Turkey for Hair Transplant 1

Turkey for Hair Transplant

Nowadays, many people has problem with baldness and also many people are looking for the medical solution of baldness. Hair transplant method is rising all over the world but it’s hard to find cheap and high quality hair transplant clinic. It seems like basic surgery operation but in any case well-qualified operator doctors should perform its medical surgery. If clinic doctors are not good at their job it can be dangerous and operation can be unsuccessful. Every surgeon needs to get sterilized certificate from Turkish government. Turkey for hair transplant is logical choice because of good clinic conditions and cheaper prices.

Turkey giving big opportunity to men to find good hair transplant clinic. If we compare with European or American hair transplant surgery cost with Turkey surgery is approximately %50 cheaper. Also, majority of those clinics certified by international medical associations and İnternational Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). Approximately, 37 million tourists visit Turkey; about 270,000 of them come for surgical procedures, this data shows how reliable Turkey for hair transplant. Every year Turkey entertain a hundred of thousands guest who choose Turkey for hair transplantation operations. Also, there are many options to find right clinic in metropolises of Turkey.


Surgeon Quality

Many well-educated doctor has their own clinic, which put into service on the purpose of help people who has problem with baldness. It is a big sector in Turkey when people purchased this services. Many clinic pockets do not contain only operation, taking care of visa process and include welcome service in airport also transportation to their hotel and sightseeing tour can be included. Turkey has become first choice for patients who seeking hair transplant surgeries. Abundance of clinics and experienced surgeons of Turkey for hair transplant provides people to flexibility in order to choose right clinic. In recent years amount of Turkish medical equipment manufacturing has risen, this allows the clinics to have access to the newest equipment. Those important factors are give rise to increase amount of people who came Turkey for hair transplant surgery.

Initially, we should understand why people are choosing Turkey for hair transplant. Loosing hair can lead lack of self-confidence for men. Men can feel ugly or deficient because of baldness problem. It can affect psychologically his whole life. Due to those problems, men doesn’t want suffer from baldness anymore and best way to get rid of it having hair transplant operation. One of the other reasons why people choose Turkey for hair transplant is economical. People can find more affordable prices in Turkey than any other European countries. Because of amount of certificated clinics, people are doesn’t have to wait for months. There are plenty of high-quality and JCI-accredited clinics. Clinics are reliable and well equipped for this operation. Surgeons are expert on Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE) method which has minimal pain during the operation. People can also check from the catalogue previous practices final situation. After operation, recovery process takes a time but resting in clinic is not need. Because of that, this time can be named as a vacation during the recovery process. People has a change to discover all of those beautiful cities and historical places. All those reasons make Turkey better option for hair transplant.


General Conditions in the World

According to a 2014 statistic by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery approximately 35 million men in the United States suffer from hair loss and also approximately 21 million women are affected by hair loss. This statistic shows just in United States 56 million people suffering from loosing hair problems. Loosing hair one of the most common health problem in the world. Modern hair transplants began in 1939, with a process developed by a Japanese dermatologist, Doctor Okuda. The world spends $ 3.5 billion every year in order to fight with baldness. Turkey has one of the largest hair transplant industry (1 billion dollars per year). There are more than 600 certified ISHRS (International Society of hair Restoration Surgeons) physician member clinics just in Istanbul. This statistic shows how much important Turkey for hair transplant industry. Every year 270.000 patient from all over the world visits Turkey for hair transplant. There is two main reason for this amount of people visit Turkey. One of them is cheaper cost of surgery. If we compare with United States or United Kingdom hair transplant surgery in Turkey is approximately %50 cheaper. Many people choosing Turkey for hair transplant surgery. One of the other main reason is surgeons because of the amount of surgeons had more change to increased their experience. Also, amount of Turkish medical equipment manufacturing has risen while hair transplant industry is increasing. This correlation give change for surgeon to use newest medical equipment. This increased the confidence of patients who coming Turkey for hair transplant surgery.

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