Derma Roller After Hair Transplant

Derma Roller After Hair Transplant

During derma roller hair applications, titanium needles make the hair much more lush and healthy. As everyone knows, the main problem with problems such as hair loss and baldness is that the hair follicles cannot be fully nourished. Derma roller after hair transplant allows the vessels that feed the hair follicles to act. Clinical studies have shown the positive effect of dermarols on hair growth.

Can I use derma roller after hair transplant?

Derma roller is known as a skin care miracle. Thanks to Derma roller, there is a cure for many skin problems. There are micro needles on the dermarols, which have sizes ranging from 0.5 to 3mm.deciduous. It should be mentioned that dermarols are among the most easily applied skin care methods due to their application in the form of cylinders decals. Dermarols are known to be used in numerous skin diseases today. It is found that dermarols are used for many ailments, from hair loss to the treatment of acne scars. Anyone who wants to use Derma roller has any doubts about whether this product will damage the hair follicle. At this point, it is necessary to emphasize that dermarols will not have any harmful effects. However, some issues must be considered. For example, the quality of the dermarols and needles used is quite important. Because of cheap and poor-quality derma roller, it is possible for people to face damage that will not occur to them. In particular, it is recommended to choose products with derma roller needles made of titanium material. In hair transplant, high quality steel needles should be used at the medical point of use. The fact that the parts in question do not cause any allergies is known as an extra advantage. In short, if high-quality derma roller is used, it is not possible to cause any damage to the hair root.

Why to use derma roller after hair transplant?

Derma roller is the name given to cylindrical devices with at least 192 needles, the length of which can vary from 0.25 mm to 2.5 mm. With Derma roller, very successful treatments can be done in the cosmetic field and in some skin diseases. Derma roller selection is made by the doctor according to the patient’s problem. Derma rollers with 0.5-1.0 mm tips are used in people who are made for rejuvenation purposes and do not have very deep wrinkles; derma rollers with 2.5 mm needle tips are preferred in patients with deep acne scars. Derma roller is effective thanks to the microdelics that these micrognes open in the skin. It detects these micro delegates as skin wounds and begins the synthesis of new connective tissue with growth factors. In this way, a complete regeneration of the skin is initiated. In addition, treatment products selected according to the person’s problem are used in derma roller application. Thanks to microdelics opened with Derma roller, the absorption of these treatment products is also increased by about 200 times. In this way, a large proportion of the patient’s complaints can be improved.

Can Microneedling affect hair transplant?

Microneedling, also known as skin needling, is a type of cosmetic therapy that uses a skin roller with small needles to cause little skin injuries to cure various aging effects.

On the other hand, microneedling may also help increase stem cells in hair follicles, which may contribute to hair growth. Microneedling may also aid in the absorption of hair loss therapy products.

As a result, yes microneedling affects hair transplant in a positive way. Some experts believe that it even gives way to the release of growth factors or directly stimulates hair growth as a result of the minor lesion caused.

Does hair shed after Derma rolling?

Although there are a limited number of studies on the use of Derma roller in hair treatments, it has been observed in studies that the micro-needling method increases the rate of results when used together with the Minoxidil product and triggers the hair growth process faster.

When to use derma roller after hair transplant?

You can use derma roller after hair transplant from the fifth month after operation. You can use dermarols with hair serum on your scalp. For the first few days, redness and burning of the scalp are felt, because the scalp has to get used to the application.


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