Prince William Hair Transplant

Prince William Hair Transplant

No, Prince William has not yet undergone a hair transplant. Many people wonder why he never got one, and if he can still get one, or if it’s too late for him now.

We’ll take a closer look at Prince William’s hair loss and the best hair restoration solutions for him and men with similar hair loss patterns. Learn more about male pattern baldness and hair transplantation procedures

Also, before you get into Prince William’s hair loss and why he still hasn’t gotten one yet, let’s skip for a second and talk about you. Do you suffer hair loss or balding patterns? 

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What Causes Prince William Hair loss? 

William was the first to develop a hair loss pattern, and he carries the strongest baldness gene of any royal – he was losing a lot of hair in his early twenties.

Charles, the Earl of Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother, has a thick head of hair with only a tiny recession over one temple, which appears to have inherited from his mother. Despite this, Prince William began losing his hair in his thirties and appears to be following in the footsteps of his maternal uncle, Prince Edward, rather than his maternal uncle, Prince Charles.

And if we want to go even further back in time, Photographic evidence of hair loss varied in the early generations of Queen Victoria. King Edward VII, Queen Victoria’s son, had classic androgenetic alopecia, a medical term for male pattern hair loss, in which he lost hair on top of his head but kept it on the sides and back.   

In summary, Prince William’s hair loss was family genetics caused and might have been from both sides. 

This is a frequent problem with hair loss and baldness, as more than half of all women experience baldness. And according to the American Hair Loss Association, about 85 percent of males are balding by the age of 50.

Can Prince William Have a Hair Transplant? 

Regardless of what we discuss in this article, the only person who can provide an exact diagnosis is a skilled hair transplant surgeon. At the same time, many people may believe that Prince William has progressed beyond the point where a hair transplant is a viable option, which isn’t necessarily true. Although a hair transplant is a permanent procedure that can be performed on anyone, it is still a medical procedure like any other, and certain factors can preclude a person from being a good candidate for the procedure.

A good and experienced surgeon will always tell his patient whether if hair transplant procedure will be helpful or not, as there are many factors to indicate if a hair loss patient is a good candidate to undergo hair transplantation. Age is not the only one.

Why Prince William Didn’t Go For a Hair Transplant?  

People are speculating as to whether Prince William requires hair transplant surgery.

It appears that Prince William had all the time he needed to get a hair transplant. Many rumors circulated before his wedding that he was planning to do so, and even after his official proposal to Kate Middleton in 2010, it was clear that he was losing hair rapidly. Still, it appears that Prince William made the decision a long time ago, and there is nothing wrong with that.

We should consider ourselves fortunate for not being under the constant pressure of the public and media, knowing everything about our lives, and having the ability to influence what we want to do with our lives in the future. As many other entertainment sources have suggested the prince will attract too much attention by undergoing cosmetic surgery, and the royal family is not a fan of change 

But, with all of that said, it’s possible that Harry will find it easier to undergo one now that he’s living in Canada and can go on and off the media radar much more easily than he could if he were still a member of the royal family or his brother Prince William.

How Can We Help?

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