Hair Transplant

Hair loss is one of the most common health problems worldwide. Millions of people around the world face hair loss problems. There are many causes that can lead to baldness apart from genetic transmission: Hormone levels, various health problems, moisture, sunlight, nutritional habits, and above all, stress are the major causes of hair loss. This health problem may cause the person to lose self-confidence and see themselves as incomplete. However, hair transplant treatments that have been used for a long time help people to face with the problem and solve it. People are suffering with baldness for a long time. The first proven plantation in 1822 was carried out by a German medical student and his teacher. The first method used was not hair transplantation, but only by replacing the hair follicles in the scalp. This method was painful and inadequate because medical technology was not yet developed enough. So, it was not a very common and frequently used method until the early 1900s. The Japanese dermatologist doctor Okuda developed modern hair transplantation in 1939.


Hair Transplant as a form of Holiday

Modern hair transplant methods are almost painless. These methods can be applied in a short time and people can continue their daily life without having to stay in clinics after the operation. Today, baldness is not an important problem for human life thanks to hair transplantation methods. In many countries of the world there are clinics specially opened for hair transplantation. The cost of this surgical procedure depends on the free market economy; the demand varies according to the number of clinics, the quality of medical equipment and the expertise of the physician. Pricing in states such as the United States and the United Kingdom ranges from $ 7000 to $ 25000 dollars but the price that hair transplant surgery become more intense and more clinical in countries such as Turkey, which ranges from $ 1500 to $ 7000. It changes as cheaper and high quality hair transplantation surgery made Turkey center of attraction. People from other countries who suffering with loosing hair see hair transplantation not only as a health tourism but also as a holiday opportunity. Some companies sell hair transplantation as a package. This package includes flight tickets, hotel reservations, airport pick-up, and city transport and city tours. In hair transplantation process, while having a new outlook, it also gives the opportunity to meet new cultures and taste the feeling of being a part of cultural tourism.


Post-Operational Process

People who have had hair transplantation operations become more confident and more self-conscious in social areas. Hair transplantation gives people the appearance they want, making them happier. These operations are painless and the recovery process is shorter because of more and more people use hair transplantation treatment in order to do not suffer from baldness anymore. In previous years, many people did not know the treatment process because of that they were afraid to try this way, but with each passing day hair transplantation is becoming widespread. Baldness is no longer a health problem with rising number of hair transplantation. Clinics reduces the prices of this operation and hair transplantation becomes affordable to people of all of economic levels. The fact that some health insurance companies pay for the hair transplantation operation.

Great Economical Opportunities

In substance baldness, which we think does not have a solution many years ago, is now a problem that can be solved for many people with developing medical technology. Today, many doctors are specialized in hair transplantation and have the opportunity to use high-tech medical equipment for healthier and safer hair transplantation. The hair transplant operation, which also serves as a psychological treatment for people who feel unhappy and ill due to their appearance, helps us to create a happier and more social society in many ways. With affordable prices and developing technology, hair transplantation has become accessible to everyone. At the same time, thanks to package campaigns offered by clinics. Hair transplantation is no longer a boring health tourism its big part of culture tourism. It has become a great economic opportunity for countries, which develop themselves in hair transplantation. This opportunity is not only limited to the acceptance of patients coming from abroad, but also it is a great economic opportunity to export high-tech healthcare equipment. Finally, although hair transplantation seems to be a simple medical operation, we should be very careful when choosing clinics and do a good research. Non-specialist doctors may make this operation unsuccessful or cause greater health problems.

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