Hair Transplant for Women 1

Hair Transplant for Women

Hair transplant is not a rooted treatment in esthetic surgery. It is quite new but it turns to be one of the most common surgical and partly cosmetic operation for people. It is really common among men but also among women as well. Moreover, we can say that the variety for hair transplant for women is higher than men. Many women consider hair transplantation as a kind of cosmetic opportunity and they give a chance to make their hair more beautiful.

The hair transplant for women is related with having more volume in hair. Women uses this surgical operation not as much as men do but very seldom. However, it should be remembered that hair transplant does not affect the volume of hair because it is a process of moving hair from one place to another. That is why women should be aware the fact that her volume is not going to change if woman candidates wants to have higher volume of hair.

What is the Difference between Hair Transplant for Women and Men?

Unlike men, women hair loss bases on different reasons. Male pattern baldness generally bases on called didhydrotestesterone (DHT) which is actually does not affect the donor follicles in areas can be moveable. However, those areas are affected by DHT in women patterns. That means follicles that transplanted from those areas are going to fall out. That is why hair transplant for women requires much more attention than the male patterns.

Women baldness is also different from men baldness with respect to its place on the head. Generally, men baldness occurs at the frontal hairline but women can keep their frontal line stable. Women baldness, if happens, generally occurs at the top and the back. It is because hair loss is sometimes due to hormonal differences and sometimes nonhormonal reasons. It is especially important for women to understand the reason of their hair loss. That is why the profession of the surgeon who is going to make the operation is also important.


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Hair transplant for women may require a special surgeon who experienced transplantation mostly with women. These surgeons can make proper hair transplant for women especially. Women who thinks hair transplant should consider the issue more deeply can also understand the reasons of hair loss.




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