Beard Hair Transplants

Understanding The Technicalities Of Beard Transplant In Turkey

We are today living in a world where looks do matter. Face defines looks both for men. Having a beard is considered to be a symbol of manhood. Hence modern men do not mind going in for beard transplantation. There are thousands of men opting for bread transplantation and the number of cases of FUE Beard Transplant is increasing quite significantly. There are different types of beard transplantation and FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is considered to be one of the most popular. The main purpose of such transplantation is to increase the fullness and density of the beards. It is especially very useful for all those who facial hair that is sparse. Further those who have scars in the face would like to cover it up. In such cases beard transplantation can be very useful. For many it could be the only solution to enhance their looks and appearances.

It Is A Highly Special Procedure

Beard transplantation is the same as moustache, sideburn, goatee and eyebrow transplantations. They are highly complex and difficult procedures and the role of the surgeons plays a very important role. In any city it is not common to find these surgeons at each street end. Therefore finding the right surgeon is of paramount importance. At times even the best of surgeons may not be able to do the best possible job because of some inherent problems. These could include lack of the right quality or quantity of hair which could be transplanted and wrong procedures at times. It would be not out of place to mention here that around 5 to 7% of beard transplantations are not completely successful. However, the failure is much less when it is handled by professional surgeons who have the required experience and expertise.

How Does FUE Bear Transplant Procedure Work


FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the most commonly used technologies for hair transplants. It is now being very commonly used for Beard, Sideburn and Goatee transplants. It is very much in demand because it is minimally invasive and the need to put the patient under the knife is reduced to the basic minimum. The procedure, however, is long drawn and could take anything between three to nine hours. The time taken could depend on the area that is being covered and the quantity of hair which would be required for the purpose. A full beard transplant might require around 4,000 hairs while a goatee transplant could be completed with around 1,500 hairs.


How is The Procedure Done?


Identifying the right beard transplant Turkey service provider is very important because the procedure is quite complex. The process involves locating what is referred to as a stable area which could be located on the back or the side of the head. This area is used as the area of the donor whether it is for beard, sideburns or moustache. For beard transplant finer hair is required because it is needed in both sides of the face. In many cases hair from the chest and other parts of the body is used if the donor is bald. Hair from the legs, thighs and other parts of the body are also commonly used.


However, in most cases a beard transplant is a same-day procedure. In other words the customers can walk in during the day and in most cases can walk out by the end of the day or perhaps within 4 to 5 hours. As soon as the donor are is found out, the job of the surgeon is to take out each hair follicle (one at a time). This is done using what is referred to as punch technology. This helps to cut the area around and in the follicle. The right tools are required and its size will depend on various factors. The punch will be small if the hair is very fine. The process is done quite discreetly and under the microscope and will be unnoticeable to the normal human eye.


Use Of Local Anesthesia


Once the above process is completed, the surgeons go in for local anesthetics. These are applied to in the areas where the hair transplant has to be done. The process of implanting of extracted hair has to be done very carefully and it calls for lot of skill and attention. It is done by implanting one follicle at one time. Implanting it in the right angle is very important so that the right kind of density can be ensured. Angle will also determine how natural the beard looks once it starts growing.


How The End Result Will Look

If proper beard transplantation is done using the right FUE or other technology there is no doubt that the beard will look very natural. The results will be there for all to see immediately the procedure has been gone through. The full results however, might take a few months and this is the norm for all FUE beard transplants.


Are There Any Significant Risks


Though there is little risk with such beard transplants, especially if it is done by qualified and experienced beard transplant Turkey specialists, the technique used might at times cause some problems. There is something known as donor scarring especially in cases of FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation. This technique is also known as Strip. Pigmentation could also occur in some cases but usually they are treatable and reversible.




. It would vary on various factors like the area to be covered, the density of the beard, the time taken and other such factors. However, in most cases even the simplest form of beard transplantation should cost nothing less than $1,500. Hence it has to be planned well in advance and there also would be recurring costs for follow up visits and also for making some changes should they be required.




At the end of the day there is hardly any doubt that while beard transplantation is very much in vogue and even necessary for many, identifying the right surgeon and the right process is very important. This would require going through the right due diligence process and spending some quality time on the internet.

Hair Transplant For Woman in Turkey
Hair Transplant For Woman in Turkey

Hair transplant for women is the only and the permanent solution. By the development of medicine these operations became easier and less painful since they are done by FUE that does not need long convalescence or even a residence in the hospital.
There are a lot of reasons behind women hair falling. The surprising fact is that there are many chances of women baldness. The reasons may be because of:
The changes of hormones at menopause.
Using contraceptive pills.
High blood pressure medicines.
Medicines of heart and arteries.
Medicines of depression.
We cannot predict hair falling reasons. They are variable and unpredictable. It is recommended to visit a specialist dermatologist in order to get an accurate diagnosis for women hair falling.
Women baldness is often related to a hereditary factor, aging, and the changes caused by hormones in the human body. Baldness often starts in the shape of less density of all hair at the same degree, or it may appear by the expanding of hair parting at the middle of the head. This space increases remarkably or it appears in the crown area. Women rarely suffer from the regression of hair line which is considered the first sign of men baldness.
The treatment in the cases of women baldness often includes:
The topical use of Minoxidil.
Laser treatment
Hair transplant operation.
Monixidil can reduce the rapidity of hair falling or it may even stop it in some cases, but if you stopped using it – and this is a very important point- hair will start falling again.
Laser treatment is also efficient for motivating hair growth, and it helps keeping hair. By using Monixidil, laser treatment must continue. With all these choices, hair transplant is the only and permanent solution for baldness. Actually hair transplant for women is the best lasting solution which gives you back your hair again. Since it is a surgery, it happens one time only except if the patient needed a second session to increase the density of hair or to cover a bigger space.
The operation is done by FUE, and it is relatively simple. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital after the operation, and he can leave at the same day. The operation is done by eradicating the grafts one by one from the giving are and they are being transplanted one by one in the receiving area. It does not leave any mark in the giving area.

The advantages of hair transplanting operations for women:
Good density and natural appearance of transplanted hair.
It is considered a simple operation and a non-tough action.
No scalpels are used, no longitudinal cuts, and no use of suture surgery as in FUT.
Healthy and strong follicles are used, and they often contain two hair or more.
Kinds of women baldness:
The first kind is the baldness of the top of the head.
The second kind is visibility of the scalp through hair thinning in some areas.
The third kind is losing hair in the crown area.
The consultation of a specialist doctor will determine the roots of the problem that are causing hair falling, after that he can determine the best treatment.

مبادىء زراعة الشعر
hair transplant principles

Let’s take a look at hair transplant operations at Dr. Yetkin Bayer Center:
The first diagnosis
All cases muHair transplanting started 70 years ago, and the first operation was performed at 1939. Nowadays, this kind of operations has developed very much between current techniques and the techniques of seventies and eighties.
In the last couple of years and because of the large scientific development in this domain, these operations became very common among people because they give you the natural appearance which nobody would notice it.
In the last decade, there were a lot of scientific and medical developments and especially in the domain of hair transplant. Dr. Yetkin Bayer is one of the best and professional doctors of hair transplant science. He always aims at developing medical techniques and ways to make the hair transplant operation easier and better and with results that cannot be distinguished from the natural appearance. All that was being done by studying the apparent structure and hair distribution lines of the scalp.
st be checked closely and the patient’s information must be analyzed. For example, there should be a good analysis of the patient’s case and the classification of the degree of his hair falling. The date of the operation could not be determined without Dr. Yetkin Bayer watching of pictures of both the bald area and the giving area through the internet at least until the doctor see and check patient. After that the doctor will connect his seeing with the leading factors to the problem of hair falling, and he estimates the number of follicles that must be transplanted and the patient’s degree of baldness. According to all these factors, he estimates the cost of the operation. At this step the patient must know all after operation instructions and information.
Determination of hair falling degree:
The determination of the kind of hair falling unit benefits in knowing the way of operation and the way of dealing with the scalp. All that is done by analyzing the space and the kind of hair falling. The space of baldness and the space of the giving area determine the number of follicles that must be picked out and transplanted. The technique used in our center is FUE. It does not result any scars in the giving area. Hair falling kind is measured by Ludwig scale for men and by Norwood scale for women.
The giving area:
Hair falling has many kinds and degrees with both men and women. The back of head and two sides of it are reluctance areas to Androgen Harmon, so the hair is taken from them and transplanted in narrow holes in the scalp, and it results a natural appearance hair. After the inspection and studying of the patient’s file, we determine the number of follicles that will be taken from the giving area according to the giving area space and the receiving area and the suitable density.
Hair quality:
Hair quality is the most important factor to the succession of the hair transplant operation. Hair quality has many characteristics to value it like
Hair distribution.
Hair density.
Grafts size.
Growth type (straight, curly, wavy….)
According to our experience, the more the hair in the giving area is dense, the better the results are. That’s why consulting is necessary for studying the structure of hair and the scalp; therefore, the cost differs along with the number of follicles from one state to another. Everybody has his own hair kind, scalp, and physical and hormonical state. .
Hair transplant operation:
During the operation of hair transplant we pick out hair from the giving area using the micro motor by FUE technique. The doctor determines the giving area in which hair is resistant to the hormone of androgen (in most cases it causes hair falling and it is responsible for typical hair falling with both men and women). Since these grafts are resistant to androgen, then they will grow strongly in the receiving area as if they are in their original place. This concept is called “the donor dominance”, and it is the base of hair transplant operations.
Cooperation with your doctor of hair transplant is necessary for better diagnoses of your state, and it gives you good results and good understanding for what you have to do after the operation. Please, ask about every step and ask about the causes of hair falling, and if hair transplant is the best solution for you, and offer the enough information about your health and your state.

The Number of Hair Grafts

Medical Consultations via the Internet

Obtaining medical Consultations via the internet regarding the number of follicles to planted

Hair fall and baldness are the most two common problems that most men suffer from and worry about. As soon as a person sees that the amount of hair residing on the comb has increased over the usual amount, the phobia of hair loss starts to haunt them every time they stood in front of the mirror. You find them running to drug stores, doctors, and sometimes barbers to find a cure. When hope is lost to find a medication all eyes turns to the hair transplant procedure. Patients usually head to the internet in order to calculate the number of follicles they need and the consultations about the needed numbers start all via the internet.

Sending Photos to Get an Estimated Number of Grafts to be Planted

As soon as a patient visits one of the websites for specialized doctors in the field of hair transplant the first question they look for an answer to is: what is the number of follicles needed for a hair transplant?

Without sending pictures neither the doctor nor the mediator would be able to examine the case, calculate follicles or even to decide whether the case is operable or not.

Even after sending pictures to the doctor the final diagnosis is not going to be as exact as it is when the patient visits the clinic in person and make a face to face interview with the doctor. Hence calculating the number of follicles through pictures is only a guess.

Pictures do not Show What is under the Skin

As said earlier the pictures that are sent to the doctor or to the mediator help in making only a guess about the needed number of follicles, these numbers are not accurate. So the diagnosis is an initial one made according to what the pictures show. The exact number of follicles to be planted is determined in the advisory session with the doctor and after a thorough medical examination for the scalp using all the necessary tools. Patients are asked to send the pictures in order to determine which case is operable and which case is not.

The Thicker the Hair the Better

The nature of human hair differs from one person to another, some have straight hair some have curly hair, others may have thick hair others may have it thin. But what role do hair quality and type plays when it comes to the number of follicles and the density of the transplant?

Usually the doctor chooses the healthy grafts that contain 2-4 hairs in one root; generally speaking the thicker the hair; the better the density using a smaller number of follicles which also reduces the lost numbers of roots in the donor site.

Degrees of Baldness and the Qualified Cases for Hair Transplant:

After the doctor takes the medical condition for the patient under consideration along with making sure that the patient is physically fit to go under the hair transplant procedure and confirming that he/she doesn’t suffer from any chronic diseases or any other diseases that may have negative effects on the hair transplantation, here comes the expected results of the hair transplant procedure and of course with regards to the degree of baldness the patient suffers from.

Here are the seven degrees of baldness:

First degree: the possibility of 100% coverage of the bald area.

Second degree: the possibility of 100% coverage of the bald area.

Third degree: the possibility of 100% coverage of the bald area.

Fourth degree: the possibility of 100% coverage of the bald area.

Fifth degree: the possibility of 100% coverage of the frontal area, 30% coverage of the back area with the possibility of covering the remaining area while combing the hair.

Sixth degree: the possibility of only 60% coverage. Not recommended.

Seventh degree: the procedure is not recommended and the patient should accept this reality with hopes for progress in the field of hair cloning.

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