Hair Transplant In Turkey

Losing hair is a serious issue that affects the personality in many ways. When it comes to beauty, all of us consider hair as an added value. After all, who does not want to look beautiful? Every one of us, whether we are men or women, we do care about our looks and are always in search for the best available solutions to look our best. That a reason why beauty salons are countless all over the world. Hair loss is an unpleasant experience and depressing to some extent. However, as a permanent solution for this problem hair transplantation came out.

For those who suffer from hair loss, hair transplantation came as a gift from heaven. Many who has been through this experience are extremely content with the results. This, in turn, has made the hair transplant industry to be more and more popular. People nowadays are keener on improving their looks and self-image. Consequently, offering hair transplant as a permanent solution for hair loss become prevalent as well. Some countries become well-known for offering such services, in particular, Turkey, the number one destination for hair transplantation.

Head to Turkey, have fun and restore your hair

Millions of people are heading to Turkey to enjoy one of the most tourists’ attraction places in the whole world. They come to closely see its well-known historical wonders, experience its unique cultural values, do shopping and have adventure and amusement in its amazing nature. On the other hand, a large number of visitors are descending to turkey for a totally different goal; they come to Turkey for hair transplantation surgery. No one can ignore this increasing number as annually around 5000 people come to Turkey to get the new head of hair they have always dreamed of.

Ongoing developments

Nowadays turkey has made a massive progress in this industry. Most of the hair transplant specialized institutions are using the latest technologies and equipment with the most advanced medical infrastructures and medical facilities. They do their best to ensure quality standards and safety. Not to mention the highly skilled and qualified physicians who have done extensive training and a gained a wide-ranging experience. By taking that extra step in this field made them pioneers in this industry. Besides all, a little comparison will show that the cost of hair transplantation surgery in turkey is the most competitive compared to its rivals. The blooming hair restoration industry in turkey is beyond measures. More than 350 clinic and specialized hospital are available in Istanbul alone. As a matter of fact, Hair transplantation is almost a $1 billion business in Turkey.

Key factors in choosing Turkey as a number one destination for doing hair transplantation.

This worldwide reputation and such a gained merit did not come out of anything, there are specific reasons that made turkey number one destination for hair transplant surgery.


1- Skilled medical team and certified doctors.


In Istanbul alone, you can find many clinics that offer hair transplant services. As we said above it is a rewarding business. Yet not every facility offering such a service is qualified to do such procedures. Some do it with low hygiene standard with unqualified physicians for that they offer it at a very low price ranges. On the other hand, you can find experienced surgeons with many years of experience.

Not only the surgeons , but also the medical team as they all have done extensive training and became professional in this field. Additionally, they are using the most advanced methods and treatment techniques, even Anastasia become painless! This is why they dedicated their mission to highest standards at affordable rates. Once you enter qualified centers you can see the whole of the qualified team to answer your needs in a professional way.

Here it is your job to recognize that, the way they treat you will inform with whom you are dealing with. Is it a black market clinic or it is an accredited and specialized hospital with a good reputation.


2- Incomparable Price

If you are suffering from hair loss and want to put an end to this you don’t have to suffer from spending extra money as well. In Europe, the United States or the gulf countries doing hair transplant may cost you $7,000 up to $20,000 if the method used is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

While to do it in Turkey you will only pay one-third or a little more, depending on the procedure complexity, grafts needed and method used. In other words, you will pay less for more. How is that? Well, you can imagine the experience gained by surgeons. Only take into your consideration the number of the surgeries they have performed already. Second, the specialized doctors with their wide knowledge in this field for sure they are using the most advanced technologies. Third, the facilities in which you will be doing these procedures are well equipped, especially for such cases.

Here you need to know a very important point. When the price is very low a red alarm is raised, you may not have been communicating with the right place. Always remember there are clinics who may say they have healthcare certifications, while they do not.


3- The government support and control


The Turkish government always keeps imposing laws that restrict the illegal practices in this field. Still, for such a rapidly growing industry serious problems may happen. As in the local black market, there are some unlicensed hair-transplant businesses. They do operations with unauthorized staffs in a low hygiene places putting patients’ lives at risk. For that, the government is doing its best to ban them. In this country for all hair transplant clinic or hospitals, to be able to operate, they have to register themselves with the national healthcare system.

However, you can still be able to identify them by price. When they offer to do such a surgical procedure at very low price. Since doing it needs a fully equipped hospital and a doctor or cosmetic surgeon to perform it. Then, there should be certain limits that prevent them from dropping the price too much.


4- Specialized hospitals


These days, you can find a full services state-of-art hospital, specialized in hair transplantation and plastic surgery. In these hospitals, the healthcare services provided are at a high-quality level. Certainly, as the rivalry is high in this field they offer their services in compliance with the international quality standards. Over and above, they use contemporary equipment with newest and best techniques and method to guarantee the finest results for their patients.


5- Recreation time

By doing your hair transplantation surgery in Turkey, you will be having the chance to visit one of the most beautiful cities and the world. This country is unique in each and every aspect; exceptional sights and rich history and on top of all its hospitality. Arranging for your medical trip, when your destination is Turkey, it is an amusement. Definitely, you will have a lifetime experience to remember and talk about.


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