time in İstanbul. Otherwise, many people cannot feel the vacation for a very short time, which they spend so much effort to see of it, as much as possible. After hair transplant Istanbul you can spend your whole recovery time by walking around the city for enough time. In order to make use of this opportunity, you can search and book whenever you want. Hair Transplant İstanbul clinics waiting for you!

Hair Transplant for Women

Hair transplant is not a rooted treatment in esthetic surgery. It is quite new but it turns to be one of the most common surgical and partly cosmetic operation for people. It is really common among men but also among women as well. Moreover, we can say that the variety for hair transplant for women is higher than men. Many women consider hair transplantation as a kind of cosmetic opportunity and they give a chance to make their hair more beautiful.

The hair transplant for women is related with having more volume in hair. Women uses this surgical operation not as much as men do but very seldom. However, it should be remembered that hair transplant does not affect the volume of hair because it is a process of moving hair from one place to another. That is why women should be aware the fact that her volume is not going to change if woman candidates wants to have higher volume of hair.

What is the Difference between Hair Transplant for Women and Men?

Unlike men, women hair loss bases on different reasons. Male pattern baldness generally bases on called didhydrotestesterone (DHT) which is actually does not affect the donor follicles in areas can be moveable. However, those areas are affected by DHT in women patterns. That means follicles that transplanted from those areas are going to fall out. That is why hair transplant for women requires much more attention than the male patterns.

Women baldness is also different from men baldness with respect to its place on the head. Generally, men baldness occurs at the frontal hairline but women can keep their frontal line stable. Women baldness, if happens, generally occurs at the top and the back. It is because hair loss is sometimes due to hormonal differences and sometimes nonhormonal reasons. It is especially important for women to understand the reason of their hair loss. That is why the profession of the surgeon who is going to make the operation is also important.


Call your doctor now

Hair transplant for women may require a special surgeon who experienced transplantation mostly with women. These surgeons can make proper hair transplant for women especially. Women who thinks hair transplant should consider the issue more deeply can also understand the reasons of hair loss.




Hair Transplant for Men

Hair loss is a total nightmare for many men. Especially, people start to suffer from the fact they are losing something which they do not consider enough up to now. Losing hair is confidential sign that you are getting old and start to lose. However, the fact that it should not be a nightmare anymore because hair transplant for men is really easy and accessible surgical operation. It can be done everywhere around the world and after the operation most of the candidates are satisfied both physically and psychologically.


What is Hair Transplant for Men

The thing is that there are so many bad surgeons and unproper devices to turn this easy operation to a real disaster for patients even though it is an easy operation by means of technological developments. That is why people who think to get hair transplant should consider deeply. Price is a good sign of the true choice for the most of the time but it is not always the only sign because there so many people who are trying to focus on just profit making instead of making a good operation for their patient.

Ordinary prices are between 3,000 and 4,000 dollars of this surgical operation but of course there are so many varieties of costs accordingly to the whole process of transplantation.


Recovering Easily

The hair transplantation is an easy surgery but it is still a surgery. If there are other pre-surgical ways to strengthen hair or stop the hair loss these treatment should done before the surgery. A good practitioner of hair transplantation generally informs his patient beforehand and educates to understand whether they are really want this operation or not? If the surgery is the only way to solve the problem then the operation can be done and patient can have his hair again.

There are basically two types of hair transplant for men. Which type is more proper for the patient should be decided by a good surgeon. If the transplantation way is chosen wrong then the new hair follicle shall be falling apart and all the effort and money of the patient will be lost. That is why a deep research on the issue and a good clinic are the best way for hair transplant for men and women as well.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Hair transplantation, as a relatively new medical miracle for bald people to get rid of their baldness and psychologically deficiency feelings, becomes more and more popular every day. The number of people who thinks to undergo this easy medical surgery is increasing. Hair transplant operations consist of some ingredients and of course one of the most important parts is its cost. Except from its surgery quality and the success of the operation, the price of these operations is the most wondered part. In this article we will try to show prices especially hair transplant cost in Turkey where it is among the most popular destinations in the world. Thousands of people come to Turkey both to travel and getting hair transplant operation every year.

Turkey has a mixed kind of medical system that both state and private services are offered. There are so many good and well-experienced doctors in Turkey. The surgeons work with state and for special clinics. Specialization on their area in medicine is highly strong. The most of the successors in their area open their own clinics to give people good services for every kind of medical demands.


Hair transplant Clinics in Turkey

The popularity of hair transplant operations in Turkey is especially subject to the number of special clinics that give these services in Turkey. Actually, that is the reason why hair transplant costs in Turkey are low with comparing to the European countries and the United States of America. Amongst the Turkish doctors and surgeons, it has become very popular recently to make hair transplant operations. The doctors have the chance of educating themselves because of the intense traffic in this very special area. This trend leads to a huge economical income for many people and industry as well. Competitive equilibrium of free market economy made the price settings. Therefore, the hair transplant cost in Turkey became very low and affordable for many people both domestic and international.

Moreover, people see hair transplant operations as a kind of holiday opportunity away from their homeland. These surgeries also create a touristic income opportunity and travel agencies take these operations very seriously. Frequently, the price settings are arranged by travel agencies including plane tickets, welcome services, hotel reservations and surgery expenses. That is why the prices are not stabile and requires a good research for the people who thinks to get buy a pocket of services.


Good Services Worth It

In a capitalist economy model, free market economy and the competitive rage allow people to get good services for a good price. However, bad services are still existing for an unworthy prices sometimes. That is why a customer should be careful while trying to find best services. There may be swindlers and swindling all around the world, and also in Turkey. So, people who searches the hair transplant cost in Turkey should be very careful. There are so many good agencies which proved themself with their previous operations. Also, they have so many good customer feedbacks. People should consult to those agencies in order to have a good service that worth to the money people pay for it.

If we speak of specifically hair transplant operations, the conclusion cannot be as we expected because of bad operations. There may be some occasions that planted hair follicles would be fallen out and all the money that we pay for it is just became ashes. In order to avoid these type of occasions, people should deny very low prices especially too different from average hair transplant cost in Turkey.


Average Costs of Hair Transplantation

As it is told above, hair transplant operations are consisting of many ingredients and average costs are so flexible related with travel expenses. It is because people’s expectation of travel is so different. So, it is hard to determine a stabile cost for the whole process. However average hair transplant cost in Turkey just for the surgical operation is in between 3,000 Turkish liras and 15,000 Turkish liras. Of Course, these prices are variable in accordance with the method that is used by the surgeon. There are several different types of hair transplantation and the most common and cheapest one is the FUE method whereas the most expensive one is robotic hair transplantation.

Moreover, the prices determination is also related with the graft numbers that are the hair follicles. If the bald spot is wide and the necessary numbers of follicles are high then the prices will go higher. Otherwise, it is going to be lower. By means of these average prices people can think about the topic but the best way to decide which place is better to undergo for this operation is to consult a proven and legal clinic.


Is hair transplant worth it?

Especially men always consider hair loss as a kind of deficiency that they have lost something intrinsically belongs to them. They feel very bad about their baldness. Both the physical and psychological effects of hair loss lead to unwanted conditions. Therefore the question asking hair transplant worth it turns to be a kind of meaningless question. Since the physical and psychological effects of hair loss subjective, the worth of hair transplantation is also has a subjective measure. It changes according to the person. That is why we are going to deal with this question in a subjective manner because there is no any objective answer to cover it.


Physical Effects


According to physicist, there are several different reasons of hair loss. The most of these reasons are not dangerous for the patient’s health. Of course, there may be some dangerous reasons but the ordinary reasons of hair loss is not a condition of any concern. That is why it can actually be said that the question of are hair transplant worth it is a personal question. The main reason for a bald person who undergoes hair transplant operation is related with his/her appearance.


Psychological Effects


Hair loss and baldness may have some psychological effects on the patient’s mental health. The hair transplant turns to be kind of more problematic. If the patient’s look has some serious effects on the psychology of the patient then the answer to the question of is hair transplant worth it is yes. Since our appearance is a part of our mental health, the things that we do not like about ourselves affect our mental health badly. So, the hair transplant worth it.


Summarily, the answer to the question are hair transplant worth it is yes. However, in some conditions if the patient is not uncomfortable with his/her condition then there is no reason to undergo a surgery. At the end, being convenient with himself is the best condition for every person. Our natural look is the best look if there is no any other extra condition. In these circumstances, it can also be said that hair transplant does not worth it for unnecessary reasons.

Hair Transplant 2016

What Is New In Hair Transplant 2016?

An Insight Into New Technologies For Hair Transplant 2016

Though extremely common, hair loss is a horrifying disorder. It can sabotage a person’s confidence and aggravate feelings of depression. About 40 percent of women and 70 percent of men go through some degree of hair loss or hair thinning as they age. Although several treatments and products presently exist to fight back against this issue, but all of them do not work well when trying to boost hair growth. However, scientists have found new ways to grow hair that may lead to better treatments for hair loss. Hair transplantation is a permanent and effective solution for both women and men who suffer from untimely hair loss. While treatments are available, patients are looking forward to a scientific breakthrough in hair transplant 2016 that will ultimately herald a permanent end to hair loss. Luckily, there have been a plethora of scientific developments in this field recently, and these innovations can certainly cure the problem in the coming years.

Check Advices Before Deciding A Hair Transplant In Turkey By Dr. Yetkin BAYER

Scientists from Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute, California, have found a way to create new hair using the Pluripotent stem cells. According to them, they are one step closer to this new treatment for the hair loss condition. In a latest research, Alexey Terskikh, associate professor at Sanford Burnham and his colleagues revealed how effectively they grew hair using hPSCs (human pluripotent stem cells)- that is cells derived from human fetal tissue or human embryos that can become some other type of cell in the body. According to them, this new technique has the potential to be much more effective than present hair transplant methods. They have developed a technique that helps hPSCs to convert into derma papilla cells, that are responsible for balancing the hair growth cycle, and the formation of hair follicles.

The science of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) has also advanced immensely. More efficient and new methods of FUE hair transplant have skyrocketed in popularity. One of the most effective and cutting edge procedures include the technique of extracting hear from the patient’s beard to the scalp by Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration. This is an exciting option for people in advanced stages of hair loss, and who also suffer from poor quality or limited supply of hair. According to Dr. Parsa Mohebi, facial hair remain in the growth phase longer, and enter the resting phase for a shorter period of time as compared to hair from other parts of the body. This implies that the transplanted facial hair will have a growing follicle for a longer duration of time. And as a result, it will create a longer hair shaft for more and better volume.

A recent scientific research has recognized PRP therapy as a proactive therapeutic procedure for female and male patients experiencing hair loss. This is a non surgical method for people who require stimulation of hair growth for their hair loss conditions. As a result of all these scientific studies and research, PRP is considered as a natural autologous hair medical procedure performed for scalp, hair and skin stimulation. The therapy is performed by spinning down the blood in a centrifuge, and separating PRP and removing it from the rest of the blood. For this, Healeon’s medical system is used, which is a closed sterile system. The system knocks out granulocytes that hurt wound healing and tissue regeneration. Later, anaesthesia is given to the scalp nerves so that the patient does not feel any pain. The hair is then washed, and no further medication or sedation is given.

Another recent study recognized a molecule known as, laminins 511 that signals hair follicles to begin the growing cycle. This protein acts like a messenger moving beneath the inner layer of the skin to kick start the hair growing process. Researchers also believe that these findings may one day be the best solution to make pattern baldness. Scientists conducted this study on mice, and the protein was successful in generating the hair growth cycle. Researchers also believe that laminins 511 will certainly work to make hair grow for humans as well.

Dr. Carlos Wesley, a hair restoration surgeon in Manhattan has developed a machine known as, Piloscope. This machine is capable of extracting patient’s hair follicles from beneath their scalp instead of punching holes in their scalp. Dr. Wesley does this by making a small incision on the back of the head, and inserting the arm of his Piloscope into the incision in order to extract hair follicles. As compared to the FUE procedure, the scalp looks untouched with just an extremely small incision that can be covered up by hair.

Robotic Hair transplantation is another greatest accomplishment in the field of hair transplant. This system will be used to achieve higher efficiency and perfection, in order to provide spectacular results. The system will able to reproduce exact angle, consistency, and penetration depth to give excellent grafts. The robotic machine will remove hair grafts for harvesting one by one, and will also be able to implant them.

So, whether hair loss is a result of any illness, trauma, hair damage, genetic form of balding or aging, the good news is that there are a variety of medical hair transplant 2016 procedures available that can certainly help!

Beard Hair Transplants

Understanding The Technicalities Of Beard Transplant In Turkey

We are today living in a world where looks do matter. Face defines looks both for men. Having a beard is considered to be a symbol of manhood. Hence modern men do not mind going in for beard transplantation. There are thousands of men opting for bread transplantation and the number of cases of FUE Beard Transplant is increasing quite significantly. There are different types of beard transplantation and FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is considered to be one of the most popular. The main purpose of such transplantation is to increase the fullness and density of the beards. It is especially very useful for all those who facial hair that is sparse. Further those who have scars in the face would like to cover it up. In such cases beard transplantation can be very useful. For many it could be the only solution to enhance their looks and appearances.

It Is A Highly Special Procedure

Beard transplantation is the same as moustache, sideburn, goatee and eyebrow transplantations. They are highly complex and difficult procedures and the role of the surgeons plays a very important role. In any city it is not common to find these surgeons at each street end. Therefore finding the right surgeon is of paramount importance. At times even the best of surgeons may not be able to do the best possible job because of some inherent problems. These could include lack of the right quality or quantity of hair which could be transplanted and wrong procedures at times. It would be not out of place to mention here that around 5 to 7% of beard transplantations are not completely successful. However, the failure is much less when it is handled by professional surgeons who have the required experience and expertise.

How Does FUE Bear Transplant Procedure Work


FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the most commonly used technologies for hair transplants. It is now being very commonly used for Beard, Sideburn and Goatee transplants. It is very much in demand because it is minimally invasive and the need to put the patient under the knife is reduced to the basic minimum. The procedure, however, is long drawn and could take anything between three to nine hours. The time taken could depend on the area that is being covered and the quantity of hair which would be required for the purpose. A full beard transplant might require around 4,000 hairs while a goatee transplant could be completed with around 1,500 hairs.


How is The Procedure Done?


Identifying the right beard transplant Turkey service provider is very important because the procedure is quite complex. The process involves locating what is referred to as a stable area which could be located on the back or the side of the head. This area is used as the area of the donor whether it is for beard, sideburns or moustache. For beard transplant finer hair is required because it is needed in both sides of the face. In many cases hair from the chest and other parts of the body is used if the donor is bald. Hair from the legs, thighs and other parts of the body are also commonly used.


However, in most cases a beard transplant is a same-day procedure. In other words the customers can walk in during the day and in most cases can walk out by the end of the day or perhaps within 4 to 5 hours. As soon as the donor are is found out, the job of the surgeon is to take out each hair follicle (one at a time). This is done using what is referred to as punch technology. This helps to cut the area around and in the follicle. The right tools are required and its size will depend on various factors. The punch will be small if the hair is very fine. The process is done quite discreetly and under the microscope and will be unnoticeable to the normal human eye.


Use Of Local Anesthesia


Once the above process is completed, the surgeons go in for local anesthetics. These are applied to in the areas where the hair transplant has to be done. The process of implanting of extracted hair has to be done very carefully and it calls for lot of skill and attention. It is done by implanting one follicle at one time. Implanting it in the right angle is very important so that the right kind of density can be ensured. Angle will also determine how natural the beard looks once it starts growing.


How The End Result Will Look

If proper beard transplantation is done using the right FUE or other technology there is no doubt that the beard will look very natural. The results will be there for all to see immediately the procedure has been gone through. The full results however, might take a few months and this is the norm for all FUE beard transplants.


Are There Any Significant Risks


Though there is little risk with such beard transplants, especially if it is done by qualified and experienced beard transplant Turkey specialists, the technique used might at times cause some problems. There is something known as donor scarring especially in cases of FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation. This technique is also known as Strip. Pigmentation could also occur in some cases but usually they are treatable and reversible.




. It would vary on various factors like the area to be covered, the density of the beard, the time taken and other such factors. However, in most cases even the simplest form of beard transplantation should cost nothing less than $1,500. Hence it has to be planned well in advance and there also would be recurring costs for follow up visits and also for making some changes should they be required.




At the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that while beard transplantation is very much in vogue and even necessary for many, identifying the right surgeon and the right process is very important. This would require going through the right due diligence process and spending some quality time on the internet.

When is the suitable time for doing hair transplant operation?

If you are reading this, you must be one of the millions who suffer from hair thinning or hair loss problems, and you must be asking in what stage of your life doing a hair transplant operation is logical? And how is it going affect your social life?
We must concentrate on an important point which is the fact that doing the hair transplant operation is not something temporary. Hair transplant operations are permanent solutions for hair loss, and it must result a natural hair appearance for the patient. Even experts should not discover that he has gone under operation, and he should enjoy these results for years and years. Doing the operation must give you the chance to get your hair back without being worried about any bad or strange effects or about the temporary reforms related to medicine solutions used for hair falling problems.
Hair transplant operation is done by the principle of re-putting the hair of the patient in the area of less hair density or the bald area in a way that does not allow anybody to distinguish between the original hair and the transplanted hair. Since hair is transplanted in one area, it stays there and grows in the same direction of the rest of our hair. Hair transplant operations may be relatively simple, but it is one of the operations that needs skill and artistic techniques which only exist in skillful and good-trained doctors. He must have practical experience and is able to apply these skills in hair transplant operation. As we mentioned earlier, in hair transplant operations follicles are eradicated from the giving area of the scalp and transplanted carefully in the receiving areas. The transplanted hair simulates the patterns of natural hair growth. The last point is very important because it is the border line between good and bad hair transplant operations. Because of OSL technique which is invented by Dr. Yetkin Bayer, your transplanted hair will grow in similar patterns to your hair growth and it will be suitable to your facial features. Consequently you will get natural results where it is impossible to distinguish between the original hair and the transplanted one.
You can take a look on some common reasons which make the patients do hair transplant operations:
The most common reason that make patients do hair transplant operations is their loss of self confidence and their desire to feel satisfied with themselves. This might appear superficial for some of us, but the human nature imposes on us the need of that special feeling of self confidence. We need to be desirable and to have that good feeling towards ourselves. Hair loss forms a serious state that may affect their feeling of self confidence, and getting back their hair may return that self confidence too.
Some patients have told us that doing the operation did not only improve their exterior appearance, but it also reduced their feeling of deficit.
Several studies showed that confidence is the key which opens the doors of success in all fields of life like friendship and other social stages. A lot of patients whom we met have said that the gradual and long hair loss which appeared to be impossible to get rid of has a big effect on their self confidence, and they became less interacted on the social level. These feelings have big effect since patients retreat from the daily social activities, and they become less social effective. They may also hesitate before thinking about new jobs.
If you think that getting your hair back will make your life better and more positive, then you must do a hair transplant operation. Hair loss does not happen suddenly. It is usually gradual and slow. Hair thinning is considered the first signs of hair loss. If you noticed that your hair started to became less dense, we advise you to visit a specialist doctor before it is too late. A professional and skillful doctor will study your case and value it, and he will give you the suitable treatment.
We realize how hard is to take the first step of the treatment especially if you are in the first stages of hair thinning or hair loss or even if you are still unsure of how to deal with it – according to our long experience in this domain- dealing with it early is the best way to slow hair loss or baldness and sometimes it deprive the case from development. It is not a bad thing to think about appearing at the best look. It is never too late to realize that you have to do something in order not to lose your hair.
Medical cases:
If you were suffering from hair loss because of illness, hair returning process may be a good choice for you. All you have to do is to consult your doctor before you start any treatment system for the problem of hair loss.
If you are ready to control your hair loss, we invite you to visit us and get a free consultation and special medical services with best results.

Hair Transplant For Woman in Turkey
Hair Transplant For Woman in Turkey

Hair transplant for women is the only and the permanent solution. By the development of medicine these operations became easier and less painful since they are done by FUE that does not need long convalescence or even a residence in the hospital.
There are a lot of reasons behind women hair falling. The surprising fact is that there are many chances of women baldness. The reasons may be because of:
The changes of hormones at menopause.
Using contraceptive pills.
High blood pressure medicines.
Medicines of heart and arteries.
Medicines of depression.
We cannot predict hair falling reasons. They are variable and unpredictable. It is recommended to visit a specialist dermatologist in order to get an accurate diagnosis for women hair falling.
Women baldness is often related to a hereditary factor, aging, and the changes caused by hormones in the human body. Baldness often starts in the shape of less density of all hair at the same degree, or it may appear by the expanding of hair parting at the middle of the head. This space increases remarkably or it appears in the crown area. Women rarely suffer from the regression of hair line which is considered the first sign of men baldness.
The treatment in the cases of women baldness often includes:
The topical use of Minoxidil.
Laser treatment
Hair transplant operation.
Monixidil can reduce the rapidity of hair falling or it may even stop it in some cases, but if you stopped using it – and this is a very important point- hair will start falling again.
Laser treatment is also efficient for motivating hair growth, and it helps keeping hair. By using Monixidil, laser treatment must continue. With all these choices, hair transplant is the only and permanent solution for baldness. Actually hair transplant for women is the best lasting solution which gives you back your hair again. Since it is a surgery, it happens one time only except if the patient needed a second session to increase the density of hair or to cover a bigger space.
The operation is done by FUE, and it is relatively simple. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital after the operation, and he can leave at the same day. The operation is done by eradicating the grafts one by one from the giving are and they are being transplanted one by one in the receiving area. It does not leave any mark in the giving area.

The advantages of hair transplanting operations for women:
Good density and natural appearance of transplanted hair.
It is considered a simple operation and a non-tough action.
No scalpels are used, no longitudinal cuts, and no use of suture surgery as in FUT.
Healthy and strong follicles are used, and they often contain two hair or more.
Kinds of women baldness:
The first kind is the baldness of the top of the head.
The second kind is visibility of the scalp through hair thinning in some areas.
The third kind is losing hair in the crown area.
The consultation of a specialist doctor will determine the roots of the problem that are causing hair falling, after that he can determine the best treatment.

مبادىء زراعة الشعر
hair transplant principles

Let’s take a look at hair transplant operations at Dr. Yetkin Bayer Center:
The first diagnosis
All cases muHair transplanting started 70 years ago, and the first operation was performed at 1939. Nowadays, this kind of operations has developed very much between current techniques and the techniques of seventies and eighties.
In the last couple of years and because of the large scientific development in this domain, these operations became very common among people because they give you the natural appearance which nobody would notice it.
In the last decade, there were a lot of scientific and medical developments and especially in the domain of hair transplant. Dr. Yetkin Bayer is one of the best and professional doctors of hair transplant science. He always aims at developing medical techniques and ways to make the hair transplant operation easier and better and with results that cannot be distinguished from the natural appearance. All that was being done by studying the apparent structure and hair distribution lines of the scalp.
st be checked closely and the patient’s information must be analyzed. For example, there should be a good analysis of the patient’s case and the classification of the degree of his hair falling. The date of the operation could not be determined without Dr. Yetkin Bayer watching of pictures of both the bald area and the giving area through the internet at least until the doctor see and check patient. After that the doctor will connect his seeing with the leading factors to the problem of hair falling, and he estimates the number of follicles that must be transplanted and the patient’s degree of baldness. According to all these factors, he estimates the cost of the operation. At this step the patient must know all after operation instructions and information.
Determination of hair falling degree:
The determination of the kind of hair falling unit benefits in knowing the way of operation and the way of dealing with the scalp. All that is done by analyzing the space and the kind of hair falling. The space of baldness and the space of the giving area determine the number of follicles that must be picked out and transplanted. The technique used in our center is FUE. It does not result any scars in the giving area. Hair falling kind is measured by Ludwig scale for men and by Norwood scale for women.
The giving area:
Hair falling has many kinds and degrees with both men and women. The back of head and two sides of it are reluctance areas to Androgen Harmon, so the hair is taken from them and transplanted in narrow holes in the scalp, and it results a natural appearance hair. After the inspection and studying of the patient’s file, we determine the number of follicles that will be taken from the giving area according to the giving area space and the receiving area and the suitable density.
Hair quality:
Hair quality is the most important factor to the succession of the hair transplant operation. Hair quality has many characteristics to value it like
Hair distribution.
Hair density.
Grafts size.
Growth type (straight, curly, wavy….)
According to our experience, the more the hair in the giving area is dense, the better the results are. That’s why consulting is necessary for studying the structure of hair and the scalp; therefore, the cost differs along with the number of follicles from one state to another. Everybody has his own hair kind, scalp, and physical and hormonical state. .
Hair transplant operation:
During the operation of hair transplant we pick out hair from the giving area using the micro motor by FUE technique. The doctor determines the giving area in which hair is resistant to the hormone of androgen (in most cases it causes hair falling and it is responsible for typical hair falling with both men and women). Since these grafts are resistant to androgen, then they will grow strongly in the receiving area as if they are in their original place. This concept is called “the donor dominance”, and it is the base of hair transplant operations.
Cooperation with your doctor of hair transplant is necessary for better diagnoses of your state, and it gives you good results and good understanding for what you have to do after the operation. Please, ask about every step and ask about the causes of hair falling, and if hair transplant is the best solution for you, and offer the enough information about your health and your state.

Hair Loss

The Effects of Hair Loss and Baldness

Hair loss and baldness are common conditions that affect people at any age. Statistics show that 35 million men suffer from hair loss and baldness, two thirds of this number showed noticeable hair loss and baldness at the age of 35. If you started noticing that your hair line has retreated, or that more hair than usual has found its way to the drain in the shower then you will start asking yourself what effect does hair loss have on my life?

Hair Loss and Baldness May Cause a Psychological Trauma for Some People

Physically, hair loss and baldness do not have any harmful effects on the patient’s body; they only affect the patient’s appearance. But this could be frightening, and not finding a solution for this problem may lead to anxiety and psychological trauma to those suffering from hair loss and baldness and in some severe cases it may lead to depression. For people who have an audience baldness and hair loss may cause damage to their professional careers as well. It also has a direct affect on patients’ social life. Since hair is part of the overall personal appearance it may be considered the reason behind many emotional disturbances, healthy thick hair contributes to self confidence, looking beautiful, young, energetic, powerful and attractive.

Hair Loss

The Effects of Baldness and Hair Loss

The only and the Permanent Solution for Treating Baldness

Until now hair transplant procedures are the only and the permanent solution for hair loss and baldness, pills and other types of medication and hair products like shampoo and sprays are used to slow down the process of hair loss and baldness as long as they are used, but as soon as you stop using these products you go back to ground zero, gaining nothing on the contrary by this process you have lost more time and more hair a time that you may have better invested in making a hair transplant. A successful hair transplant is the permanent solution for baldness and hair loss, but not all transplants are the same. A successful hair transplant is performed by a specialized doctor with certain skills and expertise in order to guarantee successful, permanent and satisfactory results.

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Men Baldness

Baldness is considered one of the major sources of stress for many men. The reasons behind baldness are obvious and mostly related to genetics and old age and also other factors like fatigue, medications, emotional stress, and problems related to endocrinology especially thyroid, skin infections and hormone excretion.

Read About the Effects of Baldness and Hair Loss

Baldness Begins at an Early Age of Puberty but usually Appears in the Advanced Stages of Life


On the contrary of the common belief, if the mother’s grandfather or the father suffer from baldness this does not necessarily mean that you are going to be bald too, you inherited your father’s and mother’s genes. Even if there weren’t any evidence of hair loss or baldness conditions in your family tree you are still prone to hair loss and boldness.

A recent study shows that two thirds of men in the United States of America suffered from different degrees of baldness and hair loss at the age of 35, and almost 85% suffered from noticeable lack of hair density at the age of 50.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) or Androgen is the Reason Behind Hair Thinning and Hair Loss

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95% of hair thinning for men is due to alopecia known also as men baldness; this case is hereditary comes as a result of the sensitivity of hair follicles at the top and frontal areas of the head to DHT also known as androgen, in these cases the hair becomes thinner and thinner with time and becomes more fragile and inactive at the end becomes susceptible to fall off without any possibility for a new hair to grow again in its place.

Read More About Follicles loss

Healthy and DHT resistant follicles usually reside in the back and the two sides of the head, these are called donor areas and the place where grafts are extracted from, to be planted later on during the hair transplant procedure in the receiving areas or in the bald areas.


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Hair Transplant Obstructions

Obstructions to Hair Transplant Procedure

Not everyone is eligible for a hair transplant procedure. In order to undergo a hair transplant procedure the patient should be at least 21 years old and have to have a real baldness problem. Some people who suffer from hair loss may not be ideal candidates for the procedure; there are many reasons that may prevent the procedure.


Men and women who suffer from alopecia, dermatitis, skin cancer, skin lichenification or any other skin diseases under certain circumstances they may not be eligible to go under the hair transplant procedure.

The process f hair transplant is harvesting hair follicles from donor areas and planting them in the bald or receiving area. This procedure may not stop your hair loss. Doctors can prescribe some other treating methods along with some medication that help stopping your hair fall.

Some of these medicines may have some side effects; that is why it is highly recommended that you consult a specialized doctor in the field of hair transplant who can advise you with regards to the possible benefits or hazards connected to these medications.

Physiological Changes

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant


As far as women, candidates for this procedure are those who suffer from genetic hair loss. On the other hand women who suffer from hair fall due to pregnancy, hormonal changes after menopause, stress or anxiety among other related factors. These women are not candidates for hair transplant procedures as long as their condition of hair loss is temporary. So other treatments and medications are recommended.

Lack of Hair Density in the Donor Area


Sometimes even if the hair fall stopped some patients may not have enough hair in the donor areas making them not eligible for the procedure as well. As said earlier this procedure is about harvesting grafts from one area to plant them in another, this is only done if the donor site has high hair density. The best way to know if your case is operable is by consulting a specialized hair transplant physician.


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Stem Cells Treatments

Hair Transplants Using Stem Cells

Stem cells are unique kind of cells. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can differentiate into specialized cells that are able to regenerate themselves continuously. These cells exist all over the human body; its task is to resist diseases, rehabilitation of damages, re-grow important cells and takes the necessary measures for hair and skin to grow.

Recently experts in the fields of science and biology have conducted many studies and unprecedented experiments on hair growth; these studies and experiments document the important role stem cells have in repairing the responsible cells for hair growth when it comes to people who suffer from hair loss or baldness by inventing a new cure and a new technique in the field of hair transplant, which is hair transplants using stem cells.

Stem cells exist mainly in bone marrow in the human body; they are also spread all over the body moving around the systems and organs in the body in order to renew its functions and sometimes they stay inactive for a long period of time.

The main goal of stem cells is to defend and preserve the body as well as compensating for the dead cells.

Work Mechanism

Treatment Using Stem Cells

Treatment Using Stem Cells

Stem cells are the only cells in the human body that can evolve into a different kind of cells, because they can divide and differentiate into different cells. This makes it the most versatile and the most known cell in the human vital system.

The lack of cell regeneration is the cause behind many known diseases. These diseases and other medical conditions-including hair loss- are caused by the shortage that occurs in the numbers of stem cells.

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The History of Hair Transp

The History of Hair Transplant

How did hair transplant start?

The first hair transplant procedure for males took place in the United States of America in 1952. A scientist published a study under the title “the dominance of the donor site” to explain the main principal for hair transplant which is based on the notion that transplanted hair behave the same the original hair. In other words hair taken from donor sites –the areas on the back and the two sides of the patient’s head- and put in the frontal areas of the patient’s head continues to grow as if it is still in its original position. Unfortunately this discovery was far from reality and the results of hair transplant procedures remained not guaranteed for years to follow.

First Years

First hair transplant procedures were conducted using 4 ml grafts, this technique continued for many years in spite the fact it did not provide satisfactory results. The demand on this procedure continued because it was the only option for people who suffer from baldness.

The Beginning of Evolution

The technique of using wide grafts continued throughout the seventies of the past century, not until 1984 that doctors started using 2-1 ml grafts. In the nineties of the twentieth century in the year 1995 a new technique was brought to the field of hair transplant which is called Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT, this technique requires a significant increase in the skills of both the doctor and his team. Doctors reluctantly acknowledged the FUT technique at the beginning of the third millennium.

The History of Hair Transplant

A Hair Transplant Conducted in 1955


The Major Leap in the Field

In the year 2005 doctors revolutionized the field of hair transplant by discovering the Follicular unit extraction method known as FUE.

Unsuccessful Hair Transplant Procedures

Using laser in hair transplant procedures, or using laser to make the punctures in the area where grafts are going to be planted. This technique was introduced in the year 1990 as the ultimate technology in the field of hair transplant procedures, but after testing it for a small period of time it was obvious that it was causing huge damage to the skin. It was not validated to be used in the hair transplant procedures in the year 1996 due to its lack of efficiency and the huge damage it causes the scalp. Unfortunately many patients have been hurt because of this technique.

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