Is Hair Transplant Haram? 1

Is Hair Transplant Haram?

Hair transplant turns to be a common method for bald people, especially for men, recently. Bald appearance makes feel people so bad and a kind of deficient. Especially at the beginning of the hair loss, people have started to think that they are getting old and feel miserable against other people especially against women. However, it is not that much a big deal anymore thanks to common surgical operation of hair transplant. On the other hand, especially Muslim people consider its religious aspect too. Is hair transplant haram that is one of the most wondered questions about transplantation?


Fatwa on the topic

According to religious authorities, there are several different opinions about the question of is hair transplant haram? According to one mufti, namely Sheikh Ahmad Kutty who is a senior lecturer and Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, if the operation held by patient’s own natural hair then it is permissible but it is haram if hair is removed from another people. In this way people damage their natural look that is given by Allah and that is why it is actually haram. However, people’s own hair is permissible because it is just an operation of changing place.


Different Opinions

General religious opinions about the question that is hair transplant haram that takes their ground from the hadith of prophet which claims “Allah curses women who patch up (their natural) hair with another patch of hair or women who receive such work!’’ This hadith makes the topic clear for many of believers but historically speaking there are alternative attitudes as well. Accordingly to the religious sect that the believer get his daily life in order haram and halal can be changeable sometimes.

Summarily, Is hair transplant haram? A general answer is no if it is people’s own hair but it is haram if the hair is taken from another people. However, according to some sects of Islam, it is totally haram. That is why if someone considers the religious aspect of this operation the best way to decide is to search Quran and tries to understand how it can be haram and why it is haram. If they can succeed to understand the real aspect then they can decide based on their own belief but if they are still hesitant then they can ask to their own religious authority.

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