Hair Transplant Cost

The Cost of Hair Transplant Procedures

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The Cost of Hair Transplant Procedures

What are the factors that determine the cost of hair transplant procedures?

Hair transplant procedures are very popular for both men and women, this field has witnessed huge breakthroughs over the past a few years. Due to the averagely low cost of hair transplant procedures; the number of hair transplant recipients has been rising.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant procedures usually depend on extracting grafts from the back of the head and planting them in the front and upper bald areas in a patient’s head. The reason behind this kind of baldness is mostly genetic; and this is the scientific reason that explains why all patients have hair in the back areas of their heads.

1500-4500 hair follicles are transplanted in one session depending on the space of the bold area.

A hair transplant procedure usually takes from 6-8 hours. The numbers of required sessions depend on the space of bold areas in the patient’s head, some patients may require more than one session.

The final result is a completely natural appearance of the transplanted hair that not even experts can tell the difference between the transplanted hair and the original hair. Many factors actually contribute to this result; most important is selecting a professional and experienced doctor to perform the procedure.


Hair Transplant Cost

Answering the question how much does a hair transplant procedure cost? Depends on many factors like what the method is used in the procedure, the bold area that is to receive the plants, the tools used and the solutions used to preserve the follicles.

1. Hair Transplant Procedures

There are in fact two hair transplant procedures. FUE method guarantees much better results than the FUT method hence it is logical that its cost is higher.

All you need to know about FUE.

2. The Area of Baldness

The size of the bald area affects the cost of the hair transplant procedure, due to the fact that the wider the bald area the more effort is spent during the procedure.

3. Tools and Solutions Used During the Procedure

There are a lot of differences between the kinds of tools and solutions used by different hospitals.


For example some the price of nutritious solutions like saline is 5$ per 100ml, and some other solutions like Hypothermosol costs 200$ per 100ml. this in fact has a major effect on the final cost of the procedure as well as the type of treatments the patient is going to receive.

In the adjacent picture notice hair growth differences between follicles put in a regular solution and others put in Hypothermosol.

Eventually most clinics provide free assessment sessions where doctors can estimate the final cost of the hair transplant procedure.

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The Difference in Growth Levels. Roots Preserved in HypoThermosol and Saline

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