Is eyelid surgery painful?

Is eyelid surgery painful?

During surgery, the patient certainly does not feel pain. The average duration of redness and edema after eyelid surgery lasts 7-10 days. Blindness is a very low probability after eyelid Aesthetic Surgery. Bleeding that may occur in the eye during or after the procedure can cause this. In such a case, it can also be eliminated by early detection. The most feared complication in operations is the downward pull of the lower eyelid. This risk is greater in patients who have undergone surgery for the second time. The effect of gravity, aging, excessive exposure to the sun’s rays and some other conditions can change the image of the eyelid. Eyelid aesthetics make your face rejuvenated, your eye environment tenser. 

After eyelid surgery, a condition does not occur when you need to stay in the hospital. The patient is discharged after 4-5 hours. After eyelid surgery, there is no pain and usually does not even require regular painkillers. Still, they are given a mild painkiller that patients can use when they need it. Those who have eyelid surgery are not advised to return in their own cars when returning home after surgery. It is not recommended to use the car for the first 5 days after eyelid surgery. It is recommended to rest during this time, as swelling and bruising will continue for 5-7 days after eyelid surgery. After the stitches are removed, the patient can return to normal life.

It is very important not to smoke or use anticoagulants such as aspirin within 7 days before surgery. These restrictions should last 7 days after surgery. Otherwise, wound healing will be negatively affected. From the fifth day after eyelid surgery, the patient can drive. It is useful that patients do not read newspapers or books for the first few days after surgery. After surgery, a bath can be performed from the fifth day.

How much pain after eyelid surgery? 

You may be wondering about the pain you will have after the surgery and it is normal for anybody to wonder. But, in fact, there is no need to behave that negative feeling because the pain will not last long and it can be controlled in any way such as taking a medication or reliever drugs. And, the most acute pain was noted immediately following surgery and up to 2 to 4 hours later. Pain following upper lid eyelid was mainly mild to severe and did not reach a score of 4, requiring reassessment, and could last for up to 7 days following the operation.

How long does the pain last after eyelid surgery?

Although eyelid surgery is a common cosmetic process for giving you a better look on the face, you may feel some pain after the procedure. But don’t worry, it will just be temporary and mild.

Depending on the operation and your overall health, you may experience moderate pain for the first two or three weeks following the surgery, but it will be worth it in the end because it will rejuvenate your appearance.

To relieve pain, however, you may take the pain relievers prescribed by your physician. At that moment, please be certain and precise that you are taking the medications prescribed by your surgeon. The other drugs make you worse and may jeopardize the procedure’s outcome.

To summarize, please keep in mind that your discomfort will fade with time; if it worsens or the pain relievers do not help, please contact your clinic because there may be complications that necessitate seeing your doctor.



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