Hair Transplant Obstructions

Obstructions to Hair Transplant Procedure

Not everyone is eligible for a hair transplant procedure. In order to undergo a hair transplant procedure the patient should be at least 21 years old and have to have a real baldness problem. Some people who suffer from hair loss may not be ideal candidates for the procedure; there are many reasons that may prevent the procedure.


Men and women who suffer from alopecia, dermatitis, skin cancer, skin lichenification or any other skin diseases under certain circumstances they may not be eligible to go under the hair transplant procedure.

The process f hair transplant is harvesting hair follicles from donor areas and planting them in the bald or receiving area. This procedure may not stop your hair loss. Doctors can prescribe some other treating methods along with some medication that help stopping your hair fall.

Some of these medicines may have some side effects; that is why it is highly recommended that you consult a specialized doctor in the field of hair transplant who can advise you with regards to the possible benefits or hazards connected to these medications.

Physiological Changes

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant


As far as women, candidates for this procedure are those who suffer from genetic hair loss. On the other hand women who suffer from hair fall due to pregnancy, hormonal changes after menopause, stress or anxiety among other related factors. These women are not candidates for hair transplant procedures as long as their condition of hair loss is temporary. So other treatments and medications are recommended.

Lack of Hair Density in the Donor Area


Sometimes even if the hair fall stopped some patients may not have enough hair in the donor areas making them not eligible for the procedure as well. As said earlier this procedure is about harvesting grafts from one area to plant them in another, this is only done if the donor site has high hair density. The best way to know if your case is operable is by consulting a specialized hair transplant physician.


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