Is labiaplasty painful?

Is labiaplasty painful?

No. In general, local anesthesia methods are used in patients. In this way, patients do not feel any pain with drugs made during and after the procedure. Mild tingling that occurs half a day or a day after the labiaplasty is temporary. After a few days, patients can continue their social lives without the need for painkillers. After surgery, it is medically normal to have pain in the intervened area. After the procedure, pain is also expected. The period after labiaplasty is important. 2-3 days of rest at home, regular dressing, genital hygiene, attention, taking care of your nutrition are the measures you should take. After the operation, there may be bleeding in the form of a slight leak for a few days, itching in the suture area in the evening, edema for a few weeks. Over time, complaints will decrease.

After labiaplasty, it is important to rest at home for 3 days. In general, edema will dissolve in a few weeks, your stitches will fall out spontaneously in 20 days, and after a month you will be able to return to all your previous activities. You should definitely consult your doctor about care after labiaplasty. Generally, 7-10 days of dressing with antibiotic cream or solutions are recommended. In addition, it is important to pay attention during the toilet, to clean the vagina correctly. There is no harm in washing the wound with soap or water.

How long does the pain last after labiaplasty surgery?

A labiaplasty is a surgical operation that lowers the size of the skin flaps on either side of the vaginal opening, known as the labia minora. And, if you are to get this surgery soon, you may want to know if you will feel pain.

So, during the first ten or fifteen days, you will experience minor pain, discomfort, and a burning feeling of the treated area. Nevertheless, most women require up to ten days to recuperate from a labiaplasty.

Women, on the other hand, swell along with the discomfort for the first couple of days, and then the swelling reduces. Following that, you may experience itching for the first week, and so you should keep in close contact with their doctor during this time.

As a result, the first week will not be a dream week for you but after that, the pain and the other issues will fade up. Then, you will enjoy your second chance!

How do you relieve pain after labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty is a surgical procedure performed primarily for cosmetic reasons. Following a labiaplasty, you may have some soreness or pain.

To relieve the discomfort, you could do the following: utilize anti-inflammatory medications if necessary. The usage of cold packs can also help to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. To reduce friction, only loose underclothing should be worn for a month after the treatment, aside from a sterile dressing pad.

On the other hand, you should do some light exercises and go for a short walk with an aim to hinder the blood clogs in the veins that make you feel the pain.

So, after the procedure, you are in control of your actions to some degree, nevertheless, if you have pain that lasts too long do not hesitate to see your doctor.


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