Which is better: round or anatomical implants?

Which is better: round or anatomical implants?

Knowing the difference between round and anatomical implants can help you decide which one is better before doing breast augmentation surgery. Both round and anatomical implants help you achieve excellent results, but they differ in the indications. Choosing the right implant highly depends on your preferences and body type. If you desire to have natural-looking breasts then anatomical implants are the best for you, since they provide a teardrop shape similar to the normal breasts with a smooth upper pole. 

Others prefer having full upper pole breasts, and they can achieve that with round implants. Of course, having a good volume of breast tissue is an advantage here, since it creates better coverage for the implant. As a result, women with small cup sizes who choose round implants have a higher risk of unnatural upper pole counters. Most women want to do a breast lift with the implants, which means having enough breast tissue to cover the implant. Round implants are great here since it gives extra normal fullness of the upper pole.

Some patients worry about the rotation and changing the breast shape after getting an anatomical implant; this is true. While round implants patients don’t have this problem. Don’t worry, you can avoid this issue by adjusting the pocket for anatomical implant making it hard for it to rotate. Also, wearing a special support for at least 4 weeks after surgery holds the implants in place.

In case of reconstruction after a mastectomy, we know that there is only skin and muscle to cover the implant, so, doctors may use anatomical implants to give you the best outcome. While in congenital abnormalities such as tuberous breasts, we may use special anatomical implants with a slightly firmer middle pole to achieve a better shape for the breasts.

Whatever breast implant you choose, professional surgeons will help you achieve an excellent result even for the most difficult and challenging cases.

What are anatomical implants?

Anatomical or “tear-drop” formed implants are breast prostheses, which are synthetic items that are designed to resemble the form of a breast. They’re narrow at the peak and broaden at the bottom to resemble a breast. Anatomical implants are appropriate for the majority of patients having breast augmentation or breast implant replacement. They’re also common or advised for people who need poly implant prosthesis implant excision after reconstructive breast surgery. Anatomical implants are intended to make breasts appear bigger, rounder, perkier, and healthier. They fit in with your form, avoiding a “made” or “surgical” appearance.

What is the difference between round and anatomical implants?

When it comes to breast implant surgery, one of the most common questions that patients have is what the difference between both round and teardrop implants is.

As the name implies, a round implant is round in shape and is not always a natural-looking shape for breasts. This is because the implant’s width and height are the same. The projection of a round implant, or how far the breast protrudes from the chest wall, is where it differs dramatically.

In contrast, an anatomical implant, also known as a teardrop implant, can vary in width, height, and projection on the lower pole. This means that the implant can be customized to your specific chest shape and size, resulting in a more natural-looking breast implant.




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