The Effects of Hair Loss and Baldness

The Effects of Hair Loss and Baldness

Hair loss and baldness are common conditions that affect people at any age. Statistics show that 35 million men suffer from hair loss and baldness, two thirds of this number showed noticeable hair loss and baldness at the age of 35. If you started noticing that your hair line has retreated, or that more hair than usual has found its way to the drain in the shower then you will start asking yourself what effect does hair loss have on my life?

Hair Loss and Baldness May Cause a Psychological Trauma for Some People

Physically, hair loss and baldness do not have any harmful effects on the patient’s body; they only affect the patient’s appearance. But this could be frightening, and not finding a solution for this problem may lead to anxiety and psychological trauma to those suffering from hair loss and baldness and in some severe cases it may lead to depression. For people who have an audience baldness and hair loss may cause damage to their professional careers as well. It also has a direct affect on patients’ social life. Since hair is part of the overall personal appearance it may be considered the reason behind many emotional disturbances, healthy thick hair contributes to self confidence, looking beautiful, young, energetic, powerful and attractive.

Hair Loss

The Effects of Baldness and Hair Loss

The only and the Permanent Solution for Treating Baldness

Until now hair transplant procedures are the only and the permanent solution for hair loss and baldness, pills and other types of medication and hair products like shampoo and sprays are used to slow down the process of hair loss and baldness as long as they are used, but as soon as you stop using these products you go back to ground zero, gaining nothing on the contrary by this process you have lost more time and more hair a time that you may have better invested in making a hair transplant. A successful hair transplant is the permanent solution for baldness and hair loss, but not all transplants are the same. A successful hair transplant is performed by a specialized doctor with certain skills and expertise in order to guarantee successful, permanent and satisfactory results.

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