Hair Transplant without Shaving

hair transplant without shaving

As surgical operation becoming most common day by day, the number of people who think to undergo hair transplant is increasing and obviously the number of questions regarding this operation is increasing as well. One of the most common questions is whether it is possible to undergo hair transplant without shaving or not. The concern related with shaving the head is mostly related with the patient’s refrain from people’s attitude towards hair transplantation because of sense of shame. That is why people always asking that is it possible not to shave the head for hair transplantation.


Unshaved Transplantation

It can be said that hair transplant without shaving is possible transparently. However, it is not that much an easy operation. It requires some special skills and technical adequacy that every clinic do not have it. That is why a patient who thinks to undergo to a hair transplant operation should be careful while choosing the right clinic and surgeon. There are so many bad examples of patient who are told that they are not going to be shaved for the operation but after then, the surgeon persuade the patient in some way or another to shave the whole head because the surgeon does not able to make unshaved operation.


Techniques That Do Not Require A Full Shave

As it is told above hair transplant without shaving is possible. A partial shaving is the most common way in this technique that does not require a full shave. There are two sides of an ordinary hair transplantation. The donor site which surgeon takes healthy hair follicle and recipient site where the baldness occurs and the hair follicles will be transplanted. Generally, the donor site is shaved for the operation but by means of this special unshaved operation, the donor site can be not fully shaved or shaved just a little bit.

It is important to remember when a patient plans to undergo a hair transplant without shaving: he/she should be examined by a good physician. After the examination it should be determined whether the patient is proper for an unshaved operation or not. The classical method requires a full shaved head and not every surgeon is capable to do unshaved operations even they claim they can do.



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