When is the suitable time for doing hair transplant operation?

If you are reading this, you must be one of the millions who suffer from hair thinning or hair loss problems, and you must be asking in what stage of your life doing a hair transplant operation is logical? And how is it going affect your social life?
We must concentrate on an important point which is the fact that doing the hair transplant operation is not something temporary. Hair transplant operations are permanent solutions for hair loss, and it must result a natural hair appearance for the patient. Even experts should not discover that he has gone under operation, and he should enjoy these results for years and years. Doing the operation must give you the chance to get your hair back without being worried about any bad or strange effects or about the temporary reforms related to medicine solutions used for hair falling problems.
Hair transplant operation is done by the principle of re-putting the hair of the patient in the area of less hair density or the bald area in a way that does not allow anybody to distinguish between the original hair and the transplanted hair. Since hair is transplanted in one area, it stays there and grows in the same direction of the rest of our hair. Hair transplant operations may be relatively simple, but it is one of the operations that needs skill and artistic techniques which only exist in skillful and good-trained doctors. He must have practical experience and is able to apply these skills in hair transplant operation. As we mentioned earlier, in hair transplant operations follicles are eradicated from the giving area of the scalp and transplanted carefully in the receiving areas. The transplanted hair simulates the patterns of natural hair growth. The last point is very important because it is the border line between good and bad hair transplant operations. Because of OSL technique which is invented by Dr. Yetkin Bayer, your transplanted hair will grow in similar patterns to your hair growth and it will be suitable to your facial features. Consequently you will get natural results where it is impossible to distinguish between the original hair and the transplanted one.
You can take a look on some common reasons which make the patients do hair transplant operations:
The most common reason that make patients do hair transplant operations is their loss of self confidence and their desire to feel satisfied with themselves. This might appear superficial for some of us, but the human nature imposes on us the need of that special feeling of self confidence. We need to be desirable and to have that good feeling towards ourselves. Hair loss forms a serious state that may affect their feeling of self confidence, and getting back their hair may return that self confidence too.
Some patients have told us that doing the operation did not only improve their exterior appearance, but it also reduced their feeling of deficit.
Several studies showed that confidence is the key which opens the doors of success in all fields of life like friendship and other social stages. A lot of patients whom we met have said that the gradual and long hair loss which appeared to be impossible to get rid of has a big effect on their self confidence, and they became less interacted on the social level. These feelings have big effect since patients retreat from the daily social activities, and they become less social effective. They may also hesitate before thinking about new jobs.
If you think that getting your hair back will make your life better and more positive, then you must do a hair transplant operation. Hair loss does not happen suddenly. It is usually gradual and slow. Hair thinning is considered the first signs of hair loss. If you noticed that your hair started to became less dense, we advise you to visit a specialist doctor before it is too late. A professional and skillful doctor will study your case and value it, and he will give you the suitable treatment.
We realize how hard is to take the first step of the treatment especially if you are in the first stages of hair thinning or hair loss or even if you are still unsure of how to deal with it – according to our long experience in this domain- dealing with it early is the best way to slow hair loss or baldness and sometimes it deprive the case from development. It is not a bad thing to think about appearing at the best look. It is never too late to realize that you have to do something in order not to lose your hair.
Medical cases:
If you were suffering from hair loss because of illness, hair returning process may be a good choice for you. All you have to do is to consult your doctor before you start any treatment system for the problem of hair loss.
If you are ready to control your hair loss, we invite you to visit us and get a free consultation and special medical services with best results.

Hair Transplant For Woman in Turkey
Hair Transplant For Woman in Turkey

Hair transplant for women is the only and the permanent solution. By the development of medicine these operations became easier and less painful since they are done by FUE that does not need long convalescence or even a residence in the hospital.
There are a lot of reasons behind women hair falling. The surprising fact is that there are many chances of women baldness. The reasons may be because of:
The changes of hormones at menopause.
Using contraceptive pills.
High blood pressure medicines.
Medicines of heart and arteries.
Medicines of depression.
We cannot predict hair falling reasons. They are variable and unpredictable. It is recommended to visit a specialist dermatologist in order to get an accurate diagnosis for women hair falling.
Women baldness is often related to a hereditary factor, aging, and the changes caused by hormones in the human body. Baldness often starts in the shape of less density of all hair at the same degree, or it may appear by the expanding of hair parting at the middle of the head. This space increases remarkably or it appears in the crown area. Women rarely suffer from the regression of hair line which is considered the first sign of men baldness.
The treatment in the cases of women baldness often includes:
The topical use of Minoxidil.
Laser treatment
Hair transplant operation.
Monixidil can reduce the rapidity of hair falling or it may even stop it in some cases, but if you stopped using it – and this is a very important point- hair will start falling again.
Laser treatment is also efficient for motivating hair growth, and it helps keeping hair. By using Monixidil, laser treatment must continue. With all these choices, hair transplant is the only and permanent solution for baldness. Actually hair transplant for women is the best lasting solution which gives you back your hair again. Since it is a surgery, it happens one time only except if the patient needed a second session to increase the density of hair or to cover a bigger space.
The operation is done by FUE, and it is relatively simple. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital after the operation, and he can leave at the same day. The operation is done by eradicating the grafts one by one from the giving are and they are being transplanted one by one in the receiving area. It does not leave any mark in the giving area.

The advantages of hair transplanting operations for women:
Good density and natural appearance of transplanted hair.
It is considered a simple operation and a non-tough action.
No scalpels are used, no longitudinal cuts, and no use of suture surgery as in FUT.
Healthy and strong follicles are used, and they often contain two hair or more.
Kinds of women baldness:
The first kind is the baldness of the top of the head.
The second kind is visibility of the scalp through hair thinning in some areas.
The third kind is losing hair in the crown area.
The consultation of a specialist doctor will determine the roots of the problem that are causing hair falling, after that he can determine the best treatment.

مبادىء زراعة الشعر
hair transplant principles

Let’s take a look at hair transplant operations at Dr. Yetkin Bayer Center:
The first diagnosis
All cases muHair transplanting started 70 years ago, and the first operation was performed at 1939. Nowadays, this kind of operations has developed very much between current techniques and the techniques of seventies and eighties.
In the last couple of years and because of the large scientific development in this domain, these operations became very common among people because they give you the natural appearance which nobody would notice it.
In the last decade, there were a lot of scientific and medical developments and especially in the domain of hair transplant. Dr. Yetkin Bayer is one of the best and professional doctors of hair transplant science. He always aims at developing medical techniques and ways to make the hair transplant operation easier and better and with results that cannot be distinguished from the natural appearance. All that was being done by studying the apparent structure and hair distribution lines of the scalp.
st be checked closely and the patient’s information must be analyzed. For example, there should be a good analysis of the patient’s case and the classification of the degree of his hair falling. The date of the operation could not be determined without Dr. Yetkin Bayer watching of pictures of both the bald area and the giving area through the internet at least until the doctor see and check patient. After that the doctor will connect his seeing with the leading factors to the problem of hair falling, and he estimates the number of follicles that must be transplanted and the patient’s degree of baldness. According to all these factors, he estimates the cost of the operation. At this step the patient must know all after operation instructions and information.
Determination of hair falling degree:
The determination of the kind of hair falling unit benefits in knowing the way of operation and the way of dealing with the scalp. All that is done by analyzing the space and the kind of hair falling. The space of baldness and the space of the giving area determine the number of follicles that must be picked out and transplanted. The technique used in our center is FUE. It does not result any scars in the giving area. Hair falling kind is measured by Ludwig scale for men and by Norwood scale for women.
The giving area:
Hair falling has many kinds and degrees with both men and women. The back of head and two sides of it are reluctance areas to Androgen Harmon, so the hair is taken from them and transplanted in narrow holes in the scalp, and it results a natural appearance hair. After the inspection and studying of the patient’s file, we determine the number of follicles that will be taken from the giving area according to the giving area space and the receiving area and the suitable density.
Hair quality:
Hair quality is the most important factor to the succession of the hair transplant operation. Hair quality has many characteristics to value it like
Hair distribution.
Hair density.
Grafts size.
Growth type (straight, curly, wavy….)
According to our experience, the more the hair in the giving area is dense, the better the results are. That’s why consulting is necessary for studying the structure of hair and the scalp; therefore, the cost differs along with the number of follicles from one state to another. Everybody has his own hair kind, scalp, and physical and hormonical state. .
Hair transplant operation:
During the operation of hair transplant we pick out hair from the giving area using the micro motor by FUE technique. The doctor determines the giving area in which hair is resistant to the hormone of androgen (in most cases it causes hair falling and it is responsible for typical hair falling with both men and women). Since these grafts are resistant to androgen, then they will grow strongly in the receiving area as if they are in their original place. This concept is called “the donor dominance”, and it is the base of hair transplant operations.
Cooperation with your doctor of hair transplant is necessary for better diagnoses of your state, and it gives you good results and good understanding for what you have to do after the operation. Please, ask about every step and ask about the causes of hair falling, and if hair transplant is the best solution for you, and offer the enough information about your health and your state.