Please Read The Information Below Before Hair Transplantation

Our clinic shares what you have to know about hair transplantation before operation. If you decide on hair transplantation, you should know that there are many places or people who say that they perform hair transplantation. It is vital for you to choose the best one among them.

What are the most important points to be noticed?

1-Be sure that the person who gives you information about hair transplantation must be a specialist doctor.
2-The person who decides on operation and makes graft count must be a specialist doctor.

3-Please do not trust in the person or the instution that promises to give a guarantee certificate. This is not legal, and it is only commercial advertisement.
Hair transplantation is not an easy operation. It must be performed under local anesthesia by a medical specialist doctor. Anesthesia, opening canals have to be performed by a doctor. Specialist nurses only help the doctor to place collected grafts in to opened canals. Do not hesitate to ask your Doctor’s medical diploma.
4-Check several instutions. You can compare them and you choose the best one.
5-Ask for many photos of previous operations.
Beeing decided to have hair transplantation shows that you respect and love your body. You should be carefull about laudatory, exaggerated words, photos on the internet. When you decide on having operation, please ask every details clearly. You can ask some questions such as:

Who performs the surgery?

Who opens canals?

Does my hair look naturaly?

Can you transplant grafts as much as I ask?

When can I start my daily life?

Is there a limitation of transplanted grafts?

Do I need a second operation?

How long does recovery period take?

Can I leave alone after operation?