stages of hair transplant

Hair Transplant Stages

Hair transplant is one of the most common surgical operations for several years. According to the numbers of world health organizations, the number of people who undergo hair transplant operation is around 400,000 in 2014. This number is increasing every year. Especially men, but also women, who suffer from baldness, consider this operation as a way out for their bad feelings because of their bald spot on their head. Specifically, looking good and feeling confident are the most direct reasons of people who take this operation. There are several hair transplant stages throughout the process. In this article, we are going to examine the stages roughly.


Previous Period in Hair Transplant Stages

People who are planning to undergo hair transplant operation have so many questions. The deciding period is the most complicated one. Especially if the person is unclear about to undergo to this operation. Both economical and health sides make this decision hard to take. If the patient truly suffers from the baldness and it is too late to recover bald spot with medical ways, then the best choice is to undergo this operation. However, patient should be informed about the whole process in which it totally takes several months and may be a year.

Operational process is the most painful part of the hair transplant stages. The necessary number of hair follicles is removed from the donor site and transplant into recipient site by a proper surgeon with the suitable technique that changes according to the special state of the patient. Most of the operations concluded well but sometimes it can be went wrong and transplanted hairs would be falling apart in the worst scenario. If everything went good and operational stage conducted well then the recovery stage ,which is hard as operational stage as, starts and patient should give it time for full recovery.


Recovery Period

The longest part of hair transplant stages is the recovery period. There may be some infections and so many swelling. Generally, it takes some weeks and people generally spend this time away from their home not to be seen by any relatives and friends. After this stages, swelling and infections get lost. However, the total regrowth of the new hair requires several month more.


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