Hair Transplant Side Effects

Hair Transplant Side Effects-Necrosis

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Hair Transplant Side Effects-Necrosis

One of the most horrifying hair transplant side effects-necrosis.

Necrosis: Definition

It is a kind of damage that leads cells and tissues to early and self inflected death; it is one of the most severe side effects of hair transplant procedures. It happens due to external factors that affect the tissue or the cell itself like poisoning, shock, or infection that make cells’ components operate in an irregular manner.

The death of some cells and the emergence of other cells is a natural state of the human body.  It is called Cells renovating process.  In the case of necrosis cells die with no possibility for new cells to emerge and replace the dead ones.

The Reasons Behind Necrosis

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Hair Transplant Side Effects-

  • Planting an area with a bigger number of hair roots than it really needs. In some cases 4000 follicles are planted in area that needs only 2000, in order to have the best results; but on the contrary planting too many follicles in a small area leads to ischemia in that area causing self inflected death of cells.


  • Opening channels in the wrong way. We all know that the phase of opening channels is considered the hardest and trickiest phase in the hair transplant procedure so it should be performed by a skillful doctor with a considerable experience.
  • Planting a too many follicles in one session.
  • Damage cause to blood vessels that feed the head with blood.
  • Smoking: doctors advise their patients to quit smoking for at least two months after the hair transplant procedure.
  • Diabetes: blood tests are usually conducted on patients prior to the hair transplant procedure.
  • Lack of surgical techniques.
  • Shocks that the head may be affected by.
  • Conducting two hair transplant procedures in one session.


The idea is never to count on the number of planted follicles to have better results. The doctor performing the procedure should be knowledgeable and fully aware of what he is doing during the procedure and pay attention to the minutest details concerning the number of follicles to be planted. Doctors should never operate in an arbitrary and not calculated manner in order to avoid one of the most dangerous side effects in hair transplant procedures.

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