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Which Season Is The Best For Hair Transplantation?

One of the questions that everyone who thinks about having a hair transplantation has, is “when it should be done”. Obviously, there is no special month or season as a clear answer. Twelve months of year are all suitable for hair transplant operation. Only in some months and seasonal transitions, increase or decrease in hair loss can be seen for some people. This is a situation that changes according to the hair structure of each person, so determining this before hair transplantation and deciding accordingly helps to get much healthier results.

Paying attention to the time of the operation and choosing the right time is one of the important issues. If there are people who love swimming, sunbathing and showering frequently, especially among those who think about having the operation in summer, it is better for them to change their minds. Because it is not possible to engage in activities such as swimming and sunbathing for ten days after the operation. For those who choose winter months, on the other hand, it is among suggestions to use cotton hats and caps in order to protect the transacted channels from the cold. People can be closer to the idea of having the operation in summer because of the advantage that hair grows faster in that season.

The regeneration rate of the skin also increases in summer months. However, it is generally preferred to be performed in colder seasons in our country. Hair starts to grow in three months after the operation. People can prefer winter or autumn in order to eliminate the problems that sunlight will cause, reduce the risk of redness and welcome summer with their new hair.

Cold weather seems to be more ideal for those who do not have seasonal skin problems. Hair transplantation is not a surgical procedure. It is a cosmetic and aesthetic operation. Of course, people have the right to get it done whenever they want. It is necessary to start this process by putting your anxiety away and don’t think like “It will hurt.” or “I will have a lot of pain afterwards.”

This procedure’s being performed in hospitals and by specialist doctors should not make you think that it is surgical operation. After you feel the first needle, you will feel much calmer. After eight hours from the moment the procedure starts, you become a completely different person. Hair transplantation is the operation that responds the fastest and changes your appearance most among aesthetic procedures. This is one of the facts that increases people’s motivation who thinks about having the operation and makes redness and crusting seem tolerable. The list of what to do in the first three days after the operation, includes being careful and protecting the area from the sun and water.


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