How long does a cat eye lift last? 

How long does a cat eye lift last? 

Cat eye lift, just like an almond eye, is an aesthetic practice that performs the process of making one’s eyes suitable and complementary to the facial aesthetic. It is also known as canthoplasty surgery. Just like the eyes of a cat, cat eye aesthetics, in which round, meaningful, positioned in the golden ratio with the face and The Shape of the eye that captures an attractive expression in the person, has been made possible by advanced medical technology with painless, bleeding, bandaged and risk-free operations. Polyoxidant ropes are medical ropes that are frequently used in today’s aesthetic world.

Thanks to these ropes, stretching and rejuvenation are lifted up the skin using Z ropes in the desired area. The ropes used are destroyed by metabolism over time, and the person recovers in a short time. In the rope stretching method performed without surgery, under local anesthesia, the region that is desired to give tension and shape is determined by doctors. In this area, by stretching with a rope, the eyes get a more slanted appearance, providing more meaningful and deep looks. The ropes placed in the area are placed like a net so that they are crossed together, and the desired aesthetic appearance is captured along with the young, dynamic appearance in the area.

Cat eye lift not even have a situation where the aesthetic of the eye disappears by itself, only as of the body ages, the suspended parts sag, as well as slanted eye hangers, can also go down. This procedure is permanent for an average of 5-6 years, unfortunately, if you have a downward-facing and sagging eye structure, you will constantly have a tired and unconscious look. Slightly upward slanted eyes add an attractive, young, and aesthetic air to the face, and it is every woman’s dream. Although Cat-eye lift is applied to each patient in the same way, it is difficult to get the same result from each patient.

Is cat-eye lift surgery permanent?

Cat-eye lift surgery is intended to provide patients with a cat-eye lift, resulting in a more exotic and attractive eye shape by slightly lifting the outer corners of the eye, resulting in a wing-like appearance. It is also the most long-term means of raising the eyes among all the surgeries to give you a younger look on the face. Plus, the majority of patients who got a cat-eyelift surgery may expect their results to last at least ten years, if not longer.

Plastic surgery, on the other hand, cannot completely stop the hands of time. So, you should have reasonable expectations about the results. So, it cannot be said that the results of the surgery are permanent.

Cat-eye surgery longevity, on the other hand, is governed by a number of personal characteristics such as the aging process, skin laxity, lifestyle choices, nutrition, smoking, inheritance, and sun exposure.

So, the surgery will give you ten years, but, with delicate caring, you may play with the time and its effects.

Can a canthoplasty be reversed?

Yes, a canthoplasty can be reversed, however, the person risks developing lower eyelid sclerosis and sagging below the lid as a result of the procedure. To attempt to repair harmony on the eyelids, various conservative asymmetry operations might be performed. Nevertheless, before undergoing a revisionary operation, seek alternative suggestions. Lowering your eyebrows and buccal fat injection might actually make your eyelids look thinner. Instead of bringing down the eyebrow, individuals have their eyebrows raised to let their eyes look broader or wider.

Overall, the treatment can be reversed, which is good news for patients, but make sure to get several opinions from successful surgeons.


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