Toppik After Hair Transplant

Toppik After Hair Transplant

Although some doctors do not recommend it, Toppik after hair transplant is not harmful. Contrary to what is known, these products do not cause much damage to your hair. You only need to wash your hair before sleep. In addition, you should not rub your hair excessively, especially your hair roots. If it is not necessary to scrape the hair in hair transplantation, the hair can be camouflaged with the remaining hair. Concealers such as Toppik can only be used after the seventh day. If you will be transplanting with FUT procedure or FUE below 1500 grafts, lengthen your hair.

Can I use Toppik after hair transplant?

Toppik makes it look thick by wrapping it in strands of hair, but its effect is more visible because it paints the skin. Because the difference between skin and hair color decreases when the skin is decayed with a topical, it reduces the bald appearance, especially in the Peak area. Toppik after hair transplant is possible.

When can you use hair fibres after hair transplant?

In the FUE method, hair follicles are removed one by one from the side or back of the patient’s head, and then transplanted to the bald area. In the FUT method, a strip of hairy skin is removed from the donor area of ​​the scalp. In both directions, high technology is used to achieve maximum efficiency. However, after the operation, the hair follicles will be susceptible to any changes. For this reason, you need to be very careful for a week or two until the hair follicles are well attached to the scalp. According to plastic surgeons, you should allow time for your new hair to grow out. You should not use any hair fibers for at least two to three weeks after the hair transplant operation. You may have a very bald area after the operation. You want to cover yourself with hair fibers, but pay attention to the doctor’s advice.

Does toppik interfere with hair growth?

Toppik does not create a situation like genetic hair loss. Only because it closes the hair follicles for a long time and leaves the hair follicles airless, there is a possibility of some hair loss effect. We think that this situation causes much more minimal hair loss. In other words, hair loss may be a small amount for those who have toppik in their hair for a long time, since the hair follicles do not breathe. Some people interpret this as accelerating hair loss. Only those who use toppik on their hair in very narrow areas have almost no hair loss effect. Because the hair follicles in other regions get air and are used at very few points, this situation is extremely rare. The possibility of hair loss is extremely reduced in people who wash the ball in their hair every day and use it for a short time. In other words, there is a small possibility of hair loss as a result, although the occurrence of this situation depends a little on the use of the person. In addition, there is no clear rule that everyone will have hair loss.

Does toppik affect hair growth?

No, it doesn’t. Toppik has no effect on hair loss in the same way as sawdust can. Hair loss is not caused by the follicles of the head, and restricting them is not a concern, however Toppik does not clog the holes in any case. The flow of blood at the hair stem provides nutrients to the hair. Try LLLT and PRP if your hair is still dropping despite your treatment program. In addition, Toppik hair building fibers have no effect on hair development. The natural keratin strands will not fill up pores or cause irritation to the head.


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