Who is a candidate for hair transplant ?

Who is a candidate for hair transplant

We have seen many people of different age groups and genders who have received hair transplants. Only a specialist in a hair transplant center can determine who the most suitable candidate for hair transplant is. After an initial interview with your doctor, you will find out if you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation. In summary, for the cases of baldness who have reached the third stage of the Norwood scale for more than five years; although they have used anti-hair loss drugs for many years, those who cannot obtain healthy results and fight hair loss and baldness at the same speed are applicable; Men and women who have been bald, bald, and thinning hair for many years, but still want to look younger and more active; men and women who have lost hair due to trauma or burns; for men who have lost hair after cosmetic surgery (such as plastic surgery or different cosmetic surgery) And for women, hair transplantation can be performed.

Is everyone suitable for hair transplant?

No, not everyone is an excellent surgical candidate. When having a hair transplant treatment, those who are chosen to be ideal should have reasonable goals. Also, because hair transplants are basically a surgical process, a person’s condition must be in perfect working order before having the treatment. Furthermore, an optimal candidate is between the ages of 25 and 65. Additionally, there will be several more measurements that will be taken into consideration.

So, in general, if you don’t have reasonable goals, are not in good health, or under 25 or below 65, you are not suitable for hair transplants.

What makes someone a good candidate for hair transplant?

Hair transplant surgery is being performed by many people nowadays, and it is becoming more and more successful, but it is not a suitable method for some people. Anyone over the age of 22, who is in good health, needs hair transplantation, and has enough donor sites suitable for hair loss and hair transplantation, can undergo hair transplantation. Who is suitable for hair transplant surgery depends on certain conditions. To have a hair transplant, you and your hair must meet certain standards. Age range is an important factor in hair transplantation. According to experts, the earliest age of hair transplant is 22 years old.

The age range is also closely related to the person’s psychological preparation and the completion of hair loss. Before the age of 22, hair loss continued to a large extent. In this case, hair transplantation may require hair transplantation surgery in later life. In very special circumstances, such as accidents and burns, if the doctor considers it necessary, a hair transplant can be performed before the age of 22. It is more difficult to determine a certain older age during hair transplant surgery. Here, the health and adequacy of the donor area must be considered. Today, after an average of 55 years of age, the preference rate for hair transplant surgery has dropped significantly.

However, if the person is suitable for other conditions, there is no upper age limit for hair transplantation. Another condition for hair transplant surgery is health. Hair transplant surgery is microsurgery, and these operations have some conditions. This person should be healthy and free from some diseases. Some tests are done to check your health.

Not all types of hair loss undergo hair transplantation, and not all types of hair loss are suitable for hair transplantation. The type of hair loss plays an important role in hair transplantation. If hair loss occurs temporarily, hair transplantation is not performed. First, the person must correctly understand the type of hair loss. For temporary hair loss caused by certain diseases, stress or hormonal imbalance, hair transplantation is impossible. One of the factors to consider when performing a hair transplant is whether the donor area is sufficient. Because hair transplantation can only be performed from the person’s own hair follicles. People with insufficient donor area cannot undergo hair transplantation. The suitability of the donor area is determined by hair analysis.

Who is not a good candidate for hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is possible for forehead alopecia, upper alopecia, and localized alopecia at any location; however, for patients with severe baldness and the donor site’s hair cannot cover the bald area, hair transplantation is not performed. The hair of the patients undergoing chemotherapy was completely lost due to the effect of the drugs they took. Of course, this leak is a temporary leak. Once the chemotherapy is over, the drugs begin to fade, and the lost hair will grow back.

This is not a rule, but a recommendation, for those who have experienced severe hair loss, do not have hair transplants. Hair transplantation is suitable for patients with partial baldness due to ringworm. However, ringworm must not be active when hair transplantation is performed in these patients. Since persistent ringworm can also damage the transplanted hair, you will need to wait for a while. Patients with heart failure need to be more careful in their daily lives. Hair transplantation for patients with heart failure carries great risks.




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