Sleeping After Hair Transplant

Sleeping After Hair Transplant

The first night after hair transplantation is very important, so it is absolutely necessary not to sleep completely in bed. Sleeping after hair transplant is a little difficult, but if you follow the instructions, you will not have any difficulties. If you sleep in a fully reclined position after the hair transplant operation, swelling may occur in the hair transplant area. Sleeping at a 45-degree angle on the first night with two pillows on the back is the healthiest sleeping position. One of the most common post-operative complications is swelling and edema in the head area. For this reason, sleeping at an angle of 45 degrees prevents swelling and edema, as well as the anesthetic drugs used during the operation and the serum injected into the scalp from lingering on the scalp.

Can you sleep on your side after a hair transplant?

No, not really. You will be okay so long as you don’t roll over onto your belly or side. Since your head is fragile and your hair transplants are vulnerable, the posture you lie following the hair transplantation is critical. You may not achieve the intended outcomes if you do not carefully take responsibility. You may end up damaging the hair follicles, which would necessitate a second treatment. You may also experience increased inflammation on your head and forehead, which will further delay your recuperation. Resting in a recliner may be advantageous since it prevents you from twisting and rolling.

How to sleep after hair transplant?

Your first night of hospitalization is very important. It is recommended that you lie on your back and face facing the ceiling and in a slightly high position. You can use 2 pillows. Do not turn your head to the right and left as much as possible, do not lie on your side. Sleeping after hair transplant is very comfortable if done correctly. You should sleep on your back and upright. With your head and back high, preferably at a 45 ° angle. Do not sleep face down because this can damage your planted hair and cause more swelling. Be sure to put a pillow under your pillow to keep your head properly high and not damage the hair follicles in the headpiece. You can also use a travel pillow for your neck, as it will support your head and protect hair grafts in case you swing and turn at night. Sleeping on a reclining couch is also a great idea to protect your planted hair. Although this process generally varies from 5 days to 2 weeks, it is always beneficial to act decisively with your doctor.

How long do I need to sleep elevated after hair transplant?

The way of sleeping after hair transplantation is very important. Because planted hair is sensitive and can be damaged in cases of intervention. In this, an average of 10 days, but 14 days to get a guarantee should be laid on your back. It should definitely not be prone and lying on its side. The donor area certainly does not suffer any damage when hospitalized on the back. In the first days, it may hurt slightly due to friction, but it certainly does not pose any problems. In other forms of sleep, the upper part of the transplanted head can rub against the pillow and damage the roots, we do not recommend it. Since hair planted after 14 days develops, no matter how you sleep, it does not pose any problems. During this 10-day period, it is recommended to lie in a slightly upright position by placing a pillow behind you. It is very important to sleep or rest in this position so that both the hair follicles are not damaged and you can remove the edema in your face and head area.

How long after hair transplant can I sleep on my side?

It is very important to protect the hair transplant area in the first 15 days, while the hair transplant area should not come into contact with the pillow while in the sleeping position. You should lie on your back. The hair transplant area should be protected from accidents such as bumps, blows and friction for the first 15 days.

When can I sleep normal after hair transplant?

During sleeping after hair transplantation, the area where the hair transplanted should not come into contact with a pillow or other item, even the person’s own hand. It is known that the average time for the hair follicles to hold onto the channels in which they are planted is 10 days. During this time, the person should lie in a slightly upright position, both to avoid bumps and to get used to the nests of the planted hair follicles.


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