Why Are Compression Garments Required After Liposuction?

Why Are Compression Garments Required After Liposuction?

Compression garments are recommended by surgeons after liposuction for numerous reasons relating to pleasant healing and excellent outcomes.

First and foremost, compression garments aid in the reduction of swelling. Following liposuction, using a compression garment allows the body to heal and improves your discomfort in the recovery period. During healing, the body creates fluids on its own. These fluids can build up and get stuck, creating swelling and irritation and delaying recovery. Some liposuction patients endure severe swelling after the procedure, which can linger for weeks. A compression garment distributes equal tension throughout the target region, limiting fluid accumulation and assisting your system in absorbing any that does gather.

Second, compression clothes can help reduce bruising. Following liposuction, the bruise is to be predicted. Its intensity and duration will differ from person to person, but using a compression garment will help to reduce it. Bruises are caused by an injury to blood vessels. Blood reaches the adjacent tissue and discolors the apparent surface over the damaged area if blood vessels are disrupted. A compression garment’s constant tension assists to halt bleeding and keeps blood from flowing towards the surface of the skin, reducing the look of bruises.

Finally, compression clothes may help to reduce scars. Scarring is possible following liposuction; however, it is uncommon. The cuts of the operation are minimal and precisely placed to minimize their appearance as much as conceivable. Scarring severity is determined by a number of circumstances, such as the method utilized and the person’s hereditary inclination for scars. Using a compression garment can give you comfort if you’re worried about scars. Pressure softens, flattens, and minimizes the look of liposuction scarring, which is already minimal.

In brief, having a compression garment can allow you to obtain better liposuction outcomes by improving the form of the surgical region.

Is compression garment necessary after liposuction?

Yes, a compression garment is surely necessary after liposuction surgery.

Compression garments are essential for good recovery following liposuction. They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit almost any body part. As the first process of healing occurs, a compression garment will most probably be required to be used shortly after the treatment and for a few weeks afterward. Your doctor may progressively decrease the amount of compression you wear, initially with a high level of compression and progressively reducing the number of sessions you should wear it every day.

The amount of time you must keep the gear until it can be removed is determined on the scope of your operation as well as your doctor’s approach and recommendations. The compression garment must be tight but not too restricting or heavy to be efficient, so, don’t worry about wearing it.

How Long Do You Have To Wear a Compression Garment after a Liposuction?

Most patients wear compression garments after liposuction because they stimulate healing tissues, reduce post-op soreness, prevent excessive swelling, boost your comfort and protect your results, and reduce tension on scars, allowing them to heal nicely and fade as quickly as possible. As a result, as you may have guessed, you should wear a compression garment after liposuction, and the length of it is dictated by the natural process. You should wear it for at least 4 or 7 weeks, but as previously said, if your scars are completely healed or if you still have swelling difficulties, you should continue using the garment.

What happens if you don’t wear compression garments after liposuction?

Not wearing a compression garment after liposuction could increase the risks of having noticeable scarring and bruising, leaving you to feel more discomfort than ever. You should know that wearing a compression garment is important to get better results, since it helps your body reabsorb fluid, and post-op swelling, let your skin contract to its new shape. That is why doctors advise you to wear compression garments all the time in the first few weeks, but after three weeks from surgery, you can only wear them in the evening or in the time of need for comfort.



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