How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost

The most of the people who thinks to get hair transplant do not know enough how the process works and how much does hair transplant cost. First of all, we should be clear that hair transplant process has a complex time period in which it consists of many factors. For example, surgically there are two types of hair transplant operation which are follicular unit transplantation ( FUT) and follicular unit extraction ( FUE). Each of them have different costs and in order to decide which type of operation you are going to undertake should be determined by your doctor. That is why it is not easy to say a certain price for how much does hair transplant cost. However, approximately the prices are in between 4.000 dollars and 15,000 dollars. These prices are generally for all out of pocket. Also, clinics can arrange the whole process of hair transplant process and cost changes according to the pocket.


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Most of the time people prefer to have this operation in vacation because they generally want to disappear for a while and then show up with their new hair and style. That is why the treatment costs generally includes travel costs as well. It is because people’s expectations differ accordingly to their travel standards how much does hair transplant cost depends on travel costs strongly.

Beyond operation type and travel costs, it is also important how much hair follicle you need to transplant. The prices of operation itself are mostly related with the number of hair follicle you are going to transplant. Even though you can decide the number you want to transplant if your bald spot is big, the prices go higher. If you want to make it less invisible, you can choose less number of follicles and therefore prices go lower.


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Another important factor that determines how much does hair transplant cost is the skill level of the surgeon. It is because this operation is mostly done at special clinics surgeons themselves decide their own prices. If the surgeon who you want to make the operation is so experienced and qualified then the price will be higher than the others. To sum up, cost of hair transplantation depends on many factors and according to your clinic which is going to arrange you a full pocket of services the costs will be wide-ranging.



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