Does a thigh lift surgery leave scars?

Does a thigh lift surgery leave scars?

In thigh lift surgery, wound healing is extremely good, and the scar is stored behind the laundry line in the groin. But in all leg stretching, the scars can remain obvious in certain areas of the leg. Patients have bandages on the sutures for the first 2 days after surgery. After two days, it’s okay for patients to take a bath. Since all stitches are under the skin, there is no need to remove stitches. Pain in the post-operative period is severe, which can be managed with painkillers. According to the procedure, swelling, bruising can be seen. It is normal to have these complaints and there is a decrease in complaints every day. As with all operations, it is necessary to stop aspirin and smoking 1-2 weeks before and after surgery in thigh lift operations.

It is decided that the thigh lift surgery will be performed according to the sagging of the skin and the thickness of the adipose tissue under the skin. In cases where skin loosening occurs due to rapid weight gain and loss, the thickness of the fat layer under the skin may be excessive. In such cases, liposuction is performed before the leg lift operation. After removing excess fat tissue with Liposuction, the sagging skin is surgically removed. Sagging in this area usually occurs on the skin of the thigh, but depending on age, sagging can also be seen throughout the leg. In cases where the entire leg needs to be stretched, the marks located at the level of the butt may be obvious.

During thigh stretching operations, an incision can be made from the area between the crotches to the area of the labia decal. These incisions are usually made towards the genital area, about 5 to 7 cm depending on the state of the sagging. Performing the incision in this area ensures that the scars remain hidden. The scars formed as a result of incisions extending to the lower area are performed in such a way that they remain on the inside of the leg and are not visible when viewed from the front or back. In some patients, the scars that occur as a result of surgery may be more.

Do scars after thigh lift surgery go away?

It is vital to have reasonable expectations before choosing inner thighplasty surgery. To help decide the best inner thigh contouring operation for you, your surgeon will assess your goals as well as the extent and placement of excess thigh skin. Regardless matter the type of inner thighplasty performed, there will be a scar. Scar quality and healing, on the other hand, are determined by what is done before, during, and after thighplasty surgery.

As you may get, there may be some differences in the scars that you will have after a thigh lift surgery. Nevertheless, if you eat a healthy diet, avoid smoking and the sun, and limit the activities that cause your skin to stretch out, the scars will diminish with time.

To sum up, you will have some scars after the surgery and they will fade up in time. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they will vanish into the thin air but still, your tights will look more attractive!

How long do thigh lift scars take to heal?

When recovering from plastic surgery, there are several variables to consider. It may take some time for physical healing, activity levels, and exercise habits to return to normal. Furthermore, each patient’s healing time is unique. As a result, you should only use our recovery summary as a guideline, and you should always consult with your plastic surgeon about the specifics of your unique restoration.

Scars following a thigh lift are barely visible; yet, many patients are eager for their scars to fade so they can enjoy their results in shorts, skirts, and swimming. Scars can take 6 months to a year to heal and may appear red or purple at first before fading as they age.


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